Syph Found in Pennsylvania Water?

Although this is a brave, difficult letter about which I do not choose to remain anonymous (in some matters anonymity cannot even be asked, and those who do are seeking license as criminals), I prefer, unless there is true necessity, that those this is about not be notified. I do not think it contains sufficient material reason to jeopardize them. I do think however, that it shows the illegal factor of stalking and hunting involved in what concerns me that a shadow of fear arrives with consideration of mystery, and that fact is part of the mystery. It is a strange occurrence in trying to protect a friend that you endanger them. If the persons I name are notified it should be through formal, professional law enforcement. Like you, I take reports of crime seriously. Also, like you, I want to be informed by people who understand the crime being reported to the best of their power. I also, like you, relegate ideas that do not have merit to a lower level of priority than those that do. The bottom line is that just because a crime can be described doesn’t mean that it ever happened. Further, hesitation about coming forwards results when a large number of people say that they are sure you are wrong, which you may yourself want to be, and if in the end you are found wrong about one particular instance of speculation this will be refracted on a corpus of proven incidents that police refused to pursue to justify their inaction and accomplice. In such a situation, the arrival of guerrilla manipulation may not be as far-fetched as it seems superficially.

Although, admittedly, I have suffered neuroplastic head injury of a very sadistic direction by murderers who tortured me and have ended up with mental health problems related to violent attack, I am also an Honors Department student with a degree in General Studies currently enrolled in college. With the exception of a midterm B in one class for missing an online quiz (I’ve never taken a Hybrid class before) I have straight A’s and have been allowed Independent Study. The one occasion when I lived in Seattle for twelve years that I was detained by authorities it was later proven that they had attacked me physically and that in response I had merely raised my voice and made steps to back away from them, rather than move towards them. The persons who attacked me had ripper murdered an innocent bystander earlier in the year and sent me death threats against the children in my family. Typically, this information was used to justify attacking me as spreading rumors, despite the clear evidence of Green Party involvement.

I do not know what happened to the ambush victims in Wilkinsburg. That is a fact. I strongly object to the presumption that black men committed the execution or that it was free of white involvement. This is speculation and has not been proven. When Black people are taught as they are from every which way to other themselves as black rather than identify with white people (sometimes over white objections) understanding wisely that they are exactly the same, human beings, it leads to tragic distortion which I believe can have evil consequences. In this respect true understanding is more important than education regarding historic grievance. I believe in affirmative action but only as structural change. A bad white person is not better than a good Black person.

The Green Party have laid down a secret law regarding their holy tear about AIDS which has been linked by my investigation to premeditation from their war machine. They authored the attack then hid behind the game of calling it a virus aimed at Black people, against all evidence to the contrary, to continue the operation which was factually and accurately described in their own captured texts as an ARK concept and mission. Their thinking about the ARK was that the sexually immoral were not only themselves to blame but that an inferior example of the white could be optioned as a hostage for a grim exampling meant to bring them mirth. I have learned this from their own texts and Seattle’s justification for the ripper murder of Shannon Harps. A secret treaty was planned and has Death Row enforcers. I was taken into custody not because I was a danger to anyone but as resort to extreme measures to punish my right to bear witness. They claim that trying to warn people is a potential commercial enterprise. By victim-on-victim chicken fights, which they planned in their dementia, and then adopted for political action, they vow I will never have personal injury status and that they will kill my family if I seek escape.

Both races are to blame. Both have participated in acts of guerilla war that made no attempt whatsoever to even so much as distinguish between wrongdoers and innocent people. Their slogan at best is: No one is innocent. Although the people I investigated have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to have authored the AIDS attack, our commonwealth has been exceptionally eager to cheer their scandal-mongering as a wall of sound against public awareness. They have been prurient of tactic and been welcomed with juvenile acclaim. This is not the first time I have suspected organized wrongdoing, so before presenting my dangerous concerns about the bedlam in Wilkinsburg, I will explain how the tactical issues evolved as a theme of a war game practicing spymaster synchronicity as part of Carnegie Mellon’s Nazi subculture.

Greg Karl wrote in their text about: “forces impinging on the persona’s experience.” James Child forced me to type up his various tracts on the theme that “pacifism is immoral”. The Hollywood network involved in the murder script given the ghost name Gail Burstyn applied psychology to the idea that non-violence is about the inner man and the fight within the self. Burstyn is a name from the Exorcist about demonic possession. They issued a lewd challenge, of odious guffaws, taken overly seriously, to prove them wrong. Peter Gabriel and Child conspired to do guerrilla bombings with the help of the V.A. and the Fundamentalist pipeline between Israel and Iran that Reagan built with Oliver North, a sadistic tripartite of comity towards the afflicted as infidels. By indirection of attack they mongered that anyone who so much as derives psychological relief from an attack on a true villain has proved their monstrous philosophy that might makes right. For this reason I have to report the synchronicity between that fact that I met a highly intelligent, personally sympathetic, former Nam Vet with Indian blood, once a Fire Fighter, now living in Wilkinsburg on the week that Seattle’s Fire Department suffered a shocking gas bomb attack and an Ambush took place in Wilkinsburg. I also reported a case like this when a woman’s son from the Housing Authority was killed on the eve of my arrival in Section 8 here. I pointed out that Shannon Harps was killed to a symbolic penny and that the Green Party is making a scarcity argument. Richard Roehm, a young deaf man, who offered me housing in California mysterious died in a scene that his girlfriend Beth made sound like a Hollywood movie of sirens and lights. He clutched his chest and fell over.

Peter Gabriel is a monster of synchronicities. He is a liar, a virulent and has advocated for the AIDS attackers all along. He may have tried to pin me down to acquiescence in their guerrilla warfare. The problem is that he also may not have, but there are people in the media-military who will read this and say so what, that solves our problem, you reported it, we can take action and the only answer is to silence you, meaning me, as a rat.

This hornets’ nest exists. It is part of the Hillary Clinton machine and without a doubt Donald Trump is just as glad to see it in domination. Both candidates work for New York media. This is not an accusation directed at my friend. Instead it is to show how traumatic injury inflicted by the AIDS attackers can in fact play out by dreadful suspicions meant to create a domino effect of rejection. If you reject this surmise as unreasonable, it greases the way to allowing the Green Party to dominate. The tension created is one of lethality towards objective reasoning. British Labor has been exceedingly deceptive and nasty throughout this entire farce. I put nothing past them, but unless reasonable Administrative caution is arranged by the U.S. Attorney General there is nothing I can do. I don’t even live above the poverty line. I had, I admit, reasons to harbor the view that Seattle authorities had viciously injured me deliberately after promising me help and protection. I also had, I admit, reasons to blame some of the local Black people here in Pittsburgh for their scheming to prevent recognition of my misfortune. The combination of this shadow play may have allowed a move by guerrilla-ologists. At the very least it provides them a new excuse.

They could be setting up a revenge execution for Peni Gabriel and Derricky.  I know every man on the Seattle Fire  Department is looking at his hard on today and thinking,  “There but for the grace of God go I.”