Sisters of NEVA

Psychological and emotional illiteracy are major stumbling blocks in any attempt to inform an unwilling reading public about the certain evidence of AIDS having been a man made, premeditated plan of cowardly onslaught.  There are certain primary, orienting factors that make obstruction an impregnable mentality.  First of these, of course, is that the mania the Reagans brought to bear on the development is so outrageous an embarrassment that almost nobody can stand it.  Second, if you come out against the Beatles, you are done for, you lose friends and your family will deride you.  This is the sort of power they hold over people’s inner workings, a tyrannical power that easily short-circuits and bypasses concern not only about their foreign drug use during the peace movement, but about nauseating evidence for murder, vivisection, rape, torture and brutal suppression of evidence and testimony.  Last, our third object, is the fact that I was chosen.  This is an incredibly hard feature of what happened to get across.   People automatically assume this is something I dreamed up, some irascible tendency in my character, despite the fact that everyone who ever knew me before I saw the evidence of what was being done, would testify that I endured all sorts of tragedy, but had no mind for investigation, was airy, breezy, and devoted to poetry as a mad quest for solace.  None of this came from me, was initiated by me, none of it is in character.  My sister said, “for all the terrible things you went through, I had never seen you angry before,” regarding my return from Mt. Desert Island.  The letters from Gail Burstyn themselves say, “You are my chosen brother,” and, “I never told you this but I disowned you before, now I’m going to write you back into my will.”

Accordingly, the many, many proofs and certain demonstrations of intent behind the AIDS Onslaught are scuttled in favor of misrepresentation, lies, cruel defamation, misattribution and a politics of zany statecraft so torturous of mental reasoning that people laconically endure the murder of innocent people with the idea that it is some sort of therapy circle working its way out as a necessary adjustment to grief.  A lot of information that exists online is difficult for people to work into a meaningful understanding not because it isn’t true, but because the impossible complexity, the layers of attention testify loudly to the direct opposite of what the Newspaper Industry wants us to believe and say about all of it:  that it isn’t true, that it doesn’t make sense, that it just happened, that it doesn’t prove human agency.

My purpose today is to pull together some threads that have not yet been summarized sufficiently to pull them together into a coherent mess allowing the clear light of certain conviction regarding the criminally insane war game to be so obvious that you can only be stunned when faced with the implications.  The implications are that a Unified Conspiracy Theory was constructed, not by me, who has discovered it, but by a powerful Hollywood perpetrator seeking to overthrow the U.S. Constitution, render fascist statecraft acceptable as a civil service promoting domination by the United States Government, and to play what they construe as a very mean-spirited jest on our social history, pursuant the very imminent rise of a King in England.  The texture of the Unified Field Theory comes to light with a brazen series of methods deployed by the assassins, which I hope some of this account will bring into definition so that other detectives can help sort out the categories used by the Axis upload into our government and work to liberate us through civil processes.

Now to address a topic that allowed the Newspaper Industry to make a very bad decision in adopting the appalling justification for short-circuiting their own historic role in representing our values to history, being of course National Security arguments that were forced into our offices by method of fear by Reagan growling, sneering, threats and hysteria during the 1980’s.  The adage still goes around that you cannot report troop movements.  Several reality checks make obvious the deviousness and disingenuous nature of this poisonous refrain.  First, during the Revolutionary War, when the First Amendment values were being established for permanent government, Gen. Washington was aware that some loose tongues in the Press were endangering them.  However, he also realized they weren’t under military jurisdiction and accepted that is how it had to be.  During the war in Vietnam, many freelance reporters were killed covering the action.  News rooms bravely brought issues like the My Lai Massacre to light, over the attempts by Clinton-friendly Colin Powell, then in uniform service in Vietnam, to suppress the evidence.  What Reagan objected to, we now know, was newspaper investigation of armed gangs, klansmen, raiding schools to drug children into hostage for human trafficking, gangs of marauding mafia klansmen, raping women, these were the troops wanted to protect from analysis, assassins shooting liberals dead in cold blood, to say nothing of his selling Exocet missiles to the Evil Empire of Iran to mine Nicaraguan harbors in violation of Congress that Oliver North compared to Martin Luther King’s non-violent resistance to the Civil Disobedience of segregationists in the South who wouldn’t allow Black people to register to vote.  It is important to understand these inanities, because many of the perpetrators are still lead players in our politics, getting uninformed viewers on television to stroke their chins with half-sensible soundbites that appear to make superficial sense, like if my neighbor has a gun, then I sure should have one.

So from the beginning the very paranoid gesture of saying that the First Amendment is subordinate to National Security issues is not only questionable from the point of view of Constitutional Legality, and is not only being twisted to protect organized crime, but it is voluntary capitulation by the Newspaper Establishment who have absolutely refused to do their job in the AIDS Onslaught.  We don’t have to, because Reagan says so, they agreed.

Getting to the evidence for this, where it leads, how they have rigged it with a bomb so explosive to the history and welfare of the United States that nobody can defuse it, and arriving at what they did do, how they went about what they claim was processing the crime, experimentally, for head rush, arrives at the damning centrality of the fact that it can only be answered as a Unified Field.

Arriving at what they did, which the foreign English have sold as mentalism, and what that means, defining their communication styles, the mysterian mask they used, a hypocrisy that is full of cosmic jive, we also need to describe where this cloak and dagger show emerged from in our civics, the way that Black culture worked together with Silver Shirts (an antique name for American fascism) bringing together a cult of intelligence willing and able to claim that working to promote the success of the AIDS Onslaught was somehow top sacredly advocacy for the victims.  Getting that clear in our heads, this convoluted trick, makes it possible to create viewing lenses which put into proper perspective idiocy sold to us while upside down and cope with the waves of mumbo-jumbo unleashed in support of this atrocity.  To fail is to remain prisoners of what they did.

When you look into the language structure of the assassin lobby you gain quickly a heavy dose of how they formulate their caustic and brazen challenge to our witless attention spans and willingness to engage them as somehow innocent of wrongdoing.  My being tortured as a child by men named Ronnie and Caspar, just like Reagan and Weinberger, serves for a gruesome point of departure.  The last name of Ronnie zz zz sin ski shows the brilliance of which the human mind is capable.  Filled with references to the Jewish Holocaust already, my being gassed, Gail Burstyn writing from an Israeli kibbutz, the zzzz zzzz sound is known from holocaust survivor studies, and my own experience, like the clicking of jackboots, to induce a traumatic stress disorder, almost like hypnotic reverie in the victim.  Again and again, we find this method being used.  Ming Na Wen, who did the voice for Mulan, was introduced to me by Michael Mullin.  In addition to Kings Estate (like heavenly estate) I was gassed in a Scott Security garage while hostage.  Scott Riback showed me nuclear documents to weigh in with the treasons allegation motive behind National Security fantasms, which again is like Ry back, get Ry Crary back, as George Bush obviously planned, having it in for father from their days together in the Navy, and Rubic cube, for the symbol of a struggle for copyright of a store item that was simultaneously patented by two parties, when only one could win.

Another dimension we find again and again is the use of Identity Crime as a peer ultimatum.  Wen’s faction lied about my conduct at Kelly School and claimed I was rapist because my lover was still a virgin after a year of dating.  In this mania, Pittsburgh Police arrested me for armed robbery when I returned on a poetry scholarship from the Governor’s School for the Arts, keeping me up all night saying a picture of Ronnie Zzsinski was me.  Reagan had me in D.C. the day he claims he was shot with his attorneys from the Federal Emergency Management Agency who covered for the AIDS war game on Mt. Desert Island where Weinberger lived, waving me to me the night before and offering a brochure reading, “there’s no such thing as objective reality only what the jury believes.”  By another miracle of Pentagon Disney the fact that virginity proves rape means that I am to blame for John Lennon’s murder.  Evidence is in my possession that Lennon used a double that night.  We are told that Reagan was shot, when he wasn’t and that Sean Strub, a partner of Gail Burstyn, who went to the Dakota with Mark David Chapman, should be a leader of AIDS victims.  It makes perfect sense when understood through a lens capable of re-inverting the text from oppo-world.

Blacks were involved all along.  A Black woman tried to kill Martin Luther King.  In the end the murder itself may have involved Blacks.  The obsession of Adam Clayton Powell with saying that King must abandon non-violence was simultaneous with the arrival of H. Rap Brown in the anti-war movement preaching violence against whites.  Superfly is seen glowering at white children through a playground fence in that Blaxploitation film, to convey that may just be a child in there, but it is the seed of the oppressor.  Just as the University of Pittsburgh used a nerve agent to falsify the idea of genetic schizophrenia, and then advanced on me through sexual home invasion to justify torture, the rape of my best friend, and chemical castration by heart poison, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing construed my love of black people and trust in them, which was betrayed, as a deteriorating European genetically programmed to annihilate the black male image.  To justify this, Obama and Clinton evoked an ex post facto Louie adultery, in which Wen is implicated with Midori Goto, as eugenic Two Virgins pussyball.  Alpana told me she had a roommate, which I assumed another woman.  This is ex post facto entrapment but it was the vehicle whereby Ringo Starr and the Black Panthers justified and signed aboard the claim that working a nightmare and ghoulish plan of symbolic bombings and murders was necessary to calm down Sean Strub.

A lot of women were organized by the SilverGreens, including my mother, about whom there is a very interesting and revealing dossier indicating that she was under U.S. Army orders to give birth to a son, and how to cover for the way I have been used.  The NEVA Corporation didn’t have any problem finding young lusties to do their abortion carnage, going from oral sex and jumping Germans to crowing for the Koreans Church of their sorrows with the deaf golem and his genetic schizophrenia.  Greg Karl wrote, “the persona is subjected to successive degradations of the X-motive and then subsumed into a larger structure dominated by its adversary.”  Don Ostro, who took me hostage as a child to his sexual syndicate in league with the Braunsteins, lived for a while in the Graham Building, a telling fact.