The Redcoats of Dealey Plaza

Paul McCartney is a devious and intense hate criminal; were this not the case he would have immediately said, “I won’t abide this terrible experiment, James Crary is a person.”  He had the very opposite response and became dangerously ravenous in its pursuit, a fact by which we arrive at the profoundly unsettling truth:  that they planned it, discovered nothing, authored atrocity. Peter Gabriel suffers from deeply evasive, cunning British atavism and is genetically incapable of identifying himself as a ravenous anti-social deviant, a problem his popularity makes all the more deadly, though the glaze of the psychopath glares with lewd self-suspicion making him all the more wily in his deceit.

My research into the AIDS attack suggests that Government Internet monitoring was meant to promote stigma around sexual minorities, so I would question if John-shaming doesn’t also promote atrocity. The double jointed jaw and two-tongues of the British maniac is evidence in the graphic Randy Shi/ts. It was meant to claim conscious irony in the theme of “conduct unbecoming” while the British simultaneously promoted AIDS as justified for that very reason.


The lurid headhunter seethed that I was committing blasphemy by wanting a traditional bride forbidden to my caste and the designated role. Carping of the imminent danger of unwanted attentions they simultaneously solicited in the Brecher manner of holding a handshake with defiant grip while laughing, “let go of my hand,” the rabid predicated murderous abuse on a fraud about nuisance for the hunter’s pretext in what they construed as cop vigilanteeism, deadly punishment for telling on a police pedophile ring.


The foreign billed their activity as a revenge rampage based on a long planned alibi fiction for promotion of the Green Party. True to form they used Roberto Clemente’s name to promote his assassins. Patricia Fripp went so far as to leer suggestion that Roberto would have supported the mining of Nicaraguan Harbors, while Penis Gabriel called himself Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by incendiary bombing and slasher homicides promoting Burstyn and Frankl with the words, “he’s the priest, he’s the doctor, he can handle the shocks.” Dr. Priest, Jr., champion of vivisection pedophiles is a viperous foreign rock star with no semblance of social cause to identify by.

Illegality is the license of the AIDS attackers. We find in the Lennon dictat, “I disowned you but now I’m going to write you back into my will,” as Warren/dale at New Castle with the Pitmen hitmen of the Quarrymen arrange to confiscate the United States for Tojo Ronin, Bush and I.G. Farben minutemen in the name of 21st Century Schizoid Prince Charles.


They didn’t just give me a facial, they lobbed an infinite satisfy into JFK. Lube Wreckers from 1717 Murdoch Street for Two Virgins 6780.


Lennon always said the Beatles didn’t want to come to America until they were No. 1. They never would be until JFK was out of the way.