The Enemy Above

There’s a problem with this tragedy. Pitt blindsided me, sexually molested me and my loved one, raped her, mutilated me when I am and was innocent of all wrongdoing. They did this without trial and they claimed they had the right to castrate me. It was beyond criminal, but it was also very academic in the sense that Mark Nordenberg’s vicious and unprecedented obsession with and attack upon the Crary Family gems requires a criminology theory about High Command to bring into focus.

The anti-immigrant/anti-refugee bigotry and hysteria fueling the Trump campaign, which smacks of George Wallace, is shrewdly driven by High Command powers holding themselves to be above the law. They have expressed in writing their military theological program and greatly resembled, although Nationalist Christians in orientation, the Islamic extremists they helped create. Those who caused the problems in the first place now quite simply cannot be bothered to help. The attacks in San Bernardino are suspicious precisely because of the backlash they create. This is true both of the narco-fascism in Mexico and the bloodbath in Arabia. You cannot have a war on drugs without a drug culture big enough to warrant one, and Hollywood/The Beatles helped create that for special effect.

It came around on my campus at CCAC that NYPD hold forth that the friction between me and Leslie Katz was educational to the condition of their own juvenile psyches. They claim incessantly that Mt. Desert Island was part of a vicious prank by Miles Kirshner and the Carnegie Mellon Student Union which had nothing to do with Gail Burstyn beyond the advocacy she gained from King Crimson, a band with Islamofascist tendencies similar to the military theology they supported in U.S. High Command. In fact, when they backstabbed me, Pitt News was supporting Reagan as the understood author of the Iran Contra scam, the facts of which make students born too soon to remember wary enough to realize how confused they are about all this danse macabre. Part of this jest was the arrival of King Crimson’s STASI circuit, rippering, raping, torturing, and claiming it was a justified response to abridgment of school behavioral code. Falling in loving with Rosa and wanting to marry her did not make me a sexual predator. King Crimson sided with the very people who I asked them to protect me from because I didn’t realize they had been behind the attacks all along.

Examine briefly their decades long spiritual warfare focusing on me who they deem suitable prey. Manipulating an impacted neurotrauma, they twisted the meaning of Bobby Kennedy’s book “The Enemy Within” to create a pun on Lucifer and possession. Found out for traumatizing an impacted neuroplasm did nothing to stop them. By this method of truth in media we arrive at the facts that their support for a Political Correctness faction who released the AIDS attack and have cloaked their dagger in a facade of self-defense, was meant as a threat of violence for discussing them openly.

Surreal as it sounds, some of the most aggravated tendencies among the disenfranchised appear to be the result of powerful criminologists organized for this Kennedy assassination Godlaw crowd that Reagan brought into ruthless dominion, testing their theories by a subculture of non-existent professional “license,” political malpractice. Formal proof of this fact was found out in the MK-Ultra revelations, but that is tragically only the tip of the iceberg.

Once the High Command who view themselves above the law who murdered King is clearly identified by publishing house complicity, the organized crime factor of these social theorists come to light. The very people refusing to help created the problem here as well. Symbolically, Pitt brayed of their role in atrocity by deliberately assigning the golem to be watched and thuggishly gangstered by a corruption magnate with the initials MK, part of their war game. This is not a theory, it a proven dimension of the AIDS attack and Pitt’s role in the crime. A lot people here think and have always thought that I was born to be abused. This was no doubt the intention of the criminal or criminals who were my parents, but not a fact of citizenship and birthrite. It is pointless, however, to point to the absence of due process in the quarantine of my rights by a consortium of Pennsylvania barristers. They are criminally insane, but they have ugly yammers for their hot button explosions, they set up the jailbait that entrapped me as a traumatized child, that means they get to mutilate me; they made a torrid vagina monologue out of Leslie Katz’ mistreatment, that means the British git to rape deaf Jeannie in the name of John Lennon. Like the barbarian liars they are, they offer bystander privileges to those who surrender.

It is Donald Trump’s privilege to address an emotionally unstable people, and he obviously gets his thrills scaring old hippies, and everyone at my school is indeed terrified by what he has done already, but the ultrahigh program isn’t new, not even Brian Eno’s deceitful claim to homosexual victim privilege in unleashing brainwave sonar. Hillman Library had a sniper’s nest vista at the Warren Report section of the library for years, even before Reagan was voted in, and of course, that faction tortured me as a child in 1974.
What is important to understand is Sean Strub, the AIDS suicide bomber that worked for Paul McCartney and went to the Dakota to announce the John is Dead ticket, is a godfather of political correctness. Free and lick the wounds or we might get offended was all planned. The pooznists of UPMC used to follow me around with weird odors as early as 1984. Being rude towards the mannequins brought on the skinheads from Pittsburgh Bullet Theater.

Nordenberg worked this holocaustal brutality towards a deaf victim of severe childhood trauma by wangling the superwave of a vicious Japanese woman mysteriously named in advance Goto (hell) and Green (Midori), pressing on with the psychotic malevolence that Yoko Ono has to draw upon by conjuring slanders about Jimmy and John Lennon.

King Crimson sent me seductive letters, solicited me, entrapped me in the crime of pursuing happiness when Godlaw said no, then, obsessively raping us again and again in body and spirit, they refuse to this hour to leave someone who hates them alone, and by the evil perversity of their hatchet job on human dignity, they name hate the crime. How very clever, Mr. Lennon.