The Politics of Tacit Approval

It is I suspect impossible without knowing what they are and how they thought to comprehend the encryption they use, often through selection of agent names to represent their casual normality as easy-going victors, as lions in our ranks, having pulled off abomination. The only language the foreign English speaks is facelying, but this doesn’t prevent them from taking measures to deviously rub their atrocity in our faces.

In the 60’s one of the words that went around the ranks of groovy intellectuals was antidisestablihmentarianism, which was often defined as people against those against the establishment, which meant counter-counter culture, the sort of F.B.I. agent who would grow his hair long, poison the children of his professional rivals in gradeschool, and then sell the locks after he cut them to one of his undercover admirers.

My father’s idea of humanism and educational embrace of the young to promote the dignity and propriety of our civics was a category they have targeted for elimination. No one has ever been able to explain how we ended up with a violent horror, of such disturbing extremism as that of Yoko Ono presiding over our campus values, but the murders and rapes she organized as a vicious posse after pretending that the way she exploited a coma trauma proved the identity crime she had also authored, makes Pittsburgh criminally insane for ignoring, while taking me hostage for a lifelong vivisection ordeal.

The Wattenmakers and Fripps subjected me in grueling hostage as a child, in a Manson ordeal, to neurobedient modification of traumatized behavior. They took little Jimmy for a Luciferean piglet to be treated accordingly and likewise so derided. There are laws in the United States against what Adrian Belew and Peter Gabriel did and I am planning to do everything in my power to see them brought to justice for using Amnesty International’s name in a slaughterhouse campaign of rape, torture and murder in attempts to intimidate into silence about their evil hand in the AIDS Onslaught. Their lies will not work forever. Eventually the truth about Mt. Desert Island will become as obvious to the world as it already is to me and people will ask why our civics were that abnormal.

Yoko Ono has sold to Our Commonwealth the idea that child trafficking is an art form. People who listened to the pedophiliac songs of David Bowie should have known that they meant an alleyway campaign promoting NAAMBLA, the monsters who traffic children, often by way of other more callous, bullying children, as in the obvious case of GaiL Burstyn. To help her, Israel is playing a game of grievance that is identical to the game Hitler played. Israel has made mountebanks of those, like Martha Gellhorn, who opposed Franco. Our intellectuals of the Left, like Noam Chomsky, to protect their sniveling little racket, take confidential council with Nancy Reagan to determine how best to explain. Chomsky is not the only turncoat of the Left. His old cronies at Ramparts Magazine at Berkeley, notably someone Horowitz, have become the most sinister counter-counter culture forces to emerge in the post-60’s sellout era.

So many people who you would have expected not to be were inside the job of the AIDS outrage that, frankly, it’s almost easy to see how so many students went along with their own killers. In the big job of criminalizing the school, no one has taken a great lead than the University of Pittsburgh. Forget all about University dignities and contracts, they will forge your children’s name on their crimes after brutally torturing them and Police will look away. Miles Kirshner is a powerful attorney downtown, who was second ranking law student in his class, yet drove the drug traffic that I witnessed in our high school. Attacking me was a Jewish spitball campaign against a symbol of trust that Pitt has never stopped humiliating. For the foreign English rabid it was a way of deflowering the Mayflower.

Taking sex away from people is obviously very serious, yet Fripp and Burstyn worked together all along. Matt Marcus was a bugle boy for the noxious concept mentality that foreign English like the pathetics in the Beatles brought to the table. They turned on the superwave, turned it off, and weeded out the people who couldn’t take it, forbade them further entrance to the Tomb of Bich’n Tung. By studying their methods you arrive at a shockingly different set of facts than the idea that Peter Gabriel took Leslie Katz’ side as a statement of perverse collaborationism in the AIDS Onslaught and it made everyone feel good to pull together despite being party to a bonfire of screaming cruelty, one of Hitler’s worst atrocities. The respect for women who cuckold you campaign was a training operation for inside acceptance of manhood in the great weeding and thinning out operation. England, by their own admission, was unconcerned and unaffected by anything except being found out. That they attacked with great venom and ignobly.

The psychiatric opposition justify everything in the name of concentration camp psychology intending to make the non-violent angry. I once turned on the TV and saw Sidney Poitier hit someone and then say: It’s okay to be angry. I didn’t see what provoked so it looked like nothing had. You would wish that McCartney and the Senate, the cultural White House of Peter Gabriel and Obama’s crib played a game that slimy, to hit you and then say it’s okay to be angry. What they are doing instead is hitting us and then hissing that it is not okay to be angry.