I don’t want to call you chickenly

I’ve learned a considerable amount about the Computer Chess/auto-bridge style of the assassin group in London who shot Dr. King and then uploaded King Crimson, after shooting Kennedy and uploading the Beatles.
They did such things as set on me with a fickle Italian trophy  bride doing military service and then accused me of being unfaithful towards her when she launched  her betrayal for them.  Then they broke down my door (Tantliger and Karns) and incinerated my emotional with severe acid reflux causing poison.
After they organized a rape matrix at Harvard they accused me of being immorally passive about it thousands of miles away, despite the fact that people in danger for  their lives being asked to give testimony about a fiend on Blue Bloods are treated honorably and with sensitivity.  They horrendously kidnapped and tortured me and said that  I was having fun.  They showed me Riback’s nuclear book, without the slightest desire on my part to be shown it, and then escalated to Ultrahigh, capable of broadcast voices  (That Voice Again, Peter Gabriel) and earthquakes.
Because they committed rape, I therefore had to be castrated.  It’s a very simply model.
The song Yellow Submarine has the reprise:  TIppit, Tippit for the same reason the Bungalow BIll killer White Album was released 11-22.  Because they knew that  Tippitt was a tip about Pitdeaf advocate, myuh.  Lewis Lapham and Frick made no secret of  this operation, at CMU.  There are many available records, although they scotched the bogery finger:  YOU GONNA EAT THAT?t and because it symbolizes the Two  Virgins war game:  that’s  right, when you tip it it spills.