Burner Sanders

The fact that Bernie Sanders has never spoken out about discovery of the letters by Gail Burstyn proving AIDS manmade means something and rather than beat around the bush with the usual cowardly dissembling we get constantly from everybody I’m going to show you what it means which is that he is a Jewish extremist who knew all along about Gail Burstyn, which is the truth. Vermont by the way is south of Maine, where George Bush lives.

Bernie S. has a namesake in Pittsburgh who cased me for the Post Office during the immediate aftermath of the terrible ordeal that arrived with Gail Burstyn’s letters. Obviously the way the Post Office watched destroys the claim that as a child I wasn’t trapped. His name is Bernie Slobodnyak and is tied to a nuclear threat by U.S. Army renegades as real as Oklahoma Federal.

It is known that our leaders used name agents. Men named Ronnie and Caspar tortured me as a child. These were the top two in the Reagan war house. Denial of their partnership is destroyed by my Independent Study research. More intimately, we know that Ronnie’s last name calls the tune of the AIDS Onslaught itself: Z-sin-ski. Slobodnyak breaks down to:



nyak ~ like a maniac.

They made a mess of me and then, in their words, “subjected” me to “successive degradations”, while claiming their plan was just following along. Both Bernie S.’s rail the same way against the rich while demanding a populist Federal.

The Beatles developed a military labyrinth for the AIDS Onslaught. It lies in the language system they used.

The truth about Mt. Desert Island is barred by a Jewish Defense League barrier built by Slobodnyak’s contacts on McCaslin and nearly Lydia Streets in the domain of Ivan Itkin.

To one who realizes that both the claims made in the name of Leslie Katz and the pseudo-empirical model of dx-planation are fraud masking a tabloid game of scrabble all prior rigged up with puns the realization follows that the poetic content is far removed from the sort of quasi-esoteric thought associated with Aquarians, Astrology, dementia or the irrational. The perps believed their message contains moral parochialism. It is a hard red line.

They wrote that the forensic dialectic between pigment and figments or poison and paranoia is meant as a power struggle of sympathy while building a police wall vowing that anyone who perceives the truth is next.

Bernie Sanders is part of the all-time most historic Black-Jewish alliance: the willingness to let AIDS spread replete with story experimentation and ego crawling as an ultimatum of Federal socialism handed down from the desk of white power conceding defeat.

Naturally, they claim to be being magnanimous about it.