The Pursuit of Happiness in times of Plague

Just as those who remember him or study him have said about the plastic marketing of Martin Luther King, whose killers enshrined him as a pied piper to lead the AIDS victims peacefully into the beyond, Thomas Jefferson was also more radical than people have chosen to remember.  Some of us thank the  Founding Fathers, despite the odious exclusion of Black people, for including a comment about:  “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” because many of us would rather have nice homes in safe neighborhoods raising our children than under the sword of Isis in a world that poisoned Socrates, nailed up Jesus and shot Martin Luther King for being so very vibrant, together and alive.
Yet many of us, looking back on Europe in the time of Mussolini and Hitler, realize that the reason that we think poorly of those who went along with the crimes against humanity, rather than died resisting, is that in such a pressure cooker, or forcing house, we realize that there is such a thing as a life not worth living, and that death before dishonor has meaning quite different than that taken by those who attack children blindside to humiliate them.  America will be remembered forever as the country who admired poem of premeditation in mass murder so profoundly that the government and media went completely to sleep rather than report the masked pimp orchestrating the plague from London.
A book called, “Journal of the Plague Years,” by Stefan Kanfer refers to tragedy as a farce of mistiming, the forces that should have liberated us being the tragic forces that bring us to concentration camps.  This was the mystique of misreading and misconstruction, the gales of laughter directed at Hitler’s hilarious little puppetshow at CMU by the Zappas.
Zappa set up a system of feelers for resistance, to make good and sure that helpful information never reached the victims in time.  Diamonda Galas is more than just a suspect in the AIDS Onslaught itself, she is the fraud who weaponized it to attack those who tried to help the at risk, and will be remembered more than anything for the violent manipulater who failed to file charges.  Her mindset was encrypted into Peter Gabriel’s SO as a message from the forces of ISIS in London who launched AIDS, Mt. Desert Island and 9/11, so called King Crimson and the Muslim fanatic Youssou N’dour.
The coward Fripp is no less vicious for being a blindside assailant of children and child rapist.  He schemed himself a metabolic warlord, serving, as many in our society like to do, as Judge, Jury and Executioner over the mentally ill.  It is to stop such vicious clowns and their mob scenes that we have due process in the first place.   Much admiring him, we have become a nation of slavery and war where the rights of the accused are banished, the promises of liberty and fair play just taken away by a swarm of child molesters and their claim to film rights.
The assassin hails from a cult who claim: people are asleep, they are unconscious, and bray of a Work that brings them to consciousness. In order to understand the mentality of the thread they follow, sleepwalking, and their thrall with torture as a medium, you need to see the way they illustrate themselves by conjuring built on the semi-articulate mindset they use for their association war game.  He schemed to use his art, his concept of “Schizoid Man” to make his warfare popular.  In the name of the war on sex he invented a lurid diversion:  sinball to illustrate the church’s deadly case.
I am deaf and now a Senior Citizen.  I do not like filing a lawsuit that I know is doomed by virtue of the fact that  I am not a lawyer.  The  people who tortured me and made me a slave for lifelong mutilation of a serial dimension knew I would never recover sufficiently from childhood attacks to represent myself or seek justice.  In order to appear in court, I will have to take some additional medication to alleviate the stress and this will probably reduce my ability to be articulate and persuasive.  You can understand I am sure how fortunate I feel after years of  grueling homelessness, which is one of the injuries of being attacked, that I am safe in school, an Honors Department student, boasting straight A’s for two years and a happy, fairly healthy and functioning member of Mercy Behavioral who helped teach me sign language allowing my return to school.  The stress of a lawsuit is potentially very disruptive.
I will explain here my cause and leave to your insight whether to demand its pursuit.  The crime is an enormity.  A nerve agent was impacted into my head to cause amnesia, trauma and facilitate hypnosis as part of a deranged identity crime.  I was kidnapped and tortured and then sent a forgery in the mail about the intention of the studio syndicate to misrepresent and rob me of my life’s name and meaning.  All of my property was confiscated by this underworld at a time when the FBI visited me and CMU published mockery on the front page of their newspaper about it, after which time my deaf advocate, for helping me, was attacked and raped.  The FBI knew this was going on, and refused to investigate.  They refuse to give me their files bearing my name.  Their obdurate behavior has included cooperation in a home invasion by contract prostitute for  the purpose of leaving me in isolation of a cruel poverty nature, deaf, friendless, and terrified, so that  I could be worked by professionals for material to enrich the identity criminals who put me into a coma as a child while they worked atrocity in my name, so that I could arbitrarily be used as a straw man for experimental punishment.
My crime was wanting a life of my own.
You can see from the available evidence that  this is just the most horrifying of their outrages against me personally.  They deliberately deafened me, there is no end to their game and its litanies.  I have written 30,000 pages about this matter over the years and cannot exhaust their sport in the least.  After framing me for date rape and armed robbery they dared me to try to show that  the trauma I exhibited was from being tortured and kidnapped as a child, not from doing any of the lewd things they insinuated.  When I tried to come forwards at PITT they invited me to the Law School and arrested me.  It is this EXPECTATION OF BRUTALITY that has made it all but impossible to come forwards on my own behalf.  They want to put me in a coffin.