The Pimp Reaper

             Everywhere I worked, every place I have ever volunteered, I was a trusted employee and participant.  I didn’t pinch anything, steal, misrepresent.  Telling the truth sometimes was awkward, but I always did.  The English spat on me when I begged them.  I didn’t know what I had done if anything.  I had semi-coma trauma.  I knew I hadn’t done what they were claiming, but I didn’t know what they were using as a weapon of misrepresentation.  I didn’t know why the deaf community has hired a friend of Gail Burstyn or mobilized to justify the rape of one of our sisters.  I knew that acceptance has always been very hard for me in this city.  I knew that the an English never considered extremely brutal trauma, concussion, slaughtering beatings, torture, whisper motives, or severe, coerced inebriation inflicted on a child.  They invested in it.
            Before I begin answering murderers I am trying to stop from their ongoing killing spree, which they gained license to commit in the name of Reagan, let’s agree to ignor, forget and never to repeat that they are playing this illegal war game of interrogation through slanders and punishment for silence in order to hide and justify failure to warn what they knew about the AIDS attack in 1984, while manuvoeuring to create a slave allowing them to profit from the holocaust crime.  They command that it is a work of art.  Let’s put that behind us, because the lives at stake were deened expendable.  If I return to these points, remember that I broke my word not to and word is bond when lying to the public about critical information that could have saved millions of lives.
      These were, by the way, knowing and adult offenders, nothing matters less, because they scream a little boy has lied. The British with the characteristic slanders of child molesters and the cred of the Kelly School allegations sabotage recovery and recycle trauma, raping the deaf elderly, sneering that it is their therapy.  They invent their excuses as they go in a never-ending storyline.
       Gail Burstyn was not at Fulton School, yet while our math teacher read us, “The Outsiders,” she made copious mention of it in her letters, while quoting her own teacher, “don’t write a book.”  It makes for very curious non-reading, then.  The story they tell is more important than our legal tradition, our rights, our valor, the safety of our commonwealth, our right to know laws or arrest of the guilty, they pout, because it is worth money, and they want their fraud to prevail.  They launched anthrax and Loibl, nothing matters less.  Ignore that, they cream, and trust them.  England in fact saved its most ferocious, H.R. Giger alien style of attack re-colonization for the USA.  It bears the imprimatur of Our Highness, Ringo Starr.
       There are a number of overlooked facts that should be brought forwards, but they will sneer that I am delaying the matter they want advanced.  Like ghouls after a dungeon rape, they will lapse into their coffin spell after satisfaction they are not even due, yet it tests their temper, what should come first?  That which will render them orgiastic with murder ecstacy or that which will put them to sleep?
       It always bothered me that the only thing in the purse I watched Colucci grab their Carlucci purse from a gangly woman’s hand on the street of George Romero was mascara inside and that was before opening the blackblood letter.  I also witnessed Saul Brecher steal The Beatles Story from National Record Mart, which was very disturbing to me because every employee there watched him do it, as well.
       Burstyn had a hand in the carrot tape.  Sharon Samuels introduced me to her and was the neighbor of Thos. Hodge who introduced me to Mi Yung Joo and Peter Shell.  I was under holocaust hypnosis of an impacted neurotrauma.
       The perpetrators claim that hiding the truth and deceiving the public is justified by the idea that child mutilation is the appropriate punishment for unproven allegations of petty theft.  To announce this, they void juvenile laws, statutes of limitations are forbidden mention, and recall of prior appeasement negated.  Recall for example as I wept in pre-seizure homelessness prior to their rape of my advocate and a heart poison that they forced me to pay for the gas that they gassed me with.  A Seattle cop said that a victim of torture traumatically smoking marijuana without actual possession when passed to him does not justify forcing LSD on him while making him use inhalants as a traumatized hostage of severe battery and neurobedient crying, piteous neurohypnosis, by a brutal pedophile lobby prosecuting humanism by the dacoitery of parochial dementia.  Yes, it does, answers the Civil Rights Movement, now invested in child mutilation.  Being disabled and elderly has never stopped them, why would you think it would after Orlando?
      Let God handle this, the authorities laugh.
      I was legally a hostage of Colucci and the Ford Brothers who signed me up for an SS card that begins:  1984.  They were the children of police and neighbors of Connie Bolanis, Pitt’s source for the operation with Bruno and Rosa.  Katz worked for Bolanis.  I refused to cooperate with their thefts and returned possessions to the owners, reporting them to police.  When I reported Brecher the Principal Dr. Marshall, who never called home when I disappeared for months after crying, “they are going to kill me,” in her office, she made sure Brecher knew who has squealed.
       To Ringo this proves I’m a snitch, who haddit coming on Mt. Desert Island.  Recall that these are the murderers who made the child porno, murdered the hostages, raped the deaf, poisoned the innocent, calling dibs.   All because Yoko Ono said I was jealous.
       Turn to Obama.  It wasn’t just Robin Lipscomb who was helping the car men of Karl Carlucci.  Mr. Biggs, Mr. Chas. Biggs, a friend of Gellomini, could name every car make, model and year on sight.  Sherlock and Schugar Bear were with Mancine on several potentially deadly kidnapping operations in which I was commanded to obey them as the hostage of their crime.  Recall these Black men were working with the killers of Dr. King full knowing, as accomplice in pussyball affairs, and that a strange little black girl, a waif, said to me mysteriously outside WQED, “one upon a time.”
      To Mr. Peter Gabriel, we already know, in his syphilISIS, Mateen committed honorary non-violence.  Moonunit says so.  So do not question a moment the fact that the killers withheld information they had in 1984 proving AIDS manmade, never warned, but rather orchestrated the victims from the front with misleaders.  One of their agents, Rob Pfieffer, working with David Demarest and Debra Martin after seeing Manon of the Spring said the old guy did the right thing, even by Spike old Lee, in hiding the water from the kruuktbackt who turned out to be his son after this Pfiefferian father’s act (misdeed?  Pfieffer says no) killed the big boy.  Briefly recall, I know it is irrelevant to you, that the murderers leered that Archimedes cudda spared us the population boom, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Ayn Rand is ISIS Allah, and Katz’ advocate Teddy Rockefeller added, “people are like ants.”  Let’s ignor that the truth cudda saved many lives and mobilized defense of the at risk and afflicted.  Nope, a claimant called dibs.
        At the corner pocket one day a thug lined up a shot and I tapped the end of the stick from where I was sitting perfectly syncing the ball.  The same energy was at work when I helped Geiger with his piece Dissemination, at the time unaware of any wrongdoing on his part.  Mr. Geiger, deceased, was present.  He laughed, seeing it as “a goodly jest” as he would say.  Had he been angry he’d struck me before, he would have shown it by putting the cigarette back on, but then it was my painting at the time as a gift, I’d stayed up all night watching him do it, we were friends, I sponsored it, but if anyone wants to turn friendship to deadly evil it is the mass murderers at the Carnegie and Warhol making this their case.
       Characteristically, they shut down my house computer so I couldn’t answer their deadly lies.  The voice box always answers with the auction house tune, the Fripps won.  That’s not news.  Nor is it news that they evoked a vanisher style lure to Mt. Desert Island, claiming I would only be exonerated from malicious allegation made by Leslie Katz and the KKK (recall that Rick Lux (ric klux) was the insurer of the Roland guitar that Fitzmartin acquired by false promise, while Hodge had he dog tear apart dad’s cashmir coat, my only inheritance).
       What hasn’t been documented is that when BG Stahl secured custody of me as a damaged orphan in terror by pretending to be my protector, it started coming back to me as the amnesia began lifting with the overtones, due to Jewish society impingements, of a collaborator to Nazis, and this was long before I knew the truth about Gail Burstyn.  Strange.
        The assassins made a pretzel of home invasion sex calling my attempts to expose AIDS being manmade proof of rape threat.  This con game by the British can be identified, as that they knew I hadn’t and wouldn’t rape anyone.  They never proved a case, they simply used aggression and offense to deter proper understanding.
        I played into the trap to show it was there, and long planned before appearance of the virus.  This was denied, punished and the evidence destroyed, which is, of course, what they mean when they say the assassins won.  The Queer accomplices will simply raise the bet in partnership with Mateen, because people are weird.
      Having never proven a threat to Leslie, because there wasn’t one, they have formed a murdering front line announcing that restraining orders won’t work or be honored, but punished as mistrust, killing those they bray to have been protecting.