The Most Dishonorable Silence in History

The authors of the letters sent to me as a child, a government action, had in mind their criminal genius lurking beyond the detection skills of a child’s mind, but the memory was deeply imprinted, and when adulthood begins disentangling the memories, the locations, the words, like the refrain, “Don’t cry over spilt milk,” the name games, puns, it forms a Shakespearean representation that allows you to descry their moral in the way they organized and performed the Godspell of their war game. This directly parallels the way the semiotic pattern was laced into the Axis cinema that Reagan developed in tandem, a fact the letters themselves even refer to, complementing my findings in a way I did not understand before researching the film angle.

This hidden dimension of warfare by script written by Pentagon-Disney is what makes my being in D.C. at the invitations of his attorneys, on the day that he claims he was shot, such a frightening nightmare. This alibi structure allowed him to claim that he found the script, adopted it in fury, using me as an object lesson for the idea that working with the men he claims shot at him justifies torturing someone already mutilated in terrible crimes as a child, because I have liberal values. This pardons his evil actions while making dissent appear insane.

No one is willing to talk about this. Media was ready and mobilized to claim that I was an exception that allowed them any terrible act they chose. The tyrannical silence is the complete fulfillment of a maniac’s mission: The triumph of the forces behind the real assassinations, of Kennedy, King (they called me to announce the death of Roberto) and the AIDS Onslaught. Even Dr. Ralph Proctor, who served as signatory to Part One of The Film Project dissertation: Easter Bunker, said, “I don’t care about AIDS,” laughed with the usual refrain that Reagan was far too dumb for any of this, which isn’t true, and Dr. Proctor was perfectly happy with my decision not to mention AIDS, the real topic, even once, observing the school code in the matter and halted his interest after Part One was finished.

Obviously, I’m not going to stop trying to find readers who don’t accept this. It just seems very strange to me that I am so different, and that I am the only one in the least bit concerned about the crime, the war game and the terrible mistreatment involved.