Pornojunkie Test Monkey

The University of Pittsburgh and Mercy nerve center have refused to relinquish to decency the truth about child mutilationism and torture on and beyond Mt. Desert Island because it is a system-wide crime in which I was earmarked for a role of centrality. Pitt continues seeking to exploit a problem they created and caused making all their surveillance and objections clear to be an act of mal-depiction.

My own objections to underage sexual imagery unsought and inadvertent in my admitted pursuant of online adult pornographic repair of erectile dysfunction, caused by torture, and maintenance against potential stroke from torture, pertain to police society planning above all. Given that environmental restrictions would effectively limit the harm of unwanted images if proper maintenance of pornography were in place, the fact that civil, respectable sites like pinterest suffer from the outrage, blowing up in the face of the pitiful consumer on the make for bimbo selfies, not kids, make it incumbent upon the observer either to denounce ALL online pornography (the logical response to Nazism, cut off the Jews), or endanger their peace and privacy by religious observance of the cut-off button, as necessitated by unwanted children imagery. The goal of the parochial rabid is to mandate scorn for sexual liberty and slur for those upon whom maintenance is rendered necessary.

The murderers were certainly lewd enough. Bush knew my father Ry had refused to break contact with a dying man, so he used me as a spread sheet for operation “if you wash we’ll be offended,” callously bringing Black Nazis in to call storm and shock a play on behalf of Africa.

The garsping condition that Pitt induced to exploit is part of their Jekyll and Hyde chemical. The lewd enzyme they impacted by Cervi was taken to the bank by Black lopers eager to profiteer from child assassination. The klan hit me blindside and then welded me into position as an object of slur by the Mellon agent Swimmer hired by Braunstein and McCartney to sabotage by pedophile blackmail of a child hostage, any hope of escape. Then, mandating sex as therapy to cover premeditation, they murderers forked their tongues to call sex necessary as catharsis, while braying it proof of evil. They pizza delivered a virgin. The murderers also used hardened juvenile delinquents through NAAMBLA to abominably weaponize AIDS in the Queen’s malicious deceit.

Have you puked yet?

There are a lot of problems with the U.S. Government’s decision to poison dishonor. I can name a few without a great history lesson. Trying to get someone to give appearance of doing something wrong, even by Sheriff hostility through malicious upload of unsafe and improper imagery, is a despicable crime not only of entrapment but sabotage. Here the purses of Ono and Theresa Heinz are behind it! What gives? I thought the rock industry was trying to protect us. Hardly, NASA is working with Peter Gabriel to promulgate false alarm, because that is their specialty at Pentagon Disney, getting people all excited with interest then delivering the usual, still empty handed, but wait, we have a new invasion of privacy to try. Tell them about the Key and the McCarthyism sz.? Knot on my life.

The murderers tortured a child, mutilated him and subjected him to defacement and infamies without number in a war game proving AIDS manmade. They take the absolute epiphany of delight in rendering the cyber-universe unsafe to promote their slurring, but the slurring is telltale as is the grime of their foreign English wormtongues. They are ravenous child molesters, laughing all the way to the black markets of Sotheby’s.

Pornography surveillance of Jimmy Crary is part of a system wide follow up campaign to the AIDS attack, plain and simple. My eyes nearly separated from their nerve agent.