Taliban vs. AIDS Nuremberg (Part I)

Were I not the type to be afraid of a spiritual uniqueness that has been targeted for too good in the past by near lethal assassins, probably I would wait months to publish this cursory attempt to paint a viewpoint legibly that may conflict profoundly with ideas held by the reader but which nevertheless are both informed, pressing and timely. This is to say, key components of the overall quilt of learning involved may be absent without however leaving the content spare. I think there is necessary information both present and missing due to urgency.

The foundational existence of our legal system’s legitimacy is entirely targeted by this supreme, macabre farce, resulting in catastrophic jeopardy to the integrity of Our Commonwealth. This over-riding consideration takes precedence over the claim of procedural defect by pro se commoner.

Accountability means treating people with dignity, being answerable for your actions, responding appropriately, taking due process seriously, accepting legal limitations, proper restraint and safeguard, adherence to rule and policies. Corruption is a sometimes opportunity and climate related breakdown in accountability in the service of unprincipled barristers lacking appropriate supervision. In this case, a hunter’s cult of illegal war gaming by decadent barristers, lacking all review, collapsing into a terrifying hoodwink and iron curtain.

It is always unreasonable for lynch gossip and brawlers opinion of the locker room to take administrative powers. Accountability is a concern of professionalism not the tactless and unsafe feelings of a clique. To make a dubious moral sensibility into an answerable standard is an alarming political action showing the dangerous entrenchment of the Reagan revolution and their attempt to remedy the double standard in police work, where police are charged to maintain a higher code of discipline, and forfeit some Constitutional rights, by taking those rights away from the public they serve in efforts to build a police state. In outcome, a blue code of silence sets in around a culture of corruption parading itself as esprit de corps. Our barristers are expected to understand the reasons for legal limitations on police actions, and provide necessary supervision by court dignities, instead we have seen the evolution of crime from above unchecked by commonsense from below.

Pen. Gabriel calls himself a practitioner of justified theft when, in reality, he is a justifier of premeditated theft. One cannot put aside failure to warn. They wanted AIDS to spread and had written it as punishment. The difference between planned, facilitated discovery in a transfer of portfolio assets and a staged, phony claim of intercept colors interpretation of the affair on the Supreme level. We know that Scalia and Galas are high risk fetishists, so coming to their attention risks being targeted for ruthless curiosity disputation in a myriad of recreational sadism, by contrast isn’t coming to their attention but rather malicious selection, an interpretation favored by the informed.

The Taliban at work is in cross-purposes with AIDS Nuremberg and holds the affair to be a conversation between little Jimmy as object lesson and God as Islamofascist headsman. Finding this syphilis on the golden throne is dizzying. They’ve been plotting to shoot me. Chris Varner even pointed a rifle at my head.

If they did this to a local shopkeeper it would be recognized as robbery, stalking, and terrorism. Laying claim to the papers in order to prevent their misuse is not acceptance of their libel or the legitimacy of their narrative. Pen. Gabriel justified his theft on the deranged calumny of the scam being valid.