Season of the Herd

In a sense the best answer to the question ~ what picture emerges around the Military style executions in Wilkinsburg, PA of a black afternoon gathering of friends, that suggests it was a political crime with an agenda of domestic terrorism? If so, what political force, from Trump to Obama, would commit a crime that is widely believed, even in the suspicious Black community, to be Black-on-Black crime? In a sense the best answer is: The medium is the message.

Let me explain. The undercurrents of the maniacal situation in Pittsburgh caused by media blackout of the AIDS attack and Paul McCartney’s deranged penchant for serial murder as an entertainment art bonanza with which Reagan and London, now Obama, have evaded exposure for refusal to warn when they knew AIDS was an attack, in favor of making it their franchise of grisly mirth for protection of the guilty, are heaped with indicators about who did this and why, but before getting to information that can and will be used by those who are hostile to our political processes, and who are deranged, taking anything that they want and using it for anything they want, making someone like me fear even so much as expressing an opinion, I want first to explain what I mean by the idea that it is sort of a matter of the medium being the message. I don’t mean the ambush and bullets flying. I mean something mentalist.

Everyone in Pittsburgh now knows that they can no longer hide from the world that every campus in the city is harboring faculty and administrators who have been war gaming. They have been involved in torture, murder, ruthless exploitation, and rape of students. Student gangs are also involved, and there are Federal ringleaders. It is a sinister, eerie, devious, criminal situation without any semblance of truthworthy law enforcement.

I am working on the war in the Middle East as a senior citizen and Honors student in a contract thesis.

Amanda Harcourt and Peter Gabriel do not want my penetrating into the Arabian politics from which they already delivered us into the hands of Obama, as lead black gangster behind the AIDS attack. They are running a very vicious Death Row syndicate. If I challenge them openly, they can attack me as having insufficient evidence to back up my concerns. If I don’t challenge them, they will chapter again. It is rock-o-fascism.

The gang in presence have used the identifier BEN. Ben Wecht works closely with the British on maintaining New York’s fiction that Mt. Desert Island was justified in the name of Leslie Katz. One of the agents wants the truth about AIDS made clear and available to the public, as I do, and shook hands with me after the statement I made: I want it to be understandable in the event that they set me up for appearance of a revenge attack. I cannot prove that the identifier Ben refers to Wecht, but Wecht has cased me and my life’s work has been strictly monitored for confiscation and control. The Federal Government may be positioning themselves to sweep it off the air.

We know that they erected a political barrier of blood snarling that I would never have children and chemically castrated me after taking my fiance from me for their pleasure and brutally raping my deaf best friend. We also know that it is a bi-partisan circuit, enjoying the Secret Service of Harkin and Reagan, and that they refused to question Burstyn because Ringo Starr says they want to blame me for the art. The Starburst Tang gang has shot up the town before.

This pre-emptive confrontation may be a diversion to obstruct literary review. I am working very hard on the topic of Arabia after which I will be able to show not only that we have an interest in helping Islamic moderation of the catastrophe there, but also that the Arabian power system was part of the British plan to force America to our knees by demanding we forfeit the right to inform AIDS victims, who they simultaneously got to attack us. The British monsters are that evil.

Harcourt doesn’t want it understood that I didn’t deserve this, that CMU did this whole thing for no good reason. She wants the campuses to be King Crimson’s battlefield for as long as they want and a whole lot of stupid teachers and students think that’s just keen.

The assassins may have been a white-black team. The entire systematic of the AIDS attack and manipulation of public sentiment comes from Lieutenants in the loop, some white, some black willing to decoy operation by having little feudal exchanges. By making it look like race war Obama has hidden that it was biracial conspiracy, a move by the British, who think quite highly of themselves for it.

By embroiling me in appearance of blood debt, quite possibly authored by the Cervi-Tive culture who murdered my father, they again wage war on the idea of a lottery winning for personal injury, having subjected me to insane acts of mutilationism, in the name of Black men saying we deserve it more, and Peter Gabriel will give n’you disease. This keeps it out of court, and heaped with the disgraceful syphilitics of acid rocker mindsets. Ripper hatters about whom I have warned you countless times.
The Union are throwing out the FBI, is what I think, and getting back to basics ~ street fighting pussyball handslapping, of a sort we have seen many times before.

All of this is just speculation. What isn’t speculation is that Pittsburgh isn’t afraid of people from St. Louis saying they want to protect me, and they aren’t going to be depicted as if they are. What isn’t suspicion is that the KKK have close intimates here in the Black Community who have partnered up in this insane affair. What isn’t speculation is that the craft of vicious war gaming erupted here because of the psychopaths in King Crimson, but our campuses have become showcases for it and that takes insiders.

We have a problem. Michelle Obama has constructed me, a living breathing human being, way back when I didn’t even know who she was or why she would be so obsessed, and has been a ruthless, implacable, cowardly and unspeakably cruel enemy by her own decision and unprovoked.
I entirely deny wrongdoing.