The Media of the Plutocracy (1% Media)

Let’s take on together the highwayman’s dismissal of my claim that the evidence strongly convicts Lennon and Reagan of partnership (with a Black confederate Army run by the Museum Mafia) in the AIDS attack, a scripted crime built around attack on a symbolic white child, a 1-2 punch by the KKK and Black Power militants.  At root of this is serious necessity for review of your manhood.

Verification of objective fact has no need of being fair.  This is glossed over when advocates poured in for the assassin group.  What is the specific evidence they lied about and tunneled like kicking doggies to cover up?  First the Military played a web on my psyche while holding me in a deaf zombie state with an impacted neurological chemical that was experimentally known to cause suffocation at loss and neuro-compulsive jealousy.  Because their sex starlet, role created around her virginity, was a sanitation net actress named Leslie Sanetta Katz working for the Santorum Police in pedigree county of the hanky pank state, the jest boils down to Beat/les.

The celebrity superstate closed ranks to bless this incredible crime, that started with a brutal blindside attack on a 100 pound child.  Again your manhood is open to cold review.  If I were facing the United Nations General Assembly, the House of Lords, the House of Legislators in the Great State of Pennsylvania, what could I ask, in all modesty, but, “Where is your manhood?”  This game is craven, but you see, for you Knowledge is Confederacy.  In all hangdoggery, you goal is to be part of an elite, no matter how loathsome the use of drone war on a spider appears in the mirror of children.

What is your explanation?  Your explanation is:  because the Beatles were snivelers, everybody knows that, and they are our heroes, nuf sed.  The celebrity superstate closed ranks.  Eddie Guardado of the Seattle Mariners likened the giving of a generation the AIDS virus to a hot foot in the locker room, myuh.

The abolition of conspiracy theory under the gaslighting term of:  paranoia is part of a government attempt to make extrajudicial killings failsafe.  The media of the plutocracy or 1% media of which the Beatles are the wiz kids, made Edward Snowden an anti-hero precisely to discourage and render taboo any talk at all of MK-Ultra and its cousins in the Japanese pornography salons of cherry boy genre and chloroform pedos, now highjinxers with Yoko Ono’s money watching their backs.  Again, where is your manhood?  Are you all women?

The Beatles brainwash, even without Pener Gabriel’s trips to NASA in his new look as Goebbels, was already notorious.  Anyone who followed this sad affair knows they turned out to be sadists, perverts, an elite of pusbag orcs wearing crowns from looted tombs.

Not knowing their full techy-potential at Pentagon-Disney remarks to the effect that these are nice fellows, happy go lucky at the Bush haberdashery depends completely on lunatic, total blackout.  Anyone familiar with the 60’s can see that the news media is crippled and has folded on issues of atrocity.  There is not one peep.  The Beatles have summoned Blacks through the Museum Mafia to preside over a Death Row directing their attentions at someone reporting child mutilationism, voodoo doll war, as they defend their shyster apparatus of Black Nazis and Japan playing pussyball as though from the highest omajinable strategic brilliants, as though the heart is a wrestling match over Reebok shoes, refereed by the foaming beard ogre Ringo Starr.  They see failure to warn and the murder of dissent as fulfillment of death bed nursing stories, having authored a crime they claim they adopted.

The gall in using self-immolators as semiotic manipulation of a cult is an idea from a Crown of syphilis and unprovoked hate on a spree so rancid that only they could get away with calling it holy.  Love is an ugly alibi.  It is a near perfect crime by loveslaves of Hitlermania.