The 60’s are Vaulted Shut

The sleaziness of the 1960’s in the United States of America, an era of Nixon and The Doors (which has been converted into a Hollywood Jewish lobby capital and agitprop base with the arrival of Nammie badged Israeli berserker Oliver Stone) has never been properly documented because of the nightmare of British proxy rock ‘n roll and their confederacy in the AIDS attack with New York City media advocacy for such criminals as David Geffen whose corporation hosted the orchestration dimension of Obama’s collaborationism clique through military culture in the City of Pittsburgh’s university web, which was a war cabinet established by Pitt Chancellor Wesley Posvar under the rubes of the FEMA, but I can give you a taste of what has been left out to see if you want to hear more:

The Sexual Revolution was encouraged and inspired then wiretapped by perverts like Bush and the Bush friendly child molesters in the Japanese pornography company NEVA corporation working through a mafia in the Carnegie Foundation and Warhol Museum while British aliens were downloaded into the National Record Mart with agent names like:  Pener SINFIELD (we know this because of captured criminology documents by the police syndicate behind the attack ), the agent Sinfield was a partner of the HitlerReagan White House and its brutal pedophile thugs in a showcase against hostage liberalism pen-named with the homophone:  Gail Carolyn Burstyn, put to paper about 3 years after The Clintonoids incorporated as a spouse team with sultry objective, and little Jimmy was wrecker-balled outside the church of Shawn Brooks, a key player in Her Majesty’s obscene objective.

Schizophrenic diagnosis (Sz.Dx/Ultrahigh) of the Navy runt earmarked to deliver High Apology to Tojo Ronin Yoko Ono protects the grandmothers of invention behind this plot of arsenic and old lace.  “Moo,” said Moonunit.  The Beatles were a nefarious but virtually impossible to defeat Trojan Horse working with HitlerReagan and Pentagon Disney.   When they were finished molesting and raping their deaf golems they had the male castrated.  LSD which was the medium of their message was a spychiatric plan to make psychiatric slaves of the abortionHAIR units deceived by pseudo-liberationists like John Lennon and Peter Gabriel whose real allies are shown by marriage to Queen Elizabeth’s Secretary’s family to have been to Franklin Graham, for whom he alibi’d the proof of the AIDS atrocity on Mt. Desert Island, and to the dirty child trafficker Shawn Brooks, whose leader is also the Graham Foundation.  Shawn Brooks’ daddy was so miraculous he had children after having his tubes tied.  They saw to it that a humanist would never measure up to that one.