Shalom Salem

Obama said last night, “Politics is not a spectator sport,” yet he made his career on a war game called Pussyball clocked to the AIDS attack for whose authors he was installationed attorney, hired to lie. They found an impressario, his liquid voice pitched to the con of Liberal fairy tales. Every word he says is the truth, except what he leaves out, especially his crowing about, “No Mercy,” against those revolted by Israel. Obama is denial’s only game. His partner, Bill Clinton, will kill to get back into the Lincoln bedroom.

This isn’t to say that Trump is any different. Trump in fact is a New York media darling working the other side of the aisle, with the blessings of the Russians, on the same drag. The murderers authored the crime and the movie in my name, and demand their share of the spoils or else Trump will illegally draft me to be the Walrus, and we know by the Pink Floyd/Midori HIV injection needles of the Pussyball heist what that means. It means fulfillment of the King Family’s stake in the ripper murder of Shannon Harps, race syphilitic warriorism of human sacrificialism. They already poisoned me with incubating disease against my recovery time.

The crime is as old as the gig is psychotic.

The Beatles, I’m told, called themselves the biggest bastards of all, and this took precedence over their snarls of love and peace, which is to say they don’t bring peace to anyone else, their bullets begin as songs, but it would be convenient if everyone would be peaceful towards them. In their cunning, the most ruthless tyrants grin and masquerade as simpleton mountebanks.

The essence of true evil in what the Beatles did with Shawn Brooks through their attorney Amanda Harcourt is the cunning with which they went about converting profound trauma into the illusion of guilt while orchestrating advocacy for vile, kidnapping child molesters with the blessings of the University where my father worked and whose lectures seem to have provoked the monstrous crime. Obviously the sadism involved sex tapes. I don’t know what the hidden letter to Leslie Katz says, only that it doesn’t say what they claim. I also know that one and all knew better than their Psy Fi claim that I was dangerous. Apparently this is what drove them insane with hatred. The principle they are advancing is that peacefulness is proof of villainy. It was my law abiding nature that made them froth with violence and cruelty, for if the psychiatric frankenstein vivisectionists can’t produce a devil by neurochemisty then the research money might not get awarded for advances in mutilationism.

The Demoncrats were chanting that you can’t believe a word Trump says: “Not One Word!” while engaging in the maniacal thrill of promoting HitlerReagan from Hillary’s stump. Talk about a coup de’grace.

What these fascist horrors are spreading about me doesn’t even have the virtue of being a half truth. I’m a lead victim of their plot to burn the witches and then to render by Psy Fi the victims of AIDS beholden to the psychopaths who orchestrated them.