The Iconoclasm of Mutilation Therapy

To actually expose the Beatles’ hand in the AIDS attack is easy. Not so easy is showing how they enslaved us to their plan by fraudulent argument we have been denied the power to comprehend. It is too easy to believe them and nearly impregnable as false argument. Worse, they have going for them repression in the name of what’s done is done.

Insight in this world has to be found on the run and thus it gets stranded in time and place. These strands of understanding have to be pulled together in order to make a lens which can see in so much darkness.

Foremost, the attack was an extreme act. It was meant to create two extremes promoting the same value code: Honor and Shame. The victims were told to regard stigma as dishonor and their so called disgrace as sacred. This assured they would not adapt effectively to the attack and would be forced to adopt coercive measures based on the Honors code of the attackers. The victim cult organized in advance by the attackers argued their case against me personally, stating that Honor was Honor and that their own stigma was deserved.

The Army presented a game of empathy as ultimatum, saying that their illegal Draft culture was rational, that human sacrificialism called for and that the Army takes care of their own. Support for anything but the attacker machine and their reasoning would leave a victim stranded.

The victims became a bully pulpit for the attackers themselves. This was flow charted.