Subliminal Guerilla-ology

After the Beatles staged the murder of John Lennon, placing the  script in my home and having me in D.C. with Reagan’s attorneys for the grab when he also claimed to have been shot, as a symbol of double lightning bolts (Lennon had always associated him with Tojo Ronin, Oswald Mosley and the Silver Shirts) after brutally torturing me as a child, the AIDS assassins took possession of the plan from New York mafia and Pennsylvania police syndicates working with Pitt and CMU (which were chosen for Pit of Hell and Church-Military Union).
Lew Karl used to give people the  finger and if they gave it back he would escalate to two middle fingers making a cross which he called, I couldn’t tell whether  it was King’s X or King Sex, but I’m sure the idea of infidel as parochial double cross was the German warrior code that led to the release of King Crimson after the murder of King, the gassing of me in Kings Estate and Operation:  Death Seed, which was countered by Bush with Operation:  Desert Shield when I retreated to “Montona” as Peter “Hope I Spelled that Correctly” Gabriel put it when putting, “Crimes and Misemenors” in a movie theater marquis.
The Pitmans, who were chosen for the pun on hit men and Quarrymen, the Beatles’ first band, told me, “You have to,” use the inhalants in much the manner that Peter Sinfield’s arsenal told me, “If you wash I’ll be offended.”  Paul McCartney spread the word that he and Reagan took it personally, that it was as if they had been given AIDS and they wanted the queerbait to get it, too.  He notified every sicko in America that the AIDS Combine, those who released AIDS and their martyr elite were offended and going to have to do something about it.
Thus Geffen’s Empire and Yoko Ono embarked on a project of Subliminal Guerilla-ology.  They sniveled that the brain secretes enzyme of secret satisfy when ogres commit attacks against that which they delight in seeing harmed.  By raping the innocent, slashering the white, mutilating the defsukke, a brainwave of soothing approval gives ECT to the queer gyrator.  This is how New York pansy panzers worked with Yoko Ono to use the illusion of Lennon’s murder for torture, rape, murder and bombings on behalf of the  AIDS Combine in the name of cathartic rage and primal scream therapy, the plot of Two Virgins behind Midori  Goto pussyball and the Two Virgins war game of Neva Boko Harem and Boko Ono.
AIDS  was criminology from those who saw resistance to the war in Vietnam as criminal.  Maj. Gen. Thos. Lane quanked of “the poison of peace,” as HAIR was laced by the CIA with lyrics of self-destruction by drugs, part of the MK-Ultra plot behind AIDS that John Lennon was the Imperial Wizard of Oz hardhat behind, attacking Jimmy Creary blindside for the transfer of blame, claiming that the deed of murder was Ono’s claim to commission of cultural authority by identity crime.
Don Ostro was working with Braunstein and Clinton when they forced me into pedophile custody and used gross pseudo-pleasure on the traumatized, battered, gas comatized golem.  As the India djinn surrounding my grandmother would say  before bedtime, “blush, blush”.  It was meant to be embarrassing for blackmail, and true to form a Mehta klan, for that is the name of Midori’s Jewish partner, showed up at my grandmother’s deathbed, as my inheritance was steered from Butcher Singer for little Calvin.
The pimp behind Leslie Katz who gave Robert Fripp what he wanted for the rape of deaf Chin I is Martin Andelman, involved in a takeover at Wells Fargo as well.
A theory of criminology exists that holds the number of sex partners a person has increases the likelihood of criminal tendencies.  For this reason Nobuko’s stupid code of what girls should do and boys should do, along with tutelage to buy her a pre-engagement ring, is only meant to keep the poison of peace in line.  It’s one of the great ideas from the sages of Israel, as their dacoits set about spraying the poets with a chemical agent in the lunchroom.
It’s a free smacks identity theft directed at the  Post-Dispatch itself, “but you all love it, don’t you?” (FZ)