The ISIS Proxies

Pittsburgh was the target of a vicious attack intended to establish foundations of modern confusion in our civil institutions authored by the British and their prominent rock stars.  It was wishful thinking to believe that music would not be put into the service of the most atrocious elements of military control and deception.  Lead soothsayer to the Attila Division was a ferocious, backbiting runt of a monster named Robert Fripp of the Sharia band King Crimson, tuttering on his tiptoes of the ineffable totality between gyrations of heavy metal, absorbed in fulminating the unfathomable.  This descriptive language is the only way to access their cunning.  It reflects the caustic gibber underwriting insane strategy, to which American partners add scorn by spurning intellectual digest, refusing to contemplate the high-mindedness at work in the depraved heart of the British Prime Minister.

ISIS is a trademark example of the Prime Minister’s tactical style as well as his flamboyant disingenuity.  The New Yorker was enlisted in presenting the extremist and bizarre recruiting position that Arab Spring was to blame for the rise of ISIS.  The New Yorker article was just another Made In The USA tear gas canister fired at the protesters, because nothing had less to do with ISIS than the last desperate scramble from the abyss known as Arab Spring.  If you want to know what caused the rise of ISIS look at the legendary Highway of Death in Kuwait, but not one word about the Jews.  They have been too helpful.
Nation of Islam (who provided security for Jesse Jackson’s Presidential Campaign) have been careful to distance themselves from the rise of ISIS and Boko Harem or allowing attention to wander behind the curtain to the eugenic hostility of their angry and violent psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, author of “The ISIS Papers.”  A quick investigation limns the matter.  Malcolm X died in the hands of a Japanese New York woman.  White Nazi Zell on Mt. Desert Island where AIDS was proven man-made was sponsored by Warhol and Yoko Ono in service to child bondage mutilation imprisonment by NEVA pornography corporation, an off-off Broadway drama by military action in Pittsburgh that in turn was endorsed by Michelle Obama in her African Safari politics over Midori Goto, and this Rosa Corporation as they care to be called did this to promote the ethical arguments of Martin Luther King’s killers, one of whom traces by arrest directly to London.

So what does the conjuring of ISIS by the Cold War murderers behind Agent Orange have to do with the evidence that Pennsylvania Government authored the AIDS attack and are covering for HitlerReagan?  What do Narco-fascists in the South and Islamofascists in the Middle East have to do with the thousand year reich or the magazine in Kinokuniya Bookstore, Seattle headlined:  “Would We Be Better Off If Hitler Won?” next to “My Friend Hitler,” by Mishima and “Grapefruit,” by Yoko Ono?  For one thing Germany and Japan were the principle trading partners of Saddam Hussein at the time he was given the green light by the Bush Administration for the invasion of Kuwait, unaware that he was walking into the trap of those on record as sneering against what they called, “the poison of peace.”  (Maj. Gen. Thos. Lane).

Immediately Sir George demanded war in the name of slaying the dragons in the lairs around Khomeini, setting the stage for the Cowboys and Indians show of Donald Trump in contempt for the squatters from Syria.  The sword of ISIS are the Beatlemaniacs.

Understanding all that is only enough to bring you closer to understanding what they are doing in Pittsburgh right now.  I gather you know by now that they have poisoned me in the heart and that I am living with some serious infirmities by their abridgement of my rights as a resident born in the USA.  Some of the way they justified this is in record.  Lewis Lapham whose brother is an attorney for the CIA, for example claimed that I was near brain dead by my own hand and that the absence of any mens rea in the death of Lennon was irrelevant to the awful diversion of his story that I cudda saved John Lennon, a secret that constitutes an evil numbers racket on the streets of Jimmy DiSpirito.  They know I would never have stood for it.  They ignored the terrible injuries and even attacked me in the invisible neurotrauma as part of their sadism, production company line of attack.  It is so loathsome what they have done that it is almost impossible to even discuss without lowering yourself into the ditch of their filthy souls.  However, they are allies of the radio program:  All Things Considered, and they have made it their war game to require answer to infinite detail.

Their diplomatic orientation is quite different from all this requirement.  George Schultz was quoted by fellow conspirator John Stockwell as saying that the rights of the American people were secondary and that murder one might be necessary to safeguard against suspicions for which there is no truth.  Coincidences might make the government nervous otherwise, not the sort of coincidences that tally up to evidence of a monstrous gang, but the sort of coincidences that make the serial dismemberment of a child seems like pre-emptive ideological warfare.  Indirection may be necessary to make sure the rabble stay confused.

When rich people gnash over altruism, promoting a feud over the good life and getting ahead, it isn’t supposed to be seen as hypocrisy.  The Beatles have their own ideas about it.  According to them sincerity about the 60’s can only be proven by letting them assassinate me.  Deadly suppression of dissent they claim is the only method to prove virtue.  If you look at the history of the maniacal war crimes committed in the name of Pittsburgh Catholic by Martin Sheen you witness some of the identity crime at work behind the utility I offered as a stand-in President for immolation of a cultural prize.  Bartholomew De La Casas has been canonized by the Pope for his reluctant remorse for starting the ghastly Slave Trade in the US.  Maximile Kolbe is the Saint who went into the gas chambers to symbolize all who died.  He is the important one.  Catholic newspapers make it a practice only to make note in their newspapers of the dead after a lifetime of service.  If poverty were alleviated, they would have no more gimmick, so they enjoy the game of stepping on the downtrodden and shunting the hopes of hard working men to lives of independence and joy.

They needled me with virgin I took to be a partner in love, which I had earned by enduring the torments of molested childhood after stupidly thinking King Crimson could be trusted.  Hillary Clinton, who wants to be America’s mommy, was much more interested in protecting Gail Burstyn.

The murderer’s suicide mandate is a total war victory built on ghastly impunity in terroristic hate crime, lawlessness so evil that it has no place among men.  Tony Levin of King Crimson is a ringleader of HitlerReagan’s most horrid police state domestic terror ring and police just cream over his achievement in the field of surreal brutality.  I am sure that Lennon and Reagan both did this in a war game of Pentagon Disney premeditated on the theme of the old book:  “The Man Who Framed Himself.”  The dogs didn’t bark because they knew the intruder.

The ISIS are proxies for HitlerReagan from the acid rock gaslighters in The Corporation For Hallucination Control.  Their own explanation for Mt. Desert Island is a terrible, terrible crime.