The Piece You Need To Read Today

Very rarely it is possible to dominate media by superior grasp of fact and interpretation of reality, necessitating of course familiarity with the character of rivals.  Usually, instead, powerful players simply create playable slogans that people pick up on which they feel acceptable or at least feel accepted by repeating.  Even martyrs are sometimes redefined to suit the intentions of their killers.  For this very reason, Hollywood purposed victim control (confinement by denial of self-definition) where there’s knowledge, there is trouble.  Superior beings, by which is meant Machiavellians, tell us to think of them as our friends as they intrude illicitly in pursuit of their own treasonous thoughts, projected on souls by their effective sale of misunderstanding.  They hold the reins and the trouble is they won’t let you support anyone.  Even the best elements of such arrangements as have been made for us are too dangerous to support.  Cheering your own assassins isn’t very wise, although it’s hardly unheard of.
Look briefly at the criminal Eno champions as Warhol culture.  At Three Rivers Arts Festival, the pedophile Ostro’s Sofex chanted, blaring over loudspeakers, “International Terrorism will take the place of human rights,” over and over and over again.  Put simply, there is no asylum for the refugee within.  They created my strange name:  James MacRyland Crary for British intelligence’s play to use me for their tool, before the garage spraypainted, “I love Sira Siran,” living with the cats Pitsche and Serendippity, pictures taken by the bright flash of Nancy Moore/Nancy Moore.
When you read the authors of Arab Spring, you might get taken in by street fighting men like Tariq Ali, or pedo advocates like Vince “the carrot” Eirene, but you need to keep in mind that one of the Jewish ringleaders of what eventually became Arab Spring was Sean Strub outside the Dakota.  Those who use the Clinton jingo, “Why I still believe in Arab Spring,” have in mind one litany:  “One man’s concerns don’t amount to a hill of beans.”  International Terrorism will take the place of human rights, and it is justified theft to destroy the evidence of identity crime and terroristic personal injury when hiding Gestapo practices in Pittsburgh.
A white boy is “subjected to successive degradations of the X-motive” to serve the user alibi of the AIDS combine while being subjected to unlawful arrest under surveillance of the soul by neuroplastic identity change Frankenstein crime, a Taliban of unlawful treason allegations clocked to uploaded circuitry for spastic interrogation of torture trauma amnesia as date rape phobia.  Experiments to trigger false identification of cyberstalkers actually is conducted by agents of the assassins, so it’s their self-defeat, in terms of real assessment, but sufficient to maintain control as the face behind the face.