If you are a human being with a heart, the only way not to suffer from the sight of what special, beautiful human beings the Syrians are is to have no contact whatsoever with them, and that is exactly what a sizeable percentage of Americans are seeking to do, further, there is nothing new about this approach, tuning out, to the problem of accomplice in atrocity and murder.

In a rational world it might be possible to ask: why are there Americans who blame Syrian refugees who are fleeing terror for the very terror they are fleeing when it was caused by American policies? Just as though Syrian refugees were the gunmen in the Paris massacre when they were not. Proof? You mean you have not be inundated with Neanderthal dogma every time you have tried to listen to opinions? Proof? Okay, proof, fair.

In an editorial in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published Friday, November 27, 2015, written by Ted Goldberg and Karen Hochberg, titled: “Welcome the Syrian Refugees,” they point out that, “dangerous rhetoric used by some Republican presidential candidates fan fear.” They add, “At a time when the world needs humanitarian leadership, some are now calling for the suspension of the U.S. refugee program.” David Ropeik, in Huffington Post, author of “How Risky is it Really?” notes dryly, “None of the attackers in Paris were Syrians, nor refugees. They were French or Belgian.”   Ian Bremmer reports in an article from, “World Refugees,” that Presidential candidate, “Ted Cruz plans to introduce legislation that would ban Muslim Syrian refugees from entering the U.S.” while “Ben Carson has used a particularly offensive analogy to rabid dogs when explaining why he is against letting in Syrian refugees.” What it amounts to is an American culture who will say what it not true to get their way. Obstruct and lie.

Loudly affirming that they do not mean well, nevertheless they have taken matters into hand and caused this mess.   In Salon Magazine, Jo Comerford and Mattea Kramer stated, “U.S. military advisers and trainers in Iraq soon launched what would be a disastrous program to vet, arm and train “moderate Syrian rebels to counter militants in Islamic State. In the year that followed, the Syrian refugee crisis escalated dramatically.”  According to Behlul Ozkan in Huffington World Post, “During the 1980s, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. armed thousands of international jihadis — the mujahideen — who were flocking to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union; Reagan even met with a group of their leaders in the Oval Office in 1983. Just two decades later, however, it became clear that the U.S. had been playing a dangerous game in backing these “freedom fighters.” Unfortunately, the very same scenario is now being repeated in Syria — with Turkey assuming the role of Pakistan. The U.S., Turkey and Saudi Arabia have effectively created a new Afghanistan on the shores of the Mediterranean. And yet, instead of trying to extinguish the conflagration in Syria, they continue to pour fuel on the fire.”

Detainment of children who fled without their parents is sometimes in cold, concrete cells for long periods with little medical attention. Documentation is necessary to begin the long application process. Conditions are getting worse. 71 refugees suffocated to death in a truck abandoned on the side of the road in civilized Austria. Migrant centers in Greece are turning back refugees to Turkey where they sometimes just disappear. Hunger is forcing many who flee to withdraw their children from schools set up for their children and try to return to the broken country they fled. In a facebook post a woman named Amanda Buessecker says, “they are scared and they are brave,” but, “it sucks that my new neighbors are Syrian refugees, it means I can no longer escape the horrors of the world.”