The Shadows in Casablanca

For a period in Germany, Adolf Hitler, for reasons that were living color for those engaged in his abomination, was wildly popular. So popular in fact that Lennon might have been better advised, or at least more accurate, to have said not, “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus,” but rather, and more on track, tell me the answer, now is what is it class? “The Beatles were more popular than Hitler.” Impressive. With such popularity they could get away with more than he did. Today we are always hearing from the progressive bigots in London that the Germans are just human beings who resent very much being treated like anything else. When your own moral circumstances are reduced, it evidently helps to elevate those once beneath you.

What is going on with respect to the AIDS Onslaught during the Presidential Election of 2016 is worth knowing because you aren’t being given any choice. Likewise New York media isn’t taking any chances. They are running power from both sides to capture the establishment. There is a reason for this and I will explain it. I have no doubt that you will say afterwards that you didn’t understand. I know how intelligent you are, so, I also know you are lying.

New York media is never going to tell the truth until it can be rigged to service their lies. The truth can factually be represented in media as a fantasy. Because this would lend people the power to conceptualize reality, New York media is trying to call telling the truth an act of treason, if they can’t get away with calling it psychosis. For something so far-fetched to be being heard and still be causing such outlandish shrieks and acts of defame, to say nothing of bloodshed, is highly illogical. I’ve heard it said that Kennedy staged his own death and disappeared with Elvis somewhere. Nobody shot the tin foil dude for it. What gives?

What the Obama/Clinton Administration have moved to do is to make telling the party lies very profitable, while telling the truth is put into a state of subjection, held bondage to slave labors, punishment rape, deadly reprisals, piteous ordeals, social isolation and sabotaged recovery trauma, to name a few of the more common items of suppression. For telling what they say is a ridiculous paranoid fantasy, that’s all. It is a highly lucrative secret scheme and they don’t want me to cut in on the deal by pointing out that they have been using my name without my knowledge or consent for very vicious and low-minded things which, in their reduced circumstance, the foreign English gloat of being high-minded, not low minded much as an animated ant cartoon might be made to look like Benito Mussolini, and make everyone laugh with its jowls and its swagger, yet look here, no one laughs at the disreputable sight of an English bigot, seething with disgrace, pouting in unintended comedy that it is unfathomably gracious.

My case did go before the Federal Court. I tried to sue the FBI for failure to investigate. It was my last chance to get justice about being tortured. The Judge threw it out saying that there was no good Samaritan Law that applies to Law Enforcement. While a citizen can be required to respond to a crime, the Law cannot be required. The law, said the Judge, has no such obligation to investigate, investigates crime at its leisure and arbitrary convenience, and made very clear that the case was closed in so far as pursuit of justice is concerned. I am willing to accept any consequences for my initiative. I had a duty to my generation to try. I failed in my attempt which was widely predicted. People will continue to be kept informed. I won’t stop discussing the crime nor my investigation. People had the right to be warned and still do.

AIDS came from the LAV III lambs virus in experiments at Salk Labs and was released into Zaire which Newt Gingrich alleged has a lower order of Muslim civilization than India, an idea that informed the pussyball war game which was invented as part of the spiteful attack. The foreign English, predictably, attempted to mandate distortion into the record and began destroying evidence when I refused to comply.

The Force Be With You people battered me as a child, sent me illegal homework and claimed I was subhuman when I couldn’t understand that a twelve year old Jewish girl was planning to kill John Lennon, which they now deny, since I was the real target and she was his attache. The staged and phony shooting of Reagan and the disappearance of Lennon had something in common ~ Hollywood desire to secure the script they planted about it on me. Reagan’s attorneys in the grab dared me to explain how I was in D.C. that day. Lennon’s cult sees the easy money, just say Reagan didn’t know and Jimmy cudda saved John Lennon and those who released AIDS get to make the movie.

The Hollywood agents, David Lucarelli and Amanda Harcourt who brokered the theft of the letters had it planned as entertainment for AIDS victims, about whom they were unconcerned and unaffected. They covered for those who started AIDS, claiming that the sex culture violence involved showed that the victims deserved it. They made child hostage movies with their pedophile partners, police pornography, all lewd and titillating and then finished with a sequel to Yoko Ono’s proudly disturbing film RAPE, this time very real, of a deaf Korean comfort woman, while the Judge sniffed and threw it all out of court as disdain protected by precedent.

The assassins now say that I was abused and became an abuser, that I committed self abuse, that all sex is evil, that talking about their attack prostitute in a depreciating way whose actions were intended to secure the freedom of those who committed mass murder is cheap and lewd, that the vicious impacted nerve injury was demonic possession, that I shouldn’t be allowed to write ribald literature in contempt for Hitler, that only Rabelais, who served the church by depicting Satan in the manners of the medieval man, is entitled to speak in the vernacular of sarcastic relief from debasement. Over and over the theme repeats in an endless refrain, AIDS was justified because I can be violently degraded, and as such am not entitled to a defense. Curiously, because I am non-violent, they became enraged with sadism. AIDS after all had been authored in my name. By who is irrelevant.

The final stage of their litany is the diagnosis delusional, very delusional, dangerously delusional and so forth. The crime they claim in a phantom that originates in schizophrenia. Gabriel was practicing science fiction and is entitled to admiration by those who he challenged and shepherded for Jesus on the Cross with AIDS. The point of course is how I spoke, what I said, when brutally tortured and in trauma, when under the control of a neuro-hypnotic impacted nerve agent. They will stop at nothing to justify the war on sex.

That which is most inconceivable, most unspeakable, most monstrous and unthinkable is perversely that which needs least effort to hide. So it was that the Jews who worked with Hitler after his escape to Argentina, simply wanted to refocus the game a little on sexual immorality, rather than Jews. It has been, as Nancy Reagan would put it: Their Turn.

The sickening sight of Al Jolson era Blacks in white face being forced to squander their talent and manhood posturing as ignorant, smiling mammies for Mrs. Nancy and Company, prancing vaudeville in Jim Crow masquerade due their mortal terror of white brutality, Mr. Charlie, step’n fetchit in service to the bigots cracking their whip at their feet is bad enough, but to have N.Y. Italian anarchists to whom the tools of police units in Pentagon-Disney have fallen making a mockery of a child suffocated into deranged dancing on the table for mutilationist pedophiles tells the final copy about the Beatles and the evil face of their civil liberties masquerade. They came from on high to control the inner sanctum of Ft. Federal and also the pirate underworld. This is their grab of sale on Jimmy Creary’s most revealing scream of suffocation and attempts to save his life by entertain: Night of the (rich) Lebo. When wrongheaded theory is doctrine you know that rock stars, not academics, are at work in the wow of thrall and savant groupie cash haul. The victim establishment was eager as a wrestler with a first grade education to be wormtongued with derision, offered insults and spitballs so it could answer with fireballs.

They brayed that their sexploitation, and ultimatum to prove you love the revolution by dying in Mt. Desert Island bloodoath and death vow, with Seattle Queers loyal to money not honor, who they sized up and entertained this way, throwing in a slasher homicide here or there, was therapy but that online JAV, the Cinema Paradiso, is perverted to view, not to make, of course. Death before dishonor mandates scorn for the survivor, not protection from abuse, the cowards. The child molested is evil, the molesters are capitalists, nothing wrong with a buck. The experiment was allowed to do criminal home invasion and continue, drooling with righteous indignation that biological processes were at work in home viewing after the rejection of the attack fiance, that the queerbait was none other than their favorite porn star in the inverted paradigm of the corporation making comic muse of the consumer. A Truman Show with his pants down. Righteously, because the women, age 18 by law, willingly, by their own signature, are being exploited, claims the revenge rapist, trafficked by the child they assassinated and made into their play toy when he simply looks at their films, which they agreed to make by contract under law to someone else entirely. This is immoral they say. Why? Because I was tortured by them. I am, they say, a masochist inviting home invasion, feeding my own mutilaters, and so on, proving what class? That AIDS was justified, of course that’s what.

Private sexual matters, that of Japanese pornography, in other words, who wrote the script with Yoko Ono, is high art, as AIDS was, a fashion art statement of moral masochism come to roost. Disturbing they laugh because damn good. Who doubts that queerbait would like the boot of his deaf advocate’s rapists? They wouldn’t have dreamed of public warning in a timely way, it would have spoiled the movie. All they need to do is drone on that Reagan didn’t know, despite all the evidence of Pentagon Disney planning and the money goes to them, the truth to slave labors. By this ideology we go full circle in the nature of reality, an unfinished business, because the queerbait did not believe properly, forgive and forget, the blindside attack in childhood was therefore friendly fire.

Hoodwinkers and dacoits, cretins and philistines, present the moral lapper with a Do or Die operation for the AIDS Combine. The Little Prince, Cinderella in drag, emerging from the ashes of the Phoenix like a shimmering if castrated birdy, Hitler’s little boy, the chosen, as the froth of queer rapine and race resentment bellow in hives, blaming him over their support for their own killers.

The deepest comment regards their cloak of masquerade.

That’s not good like Gabriel, so hehn, just hehn.