The Nation of Traitors

It is now officially a matter of headway.   I know where  it stands.  The criminally insane in the U.S. Government will be whispering that the death of Anton Scalia was witchcraft.  Bleeding heart conservatives, shrill and uncouth, mouths fitted with the brutal dislikes of Donald Trump, will point their finger with the accusation most certain to leave what is left of decency trembling: how dare you criticize a The Black Man!?  The puppeteers in England will snicker.  By the simplest ruse of America’s Bystander Law, the law that you don’t  have to intervene or even report a crime no matter sick and evil of which you are aware, we have become The  Nation of Traitors.
How can one not burn the  American  Flag speaking of Kitty Genevese?   Thirty five people saw her murdered and not one of them called the police.  The entire U.S. Government has known for decades the evidence that  Hollywood orchestrated the AIDS  Onslaught with intelligence and talent services provided by Great Britain, and not one deviant from the so-called Civil Rights Movement has done anything but hiss the party lies.  Why?  Because they got the glory tokens:  Foremost a Black Mr. President.  Not one.
Hollywood wants you to deny your own reality and nobody moreso than Hitler’s Hollywood.
The central truth of the  entire crime is that Ultrahigh, the mechanism whereby they have brutal escalation dominance over the  inside psyche of their prey, the origins of which are found in the shadowlands of what was  done to  Francis Farmer, the chilling legacy of Mental Hospital murder in Atlanta, Jose  Delgado’s electrode research at Yale, the practice of gaslighting, the films Carrie and Sanjuro (Last Man Standing).
A simple understanding of character will suffice to put some of this into meaningful perspective:  Chivalry is defense of the weak.  Predation is attack on the weak.  Which depicts good moral character?  America are  Hitlerian with the gleam in their eye of the predator.  This was the essence of how Adam Clayton Powell and H. Rap Brown caught Martin Luther  King between a rock and  a hard place.  If he took a stand against the War in Vietnam, Powell brayed, he was betraying American Black in their dream of getting ahead.  If he really believed it was evil, sneered H. Rap Brown, then he had to fight back against it as genocide.  Either way, Non-Violence was wrong.  King was unbowed.  The Black woman who once tried to stab him in the heart was avenged and he was cut down.  Those who sniped at his as, “Dah Lawd!” with crocodile tears hid their true feel ~ what you say now, dogeyes?
The existence of Pentagon  Disney proves the case that Reagan was only acting when he claimed he was shot at the day he recruited me to be there as a fall guy from the distant haze of his germinating plot to give control to the British by staging a grab on the letters they planted on me in a semi-coma.  The existence of Pentagon Disney proves that  the evidence that Lennon used a double on the day his body was whisked away, giving escalation dominance in cold-blooded torture, rape and murder to Yoko Ono and Amnesty International stands to show that John Lennon knew about Gail Burstyn, his little Nicola, all along.  They set upon me after giving me the name they wanted to example:  James MacRyland Crary, the white who  Superfly glowered at through the fence in the playground.
It was enough to make Cornell West gibber, gesticulate, salivate, gnash his teeth and shout command to the K-9 he earned by his service.  AIDS was the weapon of total war choice by the Beatles, whose method was Hollywood despicable, moving in with undercover call girls, of the upper level, to claim the property heist in revenge for Hitler’s Japan.  Japan did their thing in Nanking, on deaf Jeannie and Yoko Ono got tribute, for she is the victim.
It is the existence of the truth of this case that proves it was Lennon gold, a Mission Impossible from the Oswald Mosley gang in Liverpool.  I’ve followed the story they told using my name a long time.  I watched as the murdering pigs in King Crimson called promoting the horror, ripper Manson league behind AIDS an act of empathy building.  I experienced unspeakable pain as they raped my deaf advocate in the name of Olga Havel, rippered Shannon Harps in the name of Amnesty International, all while Seattle spokespersons like Larry Crist sneered that half the world could drop dead for all they care Seattle, there’s already too many homeless to warm with fossil fuels.  Martin Luther King himself was Drafted in death to serve as the leader of non-violence for the assassinated, as Pink Floyd put on a little light show for the McCartney Queer Aides, they shortened to McQuaide and McWade at Mellon Manipulation, Inc.  We don’t know what Rodef Shalom means.
It is the existence of the truth that proves they were lying.  You cannot see through it because of a tumultuous blend of cover techniques, brutality towards people accused of mental illness, Sanjuro, the taking of a feud by the  wormtonguery of trust, getting you cheering your own killers was  something that so  amused Frank Zappa that he publicly admitted that’s what he liked doing.  Gaslighting, the abominable neuro-molest and psychological manipulation of a hostage, and the art of Carrie, getting the non-violent to explode by Wattenmaker’s favorite method, time-tested in Neurobehavioral Research by the likes of Delgado.  In the Rocky Raccoon showdown, the Rocky fight with the enemy within, Carrie  Sylvester at Sound Mental  Health, had Jimmy Creary castrated, while  Barry from the  Federal Building smashed him in the face with a basketball, after the  rape of deaf Jeannie and McQueer Aides threat to murder the children in his family until Jimmy Creary hollered at them, “I will hit you and make you cry.”
Hahahaha.  Defsukke!  What you say now, dogeyes?