The Movie Manglers

Of all the prolonged, desperate horrors that you have ever heard, women held in bondage for years, homeless people imprisoned in a cellar, none of them rival the viciousness and cannibalism of the Jews working with Ringo Starr in Pittsburgh under license of Reagan.  The pure sadistic gluttony and the City’s silence is shattering.

It is no longer a mystery how they pulled it off with the help of Black Panther carrion birds, and moguls from the entertainment system.  It was a Shinto pussyball war game.  Together the Union of Reagan Labor designed silence towards an experimental scapegoat in the AIDS Onslaught who they refused escape from the gas chamber.

For years they wouldn’t let me perform my poetry if I did not agree to lie for them in public relations.  They detained, tortured, and jailed me, they experimented on me with drugs, murdered a bystander to scare me, raped my only friend, and  taunted me in homelessness.  Even today I have no readers.  Using my right to an opinion is a dangerous game.

This was, in other words, no work of art.

I live in a house of Praetorian guards from the school I attend in a city of nightmare so horrible that Auschwitz itself doesn’t look worst in an atrocity that has lasted 10 times as long in years.  They own the mystery and my name by the fiat of gang lying.  It is an absolute madness of evil in a screaming hell of pain and murder.  No one will respond and no one will listen.  They pass the days casually farting on it as certain as Hillary Clinton that it will never come to light, happy to say that they have scaldingly taken a dump upon it with permanent delight.

A few things have come to light and been shrugged off.  We know by now that Lucarelli married into my house to position his son David to grab the Burstyn letters for George Romero and Yoko Ono allowing Ming Na Wen to say oops look wait I found, now I get to sell it to the victims.  If Jimmy Creary wins he doesn’t get the AIDS virus.  Meanwhile we will try to make him look so humiliated and subject him to so much suffering that the Queers laugh, we feel better not being you.  For reporting this they resorted to maximum criminalization of a disabled brain for prison vivisection.

In the early 1970’s when the Burstyn letters started coming, Ruth Hammer took a six month sabbatical from Fulton Elementary.  She later re-surfaced at the house of David Meieren, a bedfellow of both Masako Shiono (in East End which we fled) and Leslie Katz (in Squirrel Hill to where we fled).  Ruth Hammer had taken our class to the courthouse downtown to hear a woman accused by Giant Eagle detectives of not charging for items she rang out.  As she read through the receipts, insisting she was innocent, and they glowered at her like jackals who had been refused a sexual performance, Richard Arujo (pronounced a rouge oh) scribbled a cartoon of the popular jingo:  Here Come Da Judge.  Years later, at the instigation of Hammer, Richard Starkey would arrive with a rouge O named Rosa to play Judge, Jury and Executioner over the Taliban, but that is not the only reference to Ringo and his foreign Presidency through Hollywood.

We know now that Saul Brecher was a pun agent name on soul breaker and that his father Lou Brecher was a pun agent name on Lube Wrecker because De De in whose name they killed Dr. King was not a virgin in what they called “the initial encounter of the X-motive tainted by the shadow of its adversary.”   Michelle Lubin was a pun agent name on Me Shall Lube’n Reagan’s machine intelligence answer to We Shall Overcome.  1717 Murdoch Street was a pun agent address for the Two Virgins War Game where my pap was lured to his death by a Pennsylvania agent named Penny.  Linda Herrington and Ben Byington were part of what they called, “Nobuko’s stupid code of what boys should do and girls should do.”  Herring?bying? Buy her a ring.   Thursday was called a day two because you Wed First, get it?  Cindy Rudy was a pun agent name for Sin D Rue D, believe it or Unrue.

Aw, they’re too smart for little Jimmuh Queebait.  This was the off-off Broadway anti-Christ play put on and pulled off by Nixon’s forces in King Crimson authoring the Royal Nazi backstab, selling the snake oil vaccine of Mancine.

After mutilation, sex allows them to subtract sympathy.  Brutally cut off the ears like ISIS, Richard Starkey laughs, add in the nitroglycerine, now pull the captive child’s penis ~ presto!  An experimental scapegoat being laughed at by the hyenas of police pedophile cinema.  You think other than?  Space Ape was a confederate of Don Ostro who arrives with Todd Clark, just once, as Clark penned, “Cameo imprisons disaster” in his books of “Don’t turn my air” and “Flame Over Africa”.  Ron Ron, Ostro’s queers friends, after showing me the ghastly machete smashed head that Larry Flynt pulled out in the Supreme Court because it wasn’t deemed obscene in Soldier of Fortune magazine, told Ostro to tell me that in the real world they defecate in such a hole to finish the job.  I was a child, brain damaged from beatings, crying beyond all tears, forced onto inhalants and LSD who they mind shattered this way.  Space Ape did the stained glass for the Church that honors martyrs of the Pittsburgh Police.

All sorts of people knew they were doing it.  Braunstein channeled right to Peter Max in turn to sickiopath Sir McCartney.  This was obviously a lot, lot more than Mark David Chapman who may have been brainwashed by Reagan into believing he was shooting Lennon when Lennon was replaced with a double for his fantasy.

The English rabid effectively manipulated the neurological injuries of the golem by dogwhipping it in a sadistic and murderous frenzy.  I didn’t like myself much when I appealed to Peter Gabriel about the non-violent facts of what was being done to my name and reputation.  It’s important not to listen to Peter Gabriel’s lies.  He authored mass accomplice for his banking cartel, getting murderers seething all over the world with deviant obsession with injecting little Jimmy with HIV, why should he get away?  He’ll father another abortion.  Let’s see if castration is good enough?  Ownership is their only interest.  When a girl who loved me came to visit, considering coming to school here so we could be together, they swooped down on her until she took off.

“Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you…love again, again and again … (in jest)” wrote Gail Burstyn, Yoko Ono’s little Nicola.   Police Administration in Pittsburgh are a tactical division for the AIDS Combine.  Just as George Lucas donated to the statue of Martin Luther King who served so perfectly, with such valor, by his non-violent example, the great elimination, so too do they laugh at me, clapping their hands, well done, my son.

School Administration will let them inject you with HIV if you complain.  The Honors Department won’t help you.  They’re with your mother.