The Class Experiment

I am deaf.  How I came to be business of tons of strange people is that notes were necessary to communicate with me.  My school secreted them for blackmail when I was in love.  My co-worker Wilma Coon laughing caustically when told my fiancé Rosa was breaking up with me claiming that I was trying to control her said, “Someone is going to control her.”

What was done to me was planned in growing stages. Administration plotted to make me the perfect imperfect boyfriend through what they wrote were, “forces impinging on the persona’s experience,” and which they called in writing, “a lifelong plan.” They used a nerve agent, they withheld education, they found girls who were willing to play their role in heavy-petting and then organized the break around character allegations:

He cries ~ (invisible torment from the nerve agent)

He wants servility ~ which was just poisonous gossip

He’s beneath you ~ mostly a way to contradict my research, which they were hired to attack

He doesn’t trust your dignity ~ a deaf man can’t listen to a woman who doesn’t know sign

He’s insecure ~ recall that I have been brutally tortured, police are hostile, and have described assault, rape, murder, etc. without response excepting cruel mistreatment and retaliation for talking.

I never slapped, pinched, threatened or lost my temper with my ex-girlfriends. Cruelly targeting holocaustal trauma they converted by neurohypnosis amnesia about kidnapping while attempting to escape in the snow into what they claimed was proof of rape, obviously satanic malice from the media. They set up a war game about AIDS they continue to call a test of love, a bondage situation from the pornography system run by NEVA and Obama, targeting me as a white in a war game that Blacks involved in AIDS wrote to win.

This impacted persona was put in place about me by those who wrote the Gail Burstyn letters, including her re-possession attorneys. One of her accomplices working this role Martin Andelman has been involved in a takeover at Wells Fargo. Others are lawyers for my school protecting faculry who pimped on me.

The NEVA Corporation put this into play for John Lennon and Midori Goto. Once Lennon was safety in hiding, Midori announced her agency as a war of revenge on my house. The fact became obvious that King Crimson were involved in the vivisection I barely survived as a child. Using the re-possession of their papers with the help of my criminal mother and stepbrother at 20th Century Fox, Midori incited a riot claiming that my condition as a rejected boyfriend was contemptible and marketed a plan of covering up that they released AIDS by circulating rumors that I am to blame, based on the shrill claim that I saw the letters as a child. Having been molested and suffering terrible injuries as a child they claim exonerates them as adults for having released the AIDS virus and authored this war game illustration of purpose in parochial education.

There are other proofs that a prior alliance existed between Midori and the assassins who tortured me as a child. The FBI did nothing to properly investigate the incident at Kelly School, because Obama needed it for fraudulent depiction. The role of Alpana was clearly Black confederacy in the set up, allying Blacks with the Ku Klux Klan on Mt. Desert Island in the AIDS war game. The fact that Peter Gabriel used the voice of Youssou N’dour to attack an impacted neuroplasm, ululations for suffocation and extrusion, to induce seizures had a direct mirror corollary in the way deaf Chini ululates as a deaf woman. In the lead up to the U.S. Government’s secret plan to collect for what they called sexual services when they held me in terror bondage as a child and high school, Chini was brutally raped. Then Midori announced her arrival as the sex champion of the assassins.

Still another proof of her prior plan to continue the program of assassination was the manner in which Dean Akrim Midani (chosen to represent A Crim Midori) closed ranks around the persona being developed about me by Brian Kaup and Leslie Katz pursuant the plan to re-possess the letters and then delude people that a managed Alternative Conflict Resolution was on the table. Black predator culture, led by Obama, made a bid to claim that injury inflicted by the AIDS assassins was a result of moral forfeiture by people who were held prisoner concentration style for extermination. They have molested and mutilationed me claiming that I have to earn my escape from the needle of HIV. As a well-meaning white liberal I did not understand how I was seen or how I was being used by black panthers and those who come under the cultural sway.

It should be noted that in addition to Gruber, Ronnie and Caspar, Leni (as in ReifenSTAHL) and Duzzeldorf, that the name R. Walsh (Randy) appeared directly across the street I was moved to, Winterton, the name of a prominent British Royalist, and that Randy was the name of the child pornographer who tried to take pictures of me. Their police pedophile union escalated with savage brutality when I refused.

It is a lot easier to march on City Hall than Fox Media.