The Isis Papers

The Isis Papers were written by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. They describe a scenario of AIDS being manmade which is based on self-service to Black grievance which served as a smoke screen for Cornell West’s alliance with Will Zell and Clinton, the militia who covered for Reagan on Mt. Desert Island.

To understand the sleight of hand, notice that Welsing is part of a doctrinaire Muslim Fundamentalist Movement based on the various ideas of Elijah Muhammed, a man quite close with the KKK, as was Marcus Garvey, because they shared ideas about racial separatism. Further, Malcolm X has been a good posterboy for the NRA in recent years, with Dyslexter King towing a pistol around and guttersniping for secrecy in the name of his Intellectual Property racket.

Will Zell did not just set up a pussyball war game over Midori Goto that insiders, including Cameron Brown formerly of Carnegie Mellon with access to media at the New York Times have been involved in killing innocent people about, an international schizophrenia gang of volunteers for Ringo Starr have deviously set up a switch and signal system so odious that it acts out the communication delusions of a psychotic mind as actual communications of the hatter dimension favored by Peter Gabriel. Mt. Desert Island, where Zell operated, is where Carleton Putnam’s books Race and Reason, and the other book: Race and Reality, were written as a modern scourge of ideas promoting white hate.

Yet in the legendary act of Leslie Katz, partner of Gail Burstyn, whose script was given at a signal from Yoko Ono through Rusted Root from David Lucarelli, a con artist home invader from 20th Century Fox married into my house for the kill, a fusion was achieved, in the name of puerile Muslim attitudes about sexual privacy, between Zell, Welsing and West for the eugenic conquest of the White House Ayn Rand pussyball revenge for which Rosa Arnberg was pizza delivered as “last licks” by Miles Kirshner and Rosa Clemente acting in concert with the Geffen Corporation who schemed up this billion dollar doublecross, as they invested in pharmaceuticals during the lead up to the spread.

The Isis Papers are doublespeak serving Zell’s guru, Goebbels. The Goebbels nutters in the Beatles confiscated AIDS theories with the help of Zappa and Welsing, while rubbing the truth in our faces, a fact the Press is too chickenly to admit.