On Death Row at an American College

As a student in the Honors Department I have taken on the problem of Immigrants and refugees. This note will explore the areas in most urgent need of digest concerning public misunderstanding of a global refugee and illegal immigrant crisis affecting the politics of the United States as a challenge to our society’s scruples and legal system.  It is an informed opinion paper that represents clearly and effectively the contrary views that object to its premise:  Allowing Asylum presents an acceptable risk.
       Even though the Community College of Allegheny County has forbidden free speech on the topic of an AIDS-related detective investigation showing them party to a Martial Plan originating in Israel, London and the Reagan regime, and although they are mobilized to punish reporting, we must not lose sight of the fact that the crime taking place in Arabia and the Islamofascists profiting from the cataclysm, pointing their guns at our civil sector, are in fact the same agency behind the Fundamentalist pipeline built by Reagan and London exposed during the Iran-Contra fiasco using funding from that pipeline to provide firearms to Narco-fascists in Central America.  In fact, Richard Secord, working with Oliver North and Graham E. Fuller (Dulles’ protégée who authored Iran-Contra and advocates for totalitarian surveillance of all American homes), was once involved in the Air America heroin trafficking syndicate named during the Vietnam War. The discovery that they authored a hideous child mutilation and pedophile pornography ring through the police department in Pittsburgh takes the cake.
      Due to extreme brutality towards me I was forced to take refuge in Seattle for twelve years.  During that time I was a member in good standing at Emerald Clubhouse.  There was much less real socializing of a personal nature, certainly none involving me.  We were just friends, but not a gang.  By the account of the case manager, of longest duration, who left when I did, there were no disciplinary problems due to my presence.   When I returned to Pittsburgh, it was natural for me to join the Clubhouse because, on balance, my experience at Emerald House had been critical to my psychological survival.

Being deaf, I have been isolated a long time.  Having been tortured, my loved one raped, at the instigation of the Museum and creatures of great popularity and fame, without even the solace of music, alone without friends, much less family in Chinatown for twelve of about 25 years of isolation after a terrible crime was committed towards me by my presumed fiancé in 1992 at CCAC, I have suffered more than most people do.  I was given the wrong medicines on several occasions injuring my heart, which was already severely broken.  No one defended us, both of us deaf, when Administration went military on us for reasons that remain dishonest and shrouded in deceit.  I am not in a school where I am held in a dishonorable and informal death row by foreign murderers who wrote the alibi for the AIDS Combine.

        Walls cannot be built against global warming or encrypted iphones, nor against the surreal and alarming intelligence that British High Command, shielded by the Beatles and their sickening stratagem, were behind the AIDS attack.  The wall of silence is working, however.  There are those who have concluded, in the face of AIDS and Ultrahigh Star Wars weaponry, that our survival depends on throwing away civil liberties and recorded history entirely.  Damaged relations, making tensions in society and foreign affairs more severe will not likely increase our chances in the future.  The authors of the cataclysm, the abysmal lurch into war in the Middle East, are said to be highly competent men.  It is reasonable therefore to ask why they wanted this outcome.  Allen Dulles, the ringleader of the most worthless worthies American Intelligence has ever seen, Major General Thos. Lane and Graham E. Fuller, cut his teeth as an advocate for Nazi Germany and is a key suspect in virtually every intelligent look into the Kennedy Assassination.  The Wall that Trump is after, for all his false assurances, is Totalitarian in nature.  The colossal deceit behind the propensity of these men for False Flag operations has alarmed those who believe correctly that American High Command is seeking empowerment and arming of Islamofascism and Narco-fascism to create a forcing house for the destruction of free society.  By Patriotic jingos they have stolen Old Glory and its perverted its intent.
We live however under the cunning of the church silence and its wall of sound.  Many times in delving into the masterpiece of evil that Paul McCartney planned and claims to have adopted in spite I have shown that “Holo” as in holocaust is the key concept of the claim that a de-virginized hollow vagina is the pit of abortion horrors justifying AIDS.  This is absolutely impossible to deny.  All of Pittsburgh’s school Administrations have accepted and viciously punished testimony defying their claim that Mt. Desert Island was justified by a Jewish pervert’s silly little morbid trifles concerning my conduct towards her, never mentioning her conduct which was unrelentingly sexual misconduct.
Paul McCartney has swarms of female traitors willing to do anything to justify his insane claim that AIDS victims are Beatles muslims trained to love, surrender and accept, submit to their condition, needing only moments of grim respite in the form of child rape, slasher killings and vicious acts of torture to appease their collective K-9 mindset of agitation and malediction, from the putrid soul of Yoko Ono.
How they mangled our condition by making it appear that the pisschrist antics of Queer Mafias were the top sacred partners of Religious Terrorists is quite simple to answer:  Because they were.  The most important discovery we have is that Sean Strub was outside the Dakota with Mark David Chapman and that Lennon got away pulling exactly the crime he advertised:  using a double.
The use of the song Imagine as a soundtrack of Executioner’s Song was a planned element of his dark fantasy engineer.
Don’t tell me that isn’t ugly.  British louts at their worst.