The Sheriff of Slipknottingham

We all now realize that the United States Government will lie to derision and beyond, breaking every law they have ever established to justify using a child in criminal fashion to make political statements about their acts of foreign war and their brutality towards dissent. The specifics of Pennsylvania Law as they exist on the books (forget about the barristers who maul them) destroy secret Federal claims to equity, so let’s move beyond the simpleton violence of the United States imbeciles in their uncontrollable rapine as guilty but insane into the dementia of the foreign rabid British stringpuller.

Whatever the incident may be that the AIDS Combine chapterhouses through Hollywood censored so-called media (actions of crime they agent-author as spectacle) attempts to read the motive of the assassin group brings with it the fact that whodunit cannot be proven. Their goal is to provoke suspicion and render it actionable in the minds of those they have confused and disgruntled. This way they get to hoot from the sidelines as they get two sides to fight each other. This is known as Yojimbo politics and it should surprise no one that Yoko Ono is behind it. The wormtongue of the British assassin is (predictably) at both ears.

“I sense,” he lisped, “that the Ku Kluk a Hedron can reconcile all sided cognitions.”

The aggressor sows fantasy suspicion among the gangster pathetics eagerly receiving its lying foreign soothsay, yammering of imaginary weapons of mass destruction, sniveling its parochial charms into student networks eagerly receiving their lies, and egging them on to wear their horns proudly, the expert parochial character assassin snickers at its huka. As they bomb Arabia into Islamofascism (blaming of course the naive idealists of Arab Spring), we aren’t supposed to notice that scorn for secular humanists was the same tune played by ISIS, Pink Floyd and Reagan. No matter how brazen it is, no matter how loud the sympatico, no matter how many times the same exact words are repeated over and over, we are forbidden to notice because if we noticed that we might also notice the nerve deafness, nail-biting child of a humanist who they brutally mutilationed and then pushed out into plain view to watch us avert our eyes. The mutilationed ragdoll they forced onto paint thinner who took a long time to die, living long enough to pen variations on their cowardly, lisping moral fantasy of gyrations meant to entertain the plague victims they withheld warning from to make more money as it spread.

British Labor by their own admission in working the revenge of Franco on Kennedy were unconcerned and unaffected except for their rampage demanding authorship rights of the sly and endless Riback cube of Greg Karl, Gail Burstyn, Peter Sinfield and Adolf Hitler of which the Royalists are tho enamored. Knowing an English by its nature inherent will not protect you.

After lying about my true condition and what they had really done on Mt. Desert Island they launched a Student Opinion Survey to sell the gyrations Rosa came to provoke. They acted out the idea that I wanted revenge for Rosa against Black people so that the insane criminals behind Rosa could get snipers into place. These belligerent drama school instructors harking back to the Guerilla Theater of the Jewish Community Center in the 70s, are meant to instruct for those who really want to see America swept into ISIS style Army of God anarchy which CMU Germans call Alternative Conflict Resolution, the African Art of the Frankl medicine man show that goblined through the 90s. Again we are forbidden to make the connection regarding the Holy War mentality of American militias and deranged Islamos. Yet it is perfectly evident to high command as their vicious antic farce Iran-Contra showed clearly. It isn’t Donald Trump who doesn’t understand his threat to punish abortion comes from psychotic clergy mindsets and enjoys Islamofascist approval.

The only reason that Pink Floyd and Eno get away with the voices of Ultrahigh is their hangdoggery about admitting it. Many people would recoil from Peter Gabriel/NASA brainwave sonar as an instrument of soul molesters who do child mutilation as a plaything of storm and light empathy guerrilla bombings based on strategic assassination.

Nice of Maxine Waters and the NAACP to sell us out so totally for a little extra glitz in the house of Oprah Winfrey. The last thing that ripper in London be is Queen of Hearts. Why did Pittsburgh splay for sicko British?

The British comprehended the potential of their rock music imposed Sharia Law antic farce the construct of eugenic pussyball warfare when authoring the AIDS attack. They stalk by gang ballet, recognizably King Crimson formations in extremist alliance between skinheads and Black Panthers, the ghoulism Markus McGarveyism of the Nazis behind the Onslaught, seething that not to fight them is surrender. The doctrine that not fighting is surrender, like everything else they’ve pulled, slaps the face of Pennsylvania Law. In your dreams does Queen Elizabeth and her ripper faction control Pittsburgh by jurisdiction. The murderers make stalking look like gang involvement, but in your dreams is she the master of our subways.

Felons in the Pennsylvania Judiciary made it look like an experiment in Irresistable Impulse as though that was a claim I was making about their neuroplasm, while lying about what really happened, which is nothing. Through this fraud they snickered that the neuroplasm control they implanted, like cyborg development, as a reason for even crying in suffering and vomiting in seizures was invalid and they are entitled.

The cowards assaulting the dignity of those who try to humanize Islamic society, the ones being shot for suggesting more education, even the best of these wasters in the West, never mention the power vigilanteeism such an exhibition of religious intolerance encourages, because the lynch rope and ghoul masks of Black Power have joined the klan and Godlaw here or there is Godfascism everywhere. The failure to admit that HONOR KILLING has been promoted by media neuroplasticity in our hoods allows Hitler’s Hollywood to bomb Arabia into Islamofascism, drug South America into narcofascism and wall us up for the final polish.

In the old days they used to ask: Could it happen here, but the sly old Jews who saw it up close in Germany knew full well it already was.

You have to identify the way that Catholic freaks fall over one another to volunteer self-slaughtering services as martyrs to understand the suicide bombers of the AIDS attack. The Federal Government didn’t overlook this. They knew. Sean Strub was a harbiger of the idea that all those who escape AIDS must be Maximile Kolbes, saints willing to die washing the feet of the afflicted. They would not allow anyone to try to warn the victims. They want the religious story for the Fundamentalist fascism of the blackout age. Thos. Lane who ridiculed as the poison of peace those who opposed the extermination of Vietnam, hissed of those who sought to escape their fascist duty as given to the flesh. The poison of the flesh was the antithesis he gurgled of the pursuit of happiness which is un-American anyway.

Oh, oh, I see, they don’t want contact with you, they hissed as a chorus all planned in the ear of the victims who were already seething with Black Rage invented for the cause. The plotters had put into spin, “They Came Before Columbus,” so Black Rage knew that the infidel, the white suck humanist liberal was to blame, and must play Jesus of HIV for Pink Floyd and Midori.

The Benevolence of the Aggressor snickers that it was coping, that it was art, that it was brother Eno who all Queers and their poppers do admire inshallah beyond their own lives, only Eno can read their zietgeist most holy in shiemish of cause.

The doctrine of double fantasy is how they may yet win the war, as we bomb those imaginary weapons of mass destruction and blame the idealists, the frogs of ISIS will spit back the diabolical Pentagon Disney projection of Martin Luther King who leads them to ramp of Auschwitz with his prestigious victory in Operation: Fiddle Dee Dee.