The Devil of CCAC

     I grew up under the shadow of four Hitler nuns. Three of them were in a painting by a queer from St. Louis in the 1950’s. The fourth was my mother Nancy Moore of the Kansas Silver Shirts.
     My mother was extremely abusive of me as a child when I was being molested.  She is part of the gang who released the AIDS attack and this explains her craven defense of her husband, his family and her psychotic insistence on psychiatrizing me.   I couldn’t have been expected to understand the envy unleashed in a backwards and criminal place like Pittsburgh, black and white, Jewish, male, female, foreign, friendly and adversarial, by my distinguished father Ryland holding the most coveted position in academia. 
      Therefore to understand why the powerful British rock band King Crimson would brutally attack me in a forcing house of exploitation and how this fit into the carefully laid plans of National Review, you have to understand who my father was, not just as a person, but to them.  Political assassination  begins to look very run of the mill in a state of mass murder.  Every faculty member at Pitt with children should have awoken to my words, every single one concerned of the evidence my father was killed, yet they sat quietly, happily lulled by the assurances of those who signed their paychecks, they signed off on brutal mutilation, torture, sadistic intrigue and vicious, vicious slavery.
     What allowed the AIDS attackers to be so brazen and yet escape review?  For one thing, the Jews, who were key architects of the situation, had been through it all before, the screams and the denials, the broad daylight murder.  They understood how fear of the next day’s bread and butter on the table could make monsters out of women.  Having been led by their faith in human dignity to the gas chambers, they grew peurile concerning idealism.  Mendel Silverman took one look at my penis and demanded it be lanced, sneering, “Maybe it’s just small,” while his partner, Sidney Busis, laughed, “we were unable to obtain reliable pure tone results.”  There’s a fork in the road. He pees with forked prong.
      Upon discovery, Sean Lennon rampaged, raped, and slashered from Carnegie Mellon as their cultural attorney.  By hustling their grievance, and organizing the old Axis in secret, the Jews gained so much cultural capital as victims that they brokered absolute license to lie about someone like me, and to someone like me, supported by police, barristers, schools and the victim’s mother.  When in doubt they crowed antisemitism, while hissing openly of their victim as a goy, while hiring brutal pedophiles to defile their child hostage openly, like Harpies befouling food.
       People began to fall dead, wash up raped, tortured, subject to eerie mutilation, and Miles Kirshner had everyone laughing instead of expressing concern.
        Nancy Moore denied everything.  Nancy was a World War Two gal who was convinced by the military establishment that AIDS was a necessary secret weapon; so convinced that she offered to use her own son, but none of this is anything but preface to the role of the NAACP.
      You can explain something slowly, carefully and repeatedly to someone with Downs Syndrome, syphilis, brain damage, on glue, mad cows, Alzheimer’s and autism until you turn blue. You will never get it to sink into the heads of the NAACP that Black military involvement with and allegiance in the AIDS attack disproves that it was an attack on Black people per se, because Blacks want to play a game of violence with it. They want their branch of Holocaust-denial to justify Zell…. They want their branch of Holocaust-denial to justify child mutilation, they want their branch of Holocaust-denial to allow them to continue their gibbering for spoils while declaring themselves worthy of reparations. It’s pointless to argue. Simply put, the idea that a ripper hatter, scandal mongering, child mutilationist like Midori Goto will sell her snake oil marked: LOVE, proven poison to anyone capable of understanding even one sickening thing she did is putrid obscenity. Will never happen. Not only did I never love her, she attempted to hijack my heart by entrapment and deceit. I don’t care to know that anyone is more loathsome. It’s hideous enough for hell on earth.
      This is the specific set of facts most revealing about the enormity and the specific set of facts, in their greed and hostility for the rights of the other that they will gnash with insatiable hatred to justify and denial.
       The NAACP have their explanation, of course, for vicious home-wrecking. They call the mutilation of a white souvenir by the idea of African Art, a compensatory gesture. Since it is not organized racism, it is merely hatred towards a symbolic innocent, taken in compense for all the hatred they have endured. The wizards of Britain spit with glee that it worked. What the rabid did by Lennon’s fake of his own murder was stake a Trumped up claim on our National Legacy by claiming they can sell 250 dollar tickets. They love it in Hollywood. They have brokered a fraud so unbelievable it is titillating out of this world.
      The rabid English raped a deaf girl to punish failure to date rape in the typical manner of brutal British Romans; the rabid used the name of Roberto Clemente to advocate for his murderers and alibi the AIDS attackers. Now they have used a religious symbol to imply that Kennedy would have endorsed Hitler. Learn about the foreign rabid. Boycott Rock Music from England. The NAACP supplied them lies and cover.
      Riback, a Bush/Clinton agent, smothered my having been subject to torture, kidnapping and mutilation in a nuclear society zeitgeist. When I sought out help the British laughed and called in Black paparazzi. They made clear the dangers of sharing by ripping the neuroplasm open and humiliating me by a contract sexual assassin. Having me in seizures they raped my loved one and castrated me. All of this was to punish me for reporting child-napping and mutilationist Manson-like crime.
      The evil of it should be shared. They are back on the beat looking for action. Their ringleader Michelle Obama sees the cunning of the Black jetset as an African ISIS glory. She is married, after all to Osiris. They found a white to slasher Shannon Harps under-scoring for Paul McCartney that innocence isn’t a bargaining chip in an arena of 250 dollar tickets. They found Christian blacks to give protection to the Ku Klux Klan, any defilement was applauded.
Ultrahigh came from the White House of the Bush/Clinton years. Ultrahigh was a terrible, terrible crime. I don’t know that it will ever be safe to describe what they really did to my soul. Suffice it to say that they believe that their rape of a girl legally a child was love. That is the odious fact of the success of the AIDS attack. No one expected better from Washington or Iran. We know now we were fooled by the hypocrites in the Beatles.
      Reagan’s Publisher’s Project allowed Gail Burstyn’s cronies, Galas and Zappa, to position themselves to discredit and infiltrate the extremes while advocating for the assassins. This was Elizabeth Taylor’s role. She was one of the Kennedy assassins.
Dr. Nelson Harrison admits the possibility of an Ark of Colors behind the AIDS attack, but he doesn’t admit this announces his agency in his stalking of me as a mark for WQED, Will Zell, Matt Marcus, Midori Goto, Leslie Katz and Abira Ali.
      Dr. Proctor makes his home a few doors down from the Hillary agent of the school Jean Aston, she is by far the sickest one, assuring everyone that it is just Jimmy Creary and that Andrea spilled the beans to Mary Ellen Tunney ages ago. They were not child molesters because a seven foot tall Black had the golem by its foot!!!