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The subject of serious concern regarding the danger to our society posed by the CIA comes up in threads on a semi-regular basis and I wanted to put into perspective some of my findings regarding organized crime from the police-military-celebrity sector of our evidently criminally insane political system. In order to do this as effectively as I want will take some time. Ayn Rand once said that if she had to write for the present she would break her pen. Likewise I know that none of the axe-wielding ostriches likely to read me at present will know very much or care very much about the facts in the case, or the level of unbearable atrocity at work in Pittsburgh. The script that took my name was written as a hostage taking deal for Obama. It’s no fun for the military control in power if someone were to allow that I have been multiply victimized. As a result I was cast as an existential Sisyphus, Loki imprisoned in a tree trying to make someone cry for him. This isn’t justice, it’s an act of torture and murder.
Most people realize that King Crimson and the Guttersnipes, a more provincial gang, worked together using the Observation and vivisection album from the hell of these lopers to gas, mutilate and deafen me as a carnage rock anthem. Why me is that Bush had it in for my father Ry when they were in the Navy together. I was gassed in a place called Kings Estate, like himmelsweg, which Claude Lanzmann said the Germans called the ramp to the gas chamber, or heavenly estate. It was a ring from the pit of hell led by the Pitmans which is like Quarrymen. Just so you know, the Beatles were ringleaders of the crime. They covered it up with the idea that I wasn’t man enough (at age 13) to admit that I was following Lennon’s self-immolation on drugs instructions, and that this is why he is dead, because by following him, I am to blame and so on. They brutally tortured me, the scars make this obvious.
Looking briefly at what we know about the opening shots. Oswald was arrested, but it is clear from the photographs of the kill zone that a lot more was going on.
The Dulles Brothers had forgiven Unit 731, the Japanese Gestapo and put them to work against North Korea, while clutching, for America, their biological weapons discoveries.
In the Japanese film, never released in America, The Devil Behind the Sun about Unit 731, we see an atavist mesmer of Gail Burstyn, who wrote the script about me, in a gas chamber with a white bird and a choking little boy.
During the documentary that is included in the reel after the film ended we see the names of most immediate step-created male siblings Adam and Steve in a Gay-a-Thon, that includes a crucifixion and reels of military tanks and horrible images from depraved acts in zones of atrocity.
Devil Behind the Sun comes from allies of Reagan’s Hollywood in Axis Cinema who worked with the elite who enjoyed Ayn Rand’s idea of disappearing supermen for the purpose of deluding and manipulating the befuddled and in her view unworthy masses.
Clutching their ears against the atomic memory one of the Japanese women is seen over a logo of the re-routed motorcade. The other, from Ayn Rand’s film, We the Living, sports Lennon/Ono’s last song of evil genius for its encryption.
As everyone knows in Pittsburgh I was viciously reamed with the claim that my broken heart over an unrequited lover proved me a mouse who should be raped and tortured. Note that the Rand film woman again is an atavist mesmer of Burstyn and a piece of her script, reading, “broke in science”. These murderers are part of a society of human trafficking, earmarked your children for slaughterhouse politics.
Gassed by the Neva Mancine Corporation in Kings Estate we find their pedo ostrology symbol, a C in a Star of David.
Which brings us to such semiotics as Superfly. Not that anyone is surprised that ravenous Black haters would do anything to a white child, even for Nazi Germany.

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