Shariah Panic

To arrive at Cultural Literacy about the Refugee and Immigration dilemma requires not only awareness of cultural differences but the vocabulary of the underlying power structure which being power is thus economic. Attempts to forecast political risks without acknowledging the polycentric facts of recognized Civil Law comity, or worse by misrepresenting enforcement of Civil Laws as violently culturally relative, you arrive at the misperception that Criminal Law is asked to share jurisdiction with those outside our borders, which is not, factually the case.

Although there is no question, for example, that allowing the Islamic Development Bank to finance mosques and Islamic business in America will enrich and empower the Muslim ethnic base, it does not follow that indigenous enforcement of Shariah Law can possibly be voted into office. Practice of Shariah Law from an elected bench will be identified swiftly as Judicial misconduct. Therefore no danger exists that the contours of unacceptable prohibitive values: the idea for example that suffrage for women, or the personal beliefs of atheists, will be avenged quasi-legally by those who might successfully view such academic and moral enterprises as espionage in Saudi Arabia.

This is a low context imperative in American jurisdiction. Our laws are unambiguous and certain about religious freedom, but to practice and to disdain. All modern countries whether Constitutional or under Shariah Law do harbor political risk issues of powerful political direction regarding such things in America as the Fundamentalist mentality that creates anti-Christ scares about Civil Liberties, or the idea in Cairo that Arab Progressives want an American-style right to freedom from abuse concerning their personal beliefs. Yet even when these issues lead to tragedy, their failure rates are also very high and seldom amount to a force majeure, although what power they have can serve as a smokescreen for misunderstood lobbying and political bullying.

The counterforce majeure of Isis may in fact have been conjured through Arab Spring to give a fall guy to an Islamofascist movement that arose from the excesses and mishandling of the unprovoked Gulf War Invasion. A probable element of instigation would be the Arab Magreb Union whose banking cartel will work with the winners. Social friction caused by economic corruption in Tunisia was the catalyst for Arab Spring. What all this says about invisible issues and the prospects for successful warped manipulation by the military status quo is terribly distressing.

Nevertheless, the polycentrism of established Civil Law comity between the US and Arabian societies has no function in Criminal Law and no wave of refugee immigration will ever succeed, racist police allegations by Nation of Islam and Black America notwithstanding, in turning our slothful legal establishment into a Taliban of religious and military power enforcing Godlaw. Identifying the attempts by demoguages to move us in that direction is a choice to be made by derelicts in the press. Since it can’t be done Constitutionally, however, those who fear it and suspect it should find more useful enterprises for themselves that hate mongering, like cleaning up their lives and becoming better, more informed citizens.