Den Committee

This two-part political letter was written by James MacRyland Crary during a visit to Seattle in the month of August, 2016. In so far as there is any legitimacy to personal copyright, it is entered under the name of my nephew, Steven Arnold Thompson. I have sought publication by the many newspapers and magazines for which I write as a guest to no avail. There is no crediting their refusal, but we remain on speaking terms.

Part One: The Den Committee

The fact that people are still there to argue that AIDS was not an attack proves that the City of Seattle and City of Pittsburgh were both accomplice making their tragic names as black and bitter as Auschwitz and Birkenau, for the simple reason that there is no excuse for this. They were already aware of the evidence, kept it hidden for personal gain and know of my lectures from long petition and familiarity. The blackout is authored by liars who are using positions of government in the United States for murder as tawdry as behavior in the blocs of tyranny around the globe known for reprehensible conduct like Burma and El Salvador. Human trafficking at its worst has been found out in Pittsburgh for a constant brokered from within the Department of the Police. To underscore the grisly mayhem at work they openly used the name: Mancine for one of their signifiers exactly because of it’s similiarity to Manson and cinema.

Masking petty murder over big money seems to be the very role that black fringe culture was groomed for by the British investors in popular media who connived a storm and light show timed to a staged and phony discovery of their own script written as combat for media deceit, so a few foggy issues have become clearer with revelations about the partnership of Colin Powell with Robert Fripp of David Bowie’s inner circle, and their pull at Death Row Records of murder hip hop. Dissent in the arts is detected and punished without trial through sentence of unbelievable severity. The guiltless are unwarned and taken completely by surprise. The use of spy names to communicate party barriers is clear evidence of union racketeering being controlled by a murder elite from the US Government. AIDS is a horrible monstrosity. Every last ally of Clinton is a pervert privately laughing about the crime. Cowardice this dark and deadly has to come from somewhere. It is found here everywhere.

How America the forever faithful came to be accomplice in the AIDS attack derives from the fact that there are a number of pernicious resentments among us regarding the disparity and inequalities that exist between classes, races, ages and gender and this island of disagreements extends beyond our borders into the world around us where similar arguments are a continuum regarding political injustice. The result was the scientific conclusion that resolving the contradictions required a functional atrocity. AIDS was schemed by parochials advancing a vicious sport of child pornography while leering against what they called immorality. Thus they clogged up the airwaves with smut and delusions of virtue, laughing all the way to the bank of Hollywood. Peter Gabriel super-promoted hallucinations about the media starlet of the crime, Leslie Sanetta Katz, promoting a deviant Jewish lesbian wing of the militia responsible, while wowing the NAACP with the Israeli money and progressive civics.

Those who seemed to be enduring the sexual revolution emerged violently on the clock to answer angrily with a Hitlerian bullwhip, long pre-planned AIDS testing war game on Mt. Desert Island in the name of Leslie Katz. The evidence for the planning and authorship of this crime among those claiming to be the victims, foremost The Beatles, is certain and has led to triumph of the lobby within the media establishment. Smoke and mirrors from Hollywood was a deadly venture in Reagan’s Holy War. Queen Elizabeth should be forced to bray openly in answer to questions concerning failure to arrest Gail Carolyn Burstyn. The tragedy of this warped, eccentric approach, the advance of special, elite tokens of progress in the midst of the storm, seemed to work out in the way that Black Americans took to the crime, silenced dissent and executed the program, full-knowingly, just as they marched to Vietnam. They, too, want you to lie for them, legitimize their trickery by confirming their warped notions through affirmation by your fears or worse, your contempt. Blacks are no worse, no better, no different and Black fascism was long ago predicted by Harlem writer Richard Wright. We are dealing with the criminally insane advancing their holocaust by the logic of historic grievance.

Media world does not revolve around everyone, but it does around me. I am the centerpiece and hidden prism of the total blackout. Not only was I featured semi-anonymously on Peter Gabriel’s SO, to which the Beatles were complicit, I was also the target of King Crimson’s first warped l.p. featuring the menu for their conjob and the contents of the forensic dialogue surrounding the case which they promoted as “an Observation”. George Bush, Sr. chose me as the runt of the litter from family of the USS San Jacinto that he served on with my deceased old man for the confirmatory manufacture of an object lesson by the parochial fist behind the abomination, to entertain an inside claque of victim enthusiasts about whom we know plenty from their hidden records. They called me their “chosen brother” and exposed me simultaneously to nuclear secrets, and armed robbery arrest to underscore the demented angling of super-secrecy. This fact is being kept out of the newspapers, and most of the people I know are happy about that, because of what this strange and scary wartime melodrama says about them. There is no question but that the public must be warned and that the serial predators are much, much more murderous than we have been told we are allowed to suspect.

Planting the script on me and then voiding my civil rights as a vehicle for philosophying lewdly about child bondage was converted into a stag film trust by the museum mafia seeking to profiteer from the war crime’s success. My art is taken without compensation in return for a shoddy diet, while I am subject at turns to personal injury by deliberate malpractice. They incapacitated me and then advanced sickening and truly disturbed distortions promoting deranged fictions about the child abuse storyline Bush brokered for Pentagon Disney, Two Virgins pussyball, through Carnegie Mellon (Ming Na Wen) and the University of Pittsburgh when molesting me in a semi-coma as a hostage of kidnapping in grade school, during which time Reagan scribbled his Hollywood slanders all over my name daring me to try and expose the hand of Ringo Starr, sadist captain of the lunatic fringe. They made it sound like the horrible life I have been forced to lead is the only one I could have as a result of my natural attributes, rather than a consequence of trauma and disability. They repeatedly attacked me in pre-existing injuries they had inflicted of a science fiction dimension. The V.A. Union, which is nationwide and functions as a secret police among the homeless, said for The Beatles (a conspicuously interested party who covered for the AIDS attack, literally writing the alibi for Mt. Desert Island through the office of Peter Gabriel, advanced in secret by claiming the death of Lennon in such a way as to allow a long premeditated break-in for grab on the letters, for impoundment and decoy), saying if we do this, and go about it this way, on Jimmy’s trust, then the military and their British brain trust can prove that the United States of America, everything we claim to stand for, it is a lie. People, shopping elsewhere, will fall in step with the veiled doctrines of the coming King of England for whom this long term project was executed. A dummy government will substitute.

Every single person helped Hollywood do it, every last one. I am printed in all sorts of newspapers and journals, but they refuse to print the relevant letters, like this one. Child mutilation is costly to be found hiding and yet that was only the beginning.

The atrocity was such a small thing to do. How can they bear it?

Maybe you wonder why The White House sought to murder and mock democracy. AIDS was like a big, bad episode of Dallas, calling us cranks in need of a firm hand. Thus proven, they could use power as an instrument of assassins while preaching democratic patriotism, a fraud of childhood faith used for mass hypnosis as the bodies fell at our feet. Don’t even try to deny it. They stationed me under direction of the warlord behind the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a medical library clerk in 1984. Patriots don’t kill veterans over issues of freedom of speech as Pittsburgh V.A. did my old man. They don’t knowingly schmooze with those who kill minority leaders and then advocate as twisted plumbers to wreck the good names of the dead. I was chosen for a significant role in human history, but that role precluded playing myself. Powerful people took me prisoner to a persona they invented around my name. I was taken hostage as a dummy and deafened insensible so no one could talk to me. The sacrificial child meat, they called me queerbait, was brutally battered into condition as a toxic waif to humiliate. The unmasking of my mother in the matter is a cataclysm yet to befall the City of Pittsburgh. Seattle Queers have proven themselves hysterical memes, thoroughly beyond contact with reality.

The idea of reaching the arts council to blame for the delusion campaign, led by rippers in the loop, which was planned with gyrationist minds like Michel Foucault who conceived of the victim intelligensia to be led with philo-rhapsody by articulate scribes turned suicide bombers, conspicuously Sean Strub, Lennon’s point man at the Dakota, facts about whose concept of acceptance mayhem I will explore in this note, is a sport of currying to the power of shown collaborators who broker their capacity for murder as proof of their lack of culpability. Since when is the commission of atrocity proof of innocence? The voices of Mulan, Inc. would have you believe that 911 was a failsafe showing our amends in agreement with the world’s outrage. Seattle Queers gobbled it up, slashering Shannon Harps to prove that Leslie Katz was the victim of the sordid tryst she pulled for lewd derision in a farce. For them it equated as spiritual sacrificialism in consecration of death vow and blood oath in loyalty to the truly guilty whose privilege notions they share and whose campaign of shaming filled them with glee. We know this because they said so. It is in the public records they have left in their malice. The insane Japanese hand of Yoko Ono is everywhere in this blackmail.

There was an event continuum involving the professional careers of acid rockers that linked the 60’s and 80’s while playing out in the farcical nastiness of the 21st century. There was no disconnect between the student uprisings of the 60’s and the AIDS attack. They were a partnership of persons. Midori Goto emerged from the explosion conveying a puritanical value while working with Obama from Duquesne University, but the scriptwriters from 1974 already knew what her role was going to be and the cultural values whereby she would take to that role like fly to pie. The script originated in Reagan’s Hollywood, and bore among its signatories the Neva Corporation of Japan’s pornography trade. Goto lay in wait as the sacred bull of the tabula rosa to deceive by the medium of the staged and phony intercept and the macabre Israeli seance of pseudo-science allowing a profiler’s gangbang to attach an impacted neuroplasm they impacted for campus recreation while not allowing me to know it was there, bragging of being a den of thieves, while raping the inner man. Paul McCartney organized the unions to claim that blackout was in the name of the arts of civilization, despite all sorts of evidence that he was in on the attack and party of the authorship committee.

The building of oriental pussy estate seems to be the problem when it comes to Federalized lopers around Obama and his shrill gangsta rappers in the NAACP, bodyguarded by Black Panthers, Rainbow Coalition dacoits, gibbering Senegalese, lewd handshaker Cornell West, and Louis Farrakhan’s bedlam, all of whom go nutter when faced with freedom of association. All Midori Goto had to do was pose.

The den committee were all trusted authors and their understudies. Obama, another Reagan, is a Black fiend of power charged to intone the greatness of American racial equality while privately braying of being a hooligan from the first wave of bizarre religious magnates who staged Two Virgins Pussyball, the Shinto war game clocked to the AIDS attack, designed for an Ark of Colors as all of the evidence, Palace slanders, and hidden confessions of the atrocitarians would verify if someone could pry them from the paper shredders of beatlemania at places like The Stranger Newspaper in Seattle. Obama was pure, wormtongue attorney for the brazen and ghoulish act, a vile witch hunter, a minstrel show with fangs, emerging from the Clintons’ partnership with the University of Pittsburgh (whose Chancellor Wesley Posvar wrote the FEMA constitution and then the alibi for the AIDS war game on Mt. Desert Island with Robert Fripp of King Crimson, the most cowardly, vicious and loathsome backstabber in the history of British-American relations, all for the den committee).

Obama was a Bush installation, the con artist and shark of Black confederacy for profiteer in the AIDS attack. Clinton’s power is in the blackout against human history. The male of the pair is nothing but a shrewd, moronic, tyrannical Caligula, capable of absolutely any cruelty of sadistic, despotic mayhem in his dirty attempt to recapture the Lincoln bedroom as the scene of his corporate blowjobs. Saying anything else about this tang-haired used car salesman is a big lie, lisp as they whip though the foreign English does.

The reason foreign English rabid have repeatedly tortured me to the brink of assassination, in addition to their screed, because I was there, is that I understand how to prove through faculty records at school that Robert Fripp and Wesley Posvar created the den committee prior to the staged and phony intercept of the AIDS papyrus for the plans of HitlerReagan. By this route you can also establish that the Warhols had access to me as a child during the hostage taking and the guerilla theater that mushroomed from the staged and phony intercept; that it was a planned temper tantrum from the direction of Heinz working with Warhol and WQED in a major partnership in the local museum mafia, of great interest to New York City and largely under their control through the towering mercenary power structure at Carnegie Mellon. As the klan used to say, so now soothsay the Ark, “stateways can’t change folkways, ah, hahahaha.” They have hoped they wouldn’t have to put a bullet in a child already seen for tears many, many piteous times, that by smearing and mocking me horrifically instead, by humiliating me by public mutilation, they could use me more effectively to sell their syndicate. It would embarrass them to shoot me, since everyone would understand how they went about it and what sort of menu they offer as excuse.

A lot of people say, “have faith” when they abandon you. With women, it doesn’t matter if you are fighting the good fight: if you take it in the nuts you are a loser, not a hero. Sometimes you have to lie to everyone but yourself and if you can’t do that last one, lie to yourself, you’re dangerous. Yes, I understand. What I’m saying is you want lip service. Anything I tell you about the truth you yourself will be party to the demand that it be made to disappear. Women like Midori Goto and now Ivanka Trump are in place to give sexual mystique to the power structure’s complete, absurd survival through cancellation of written history. Not even Bernard Sanders mentions AIDS.

My poetry book Hypotenuse which was well received had the historic shortcoming of having been written before the premeditated nature of Operation: Medicine Man, which seemed to be a response team, came to light. It is a beautiful, eternal photograph of delusion manufactured in war by the authors of AIDS: the Beatles, written by a special insider who was subject foreign, illegal impresssment. At the time, the contradiction lines were strongly evident, but I was not immune to the inculcated brainwash of trust and loveslavery towards the celebrity superstate steered by Pink Floyd nazis and their monstrous ideas. There are a variety of problems which come to light in Hypotenuse in ways that allow for their ultimate resolution and I suspect the book will survive the test of time. It ranks with Poe, albeit tolerant of a little revision. It excludes the hope that the partnership between HitlerReagan and Robert Fripp can ever be justified, even on its own terms, against failure to warn, it shows that how I was tortured is a disgrace to an institution of learning, responsibility for which clearly lands at the feet of the University of Pittsburgh. Tony Levin, mastermind of the most twisted fraud of brainwash as braintrust in our disturbing era, is not John Lennon, either.

Poop is the walrus.

Part Two: Holy Holocaust

There is evidence for and a logic behind the hidden politics of the USA, Britain and Israel. They have run a human trafficking barrage in Pittsburgh as vile as the headsmen of Isis and evidently need the new enemy badly enough to deter inquiry that they have created a slaughterhouse in the Middle East. Nazis, unfortunately, are beyond shaming. These are their offspring. They authored the AIDS attack. It is proven by the fact that you can deny it because the evidence is secure.

The thesis statement of this expose is cast in stone due to the script by Reagan and the Palace of London implausibly signed “Gail Burstyn” of the kibbutz called Group Shimshon, an extremist group directed by Tel Aviv from the Hilltop. Critical to their success has been the City of Seattle. Since a primary operating system of this faction are name signifiers, nom de guerre, you may have detected them yourself and wondered what you were seeing. The political imagination involved while intense and illicit is also implicit. Many of their names are homophones, which is to say, mean what they say, sound like what they mean. This allows them to masquerade before people who have misled into thinking they understand delusions they have been spoonfed. Who does not smile when Peter Gabriel boasts of his staff being paid by a company he calls “Hidden Pun”?

A central discovery about this mob has been their use of semiotics in Reagan Era cinema to limn the escape of Adolf Hitler to South America and then discretely describe their partnership with him in such events as the Kennedy Assassination and the revenge attack of the 1980’s. We know perfectly clearly how they have used me for human vivisection, hiding behind the rabbi of the school in the safety of kinship with tattoo’d Auschwitz survivors among their grandparents. Such is their game: victim status and food fight. In addition to Hitler-Reagan semiotics, developments at the dawn of cinema are used as integral elements foundational as metaphor for a grim political action that unfolded in the 80’s. It is my purpose to explore this fact, delineating some of those elements for brutal example, because understanding this notion allows the hoodwinkers to be unmasked. The accomplice British progressive rock music impressarios most conspiratorial in evil at work were slippery when it came to making out what they were doing by appearance that one would take for quite different from their actual activities. They seemed to be leaning towards teaching ciphers by lyric ingenuity, for example, as though to encourage deciphering threatening messages from a brutal power structure behind aggressive war so that peace efforts could be mobilized, when in reality they were Reagan’s criminally insane cipher gang themselves whose only purpose in allowing for deciphering was to leave that to you, light years too late, reducing the hope of warning to a post-traumatic and morbid fascination offered the defeated; forgotten, however, it will never be. Forgiveness is not a consideration. Many of the so-called psychedelic charismatics of art rock were privately hippy killers.

This epic of arcana, shooting for which began in Dealey Plaza, is nothing less than a spiteful long term plan for the rise of England’s future, and imminent King. Those with a passion for the truth and study of the Second World War have known quite well for a long time about British Royalist encouragement of Nazi Germany, by way of verification, look up Duke of Windsor. It is important to bear in mind that the evidence yields an understanding of this plan, reconquest of the United States, which originated with Cecil Rhodes and Allen Dulles; once you have the tactical slipknot in hand. Reagan’s dream was to stage reality so effectively that no one knew John Lennon was evacuated. Hinckley did not really shoot Reagan, only James . George Melies was a film-maker so far back in the dawn of cinema that there was not yet such a thing as experimental film for the simple reason that film itself was still an experiment. These experiments now have an historic case history. Finding out the script written for reality by Reagan we also find that specific reconstruction of the earliest, experimental cinema age was duplicated closely for the production of his reality script. Milies is credited by historian Jack C. Ellis as “starting an early genre of “trick films”. “Within the next few years,” writes Ellis, he mastered the technical means for what today are called “special effects.” The text of Ellis as we shall see is part of this duplication mirroring. “Using fades and dissolves,” Ellis says of Milies, “superimpositions and mattes, fast and slow motion, animation and miniatures, and even hand coloring each frame, he created a delightful phantasmoric world.” In sum Ellis says that Milies, “introduced trickery.” Forty years later Orson Welles provoked a debacle with a radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds.” The strange response from segments of the public was not lost on propaganda experts. Welles was swift in visiting Germany. Reagan and Lennon then found it a challenge to their genius to apply what Milies developed to the arena of sleight of hand before the eye of pedestrians living in faith for American political media, who have been epic liars about their partnership in this grim charade. It was only a matter of time before the power to make the choice to use Hollywood, or more accurately Pentagon Disney, for real worlds theater in an act of total deception, was in hand, a fact recognizable to those who went for it.

The script itself contains elements of early cinema raising the dialectical question of how much of the plan for the 80’s was a result of scholarly process and how much planned by the ingenues in early Hollywood themselves. Strange as it may seem, there was a prophetic streak to D.W. Griffith and his assistant Raoul Walsh. The career of D.W. Griffith and its chain to HitlerReagan make crystal clear that the revenge attack of Adolf Hitler had allies already primed to contribute their cunning to what certainly was all worked out and heavily premeditated as an historic process. One thing is certain when it comes to the Reagan’s plan, which for the purpose of this essay I am calling: The Wheel of Mandela, is that Lennon was one of his boys. You will see, in time, why Lennon’s escape is undeniable. Nor was Reagan really shot in March of 1981. We know this because he had me there with his Pentagon Disney attorneys from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is my house upon whom they planted their creepy script. Reagan brought me to D.C. for the show as a dare. It is the smoke and mirrors of their own explanation for the subsequent, but integral issue of Mt. Desert Island and the hidden power they have used called Ultrahigh that give away the British aggression on our free society and how scummy the opportunity of the adventure must be judged, dependent on a truly despicable and cowardly weapon as well as total deceit. The post-Kennedy American Veterans Administration has not troubled to hide their slasher enforcement of these mean tricks, a fact we will turn to with the death of my father and the historic revelations of Ultrahigh, a weapon of the museum mafia.

Specific instances of how this crime of the 1980’s was built from key elements of the dawn of cinema are a matter of one, two, three, four study in the history of film, making the denial attending the truth about what happened laughable were it not so serious. Into the lacunae of the bog. Philosophy of engineering permitted a diversified approach to a common theme. Unsuspecting of the maestro we may never repent of our denials. The car is a matrix element of this crusher strategem, encrypted 4 x 4 for Luke 16. 4 X 4 (which is the dollar sign when capitalized on the keyboard) is also a good deal like the swastika). Baseball was used as a parochial model for a war game over virginity. The car was scheduled for such a role by dint of licensing, it was always part and parcel of cinema and Hollywood, not as a standing figure in pictures alone, but as a function of a time, a movement and the rise of war by parable. In a different world it might be possible to imagine this dimension of simulcrum, 3-D chess or perhaps we should say a three-dimensional octopus, wouldn’t be true, and that those who say it just isn’t, that isn’t so, would be as right as they imagine themselves. What is hidden in plain view is impossible to know only when you cannot, do not or refuse to understand. Scotland Yard, by their own under table admission, isn’t apportioning blame for the letters as the Great Hypnotist, sleep takes over. They approve of the letters. They are however saying that they are so punishing. The double jointed wormtongue of Scotland Yard is notorious in this case. This unpleasant doublespeak, a real advance on Orwell, creates a crystal ball of power under the status quo, what big Jim Child attributed with very sardonic sincerity to preference tendencies in politics. The crime as even understood by what they did was also sold as cinema, a cinema of a revolution that was not televised, such that the received elements of cinema were not cast on a screen but into the mind of a people conditioned to interpret the world as a movie. Queerbait, also called Gizmo, was a trope from the twilight zone of Oswald. When a venomous British rock and roll termite lisps that it was practicing self-deception in helping HitlerReagan, note that for nothing would it stop, Gail Burstyn was never arrested and the truly friendly, innocent and helpless were totally destroyed. Tears at injustice were shown no mercy.

In Pittsburgh, they pummelled the sacrifice into condition. In his semi-coma state he thought he was their only victim. I just wanted to be forgotten and simply tried to move on. They were nowhere near through.

The Oswald incident took place in the heyday of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which played fast and loose with improbable scenarios from fake assassinations to convoluted real ones, further, in 1951, a documentary was nominated for an award by Hollywood with a title descriptive of what many believe the role Oswald was lured into playing, titled: I was a Communist for the FBI. Like the existence of the book titled: The Man Who Framed Himself, the documentary: I was a Communist for the FBI demonstrates that the themes used by the Real World’s trickery team had been around. Oswald’s persona fits right in, and the media who betrayed JFK by buying it lived to strike again. The summer after the assassination found Gen. De Gaulle, the foreign statesman most conspiculously chagrined at the funeral parade, pacing menacingly, campaigning for resolution in Geneva of the Tonkin Gulf Crisis. His wishes as a familiar of FDR, as was JFK, were no longer to be heard. The answer from the mummy face of the Johnson/Nixon Pentagon was the first bombing raid on North Vietnam of many, many to come, spreading into Laos and Cambodia as policy became more estranged from human decency under Nixon’s psychiatric breakdown.

Now the connectivity makes an ironic hop into the present. America cannot win a war in the Middle East because we do not understand Muslims. They will no more crumple under the iron fist than Vietnam or for that matter England during World War Two. We are making the same mistake we did in Vietnam. Our inability to understand the complexities is giving rise to the worst elements as we alienate our potential friends. The question then is whether rightly understood this is all a mistake or whether in reality we are being betrayed by our high command as JFK was in the manner of his demise.

Another word about our times. Even for Kennedy it has become harder to be one of the immortals, what with the earth being all but doomed. The bitch of it is that a central figure in the crime that took place in the 80’s which was grounded in the historic themes from the dawn of Hollywood, as this paper will show, old Cecile B. DeMille was never better than dinosaur bones. Is anyone tired of being disappointed by the overly precious and shrewd replacements who were uploaded and installationed when the era of FDR finally ran dry in Dealey Plaza? This essay is an attempt, in part, to place Barack Obama in the great backstab, and perhaps more significantly the Elders project and Nelson Mandela.

No man wants to live life in hard labor from a little box he can never escape. Principle being all very well, it is better that little Jimmy should be tortured in America and Mandela freed than Jimmy not be tortured and Mandela kept in a box, but is this also true when you factor in failure to warn? Is one only and forever optioned by morality to be poor, noble Bobby Sands, starving to death as a matter of principle? No answer can explain why was Mandela still so eager to fail to warn even after he was freed. He cut the deal and had to hide the dirty. The question leads to the Reagan/Lennon museum mafia machine in Pittsburgh.

There is a warning in evidence about proof that those things which hold the most weight according to established corroboration, details of findings that cannot be refuted should come clearly before elaborating less certain material. People are narrow enough as it is without inviting them to fend off hard evidence by diversionary means, such as citing less firm representation as a ward against acknowledging what can not be denied. Yet it is irresponsible in the extreme to exclude entirely circumstances and insidious arrangements which fit the pattern which may well in fact contain significant pointers into the meaning, for the assassins, of the doublecross they engineered. It is entirely one thing to convict as dictators without proper review and another to negate what may be relevant from our study and care. The attending warning is not to construe as allegation that which is only brought forward as material of compelling interest. While it is clear that manufacture is at work, the style of manufacture gradually absorbs and is in turn absorbed into camoflage created by surroundings that are seemingly or actually adorned by innocuous complementary arrange. Chance cannot explain the entirety of this parallex. Suspicion must review aversion to a case of police scholar duty.

Although it seems to run with the holocaust ball on beyond Auschwitz, the German concentration camps are too modern to explain the inspiration of all this. What Reagan and Lennon did was in the making from the dawn of Hollywood. It constitutes so well ordered of a universe as to be a crime of perfection. It is one of those tragedies only too certain to bring out curiosity seekers and speculators, a fact that they counted on for their success. Admiration was something they came to expect. Only a human being would begrudge the ingenuity of these devils and because the gears are absolutely consistent with recognizable early Hollywood inventions, it is possible to interpret the meaning of this by way of a more abstruse trope: The Great Train Robbery. The death of Kennedy was in fact a hijacking. Once confronted by the burden of what they have done and are saying you have to toughen up to disentangle from the text what else may be there than what is laid bare from the more obvious refrains. Consistent with the title of the ancient film that must have seemed like a divine command to Reagan and his minions, Hitler was “rescued from an Eagle’s nest.”

Pulling off a great heist is a mania from the dawn of cinema. Now in examining the telltale hearts let us move to a cinema signifier that is confirmed by the text of personal experience. It is a metaphor for the atrocity of 1984. Life of an American Fireman was being made in 1902 when Melies thought of using an insert of an alarm box. Supplemental text inserts in the script planted on me were supplied by such agents as Gellomini and Colucci who told the persona (littl’ jimmuh quee’bait) of that exact image, a fire alarm box which would emit in secret a wet that shined such that if caught by authorities investigating a prank and a flashlight used a false alarmer would shimmer. Much as in the neo-caust, the holy holocaust what the hedgerow prevaricators termed “blacklight discipline”, shine a light and you can diagnose if the liberal sinned.

Of unparalleled significance in the mosaic of multiple industries, which will be shown to have included baseball, cinema, cars, to name prominent and important ones, is the German film that closed the silent film era called The Last Laugh. Even the ending was borrowed for British purpose as the country of the confederate carrion bird.

Art imitates life and confederates imitate atrocity. Agents like Robert Fripp and Stewart O’Nan have gotten away with calling Pittsburgh a “Walled City” for a very long time in satisfaction of the blackout and attempt at conquest by juvenile means available to government by a hatter ripper. The landscape of Pittsburgh provides a gory scrimmage for the scythe of holocaust unleashed as a new wave tourniquet of strangulation nooses meant to rescue victims from life by choking them to death in Allah’s mercy. This holy holocaust has a cooperating terminal, represented by a small cluster of elite, offending Fifth Avenue institutions. The complicated problem of a provincial deceit worked out regionally is in how it adds up. The gibbering moralist needs to be able to say it had a reason. This fact comes through very keenly in what befell my father, but begs the question: what had my father really done? The conscious presence of omens and signs spelling out the symbols of a complicated set of parallel dissertations by the aggressor lobby, what Greg Karl called his “bewildering myriad of surface details” can serve as schizoid legend as well as menacing shell game.

Surfacing this mosaic has been a personal trust for decades. It is an attempt to disempower their odious chicanery in failure to warn. Their claim of discovery, which was wrongfully allowed to go unquestioned, is the key to the blackout, escape of the guilty and cover up. That it managed to happen after the letters were sent to me was the recruiting angle whereby Seattle Queers sided with the assassin lobby. Two simultaneous functions begin flashing their dashboard lights: 1) the defeatism of the blamers and 2) the captive tag: Gizmo. History morphed, due to failure to warn (which the British admitted was a stall to make sure of spread) into mythology. I tried every imaginable way to reason with the confederate ringleaders, from Midori Goto to Peter Gabriel, but they would have none of it because their staged discovery was saccharine. They were planning this move all along, and they would allow nothing to seize from them triumph in the moment of glory. Seattle Queers were extremely culpable in allowing the assassins to change costumes at will and use ventriloquism and script writing teams, functioning as tearful players, adapting to fill in whatever media needed. Led by Ming Na Wen, Disney provided talented interpreters despite being seasoned insiders in the assassination program. Such is the decadence of Hollywood.

People willing to do what these horrible, horrible lopers did come from all walks of life. It is the involvement of the Jews that attempts to force us by the brutality of Pittsburgh’s dogma to raise the question whether the doctrine do-it-to-them-instead is man’s natural condition making slaves to mass murder the cosmopolitan necessity. It is, in fact, the cleanliness of Obama’s hand washing which makes him so popular. It is so sad. There are times in history when death should not be seen as more than an eighth grade bully barely worth the trouble it takes to slap him in the face. To gibber away the public safety record of our right-to-know laws as though nothing else in human history but black American racial grudge matters is the act of a bizarre toy unfit to be senior class President. The klan has been derided for a mask of chivalry. How is it that such impious manipulation suddenly becomes glorious when blacks join the chorus?

There was never anything to the University of Pittsburgh’s truly evil rape frame gang bang convened as a hate crime to cover the testing war game pre-planned and exposed on Mt. Desert Island, and every one of the participants, many of them child molesters, knew it. Peter Gabriel did not have to humiliate a traumatized deaf person by raping his only friend, by ripper terror threats against inheritance normality, by chemical castration of a poet screaming in the streets. Yet they did it anyway, fully aware that had their libels been heard in court, rather than by insidious slanderers, they would have been shown not only an invention, but a capital crime intended to cover for the AIDS attack by vivisection on a terribly battered person who came crawling in seizures for help. Seattle even promised me help, while lying in wait with the ball cutters.

The British assassins say that none of this matters because I read letters they deny exist, having seized them from me on behalf of the true authors, but what had my father done? He, like the rippered girl, Shannon Harps, was murdered sacrificially too, with the blessings of wizard warriors from the Black elements of the so-called new age Klan, an Ark of Colors, with the unionists at the V.A. He was attacked as Chair of Philosophy for thinking he was “better than us”, and this led me to be targetted under what they called the Too Good Principle, but the chronology shows that while this adds up in terms of the Pittsburgh mentality at work it is sheer convenience to a long planned act of abomination. Pseudo-moralists from the black community need a good pretext, no matter how invented, before they can say, that’s it, now we move. My father was pigeonholed at Pitt as promoting the myth of the white man by an insolent swag, personal bearing, magnanimity in style in his civil rights labors, as though being enlightened about race and opening doors was insufficient acknowledgment of guilt to earn grace. Indeed, the wormtongue black backbite prefers the cold blood of white hate to what it imagines white liberal hypocrisy.

Reagan’s black warriors had some grievance brewing, but needed more. This was big what they were being asked. Using an attacker contract marriage from the agency for which style they are notoriously British in buccaneer, and a fascist co-author (Lou P.) partnered up to him from within the institution agency, the plotters uploaded the slur, “baby killers” about the Nammies into one of my father’s brave, co-authored books. I have no doubt my father’s views about the war were sincere, but this element stank of a necessary abridgement of taste that allowed the attack in the playground by Shawn Brooks’s gang of the Graham Foundation, murderous mutilationist pedophiles, against me, his helpless, crying son.

Franklin Graham sent me the comment, “Humanism is the greatest threat to America since communism.” What did my father say as a humanist teaching about communism? That it was dogma, that it made slaves, that as human beings we yearned to be free and develop ourselves to the best of our power. That is the greatest threat to America since communism? Whatever in the world does Franklin’s America hold in store with its barbarous tales celebrating Hitler turned Lazarus back from the dead, while splattering the schools with a deaf man’s fetus by home invasion for the purpose of promoting Jesus and MisterRogers?

Absolutely everything that could be held worthy in our nation has been ruined and spoiled by the Lennon Spirit Foundation. They have invaded the soul of a helpless victim of torture trauma using the voices of Ultrahigh with no appeal, they have libeled every which way from their Smithsonian carrot tape to the moral implications of using a vicious pornography dialogue to hypnotize an impacted neurological injury, a torment they implanted with poison as strategy, deafening a potential rival virtually at birth, calling the reaction formation to torture fear of self-incrimination, blaspheming the horrid alexytemic amnesia of child abduction in the snow as rapid eye movement as if it were humiliating evidence of date rape, through a lynch media production by Pentagon Disney and NASA, necessitating race ripper homicide because Seattle queers think it’s interesting that imitators were sacrificed by the Aztecs. Syphilis reigns. They raped my deaf advocate. For nothing would Robert Fripp of King Crimson stop. Seattle pronounced a peer castration in honor of being specially super-hazed by AIDS carrion birds. The gods were thinking about you when they did that, Carnegie Mellon assured their deluded fools.

Everyone who knows how viciously I have been mistreated sees in my mother, who must have known, who must have given me up as a child to a National Security agreement, a flabbergasting wraith of public relations for absolutely unspeakable injustice, but the warped confederation rides high on Fifth Avenue, in a cluster at Central Catholic, WQED Public Broadcasting, Rodef Shalom, Clyde Street where Miles of the walled city represents Ellis, Christian Scientist, a convent, a swastika decorated apartment mansion next to a Friends Meeting House. It is perfect as an ornate peculiarity, Roe deaf indeed. Get your martial marital license at the crossroads.

Spreading their leer through allusion to stealing second and St. Louis Cardinal sin the foreign English brazenly made a joke of the AIDS attack by a Two Virgins pussyball war game they planned with the Shinto troops of Neva Corporation, lie after lie conveying how it adds up to the warped leers of celebrity mustang royalty, led by Midori Goto and the Neva Corporation, wowing the warriors of syphilis in the Obama V.A.

Seattle Queers rejected what metaphorical aspects there were to how I was subjected mutilationism by evoking a tawdry tale invented by raging extortionist hags about an obnoxious and seedy woman working for the school agency, who was older than me when she pushed herself on me as a child and whom everyone in school knew for a lousy nymphomaniac who only her victim is forbidden by correctness to address for who she is, and by this means promoted a completely imaginary allegation of abuse about their prey as more important than the horror of the entire AIDS attack for hags in the museum mafia. The English swindle by smear. They stole my life from me in a ridiculous plan of Hitler’s revenge that somehow Reagan got Seattle Queers to endorse with a ripper homicide.

The Smithsonian carrot tape was used for a conning, heartless infamy. It was part of a soundtrack, scribbled on a hostage child’s comatose brain. The script itself was written for Midori Goto in the manner that Ellis can be quoted, whose book is infamous with prattle and conniving confirming this plan. He writes, “Someone once observed that Cecil B. DeMille, much indebted to Lubitsch, presented the Crusades as if they were for the sole benefit of Loretta Young.” Yup. Mz. Goto rose to the occasion like a Valkyrie for the Liar’s Club.

Ellis completes the absurd juxtaposition with a full paragraph: “Some have accused Kracauer of bending the films to fit the theory and of ignoring those that don’t fall neatly into one of his categories. There is, of course, a danger inherent in the application of any thesis to as diverse a body of data as a nation’s films, and a summary condesation of Kracauer’s inferences such as the above paragraph must make him seem especially vulnerable to the charge. But those who have pointed to some of his errors and hinted at other discrepancies have failed to offer an alternative understanding to replace his. George Huaco, in The Sociology of Film Art and Paul Monaco in Cinema and Society, deal with the same natonal period of film making as Kracauer. Though they use somewhat different methodologies and arrive at slightly different conclusions, their findings do not decrease the value or even fundamentally alter Kracauer’s contribution. The three authors more or less agree on the very special and remarkably coherent qualities of the cinema. The more we look at the German films from the twenties, the more they seem to offer the kind of social-psychological meanings Kracauer and others have discovered and to correspond with the findings of historians of the period.”

As with Hitler-Reagan semiotics, the use by Lennon and Reagan of early cinema for their purposes in civil deception is an Easter Egg hunt in a licensed pseudo-reality of the criminally bizarre.