The Truth About Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr was evidently among the maniacal authors of the Kennedy assassination and overthrow plan. They believe that by authoring the AIDS Onslaught in the name of James MacRyland Crary that British fascists in Liverpool and their Nazi German partners, can transfer blame for the atrocity to the United States and then takeover our country when the public refuses to bear witness and accepts transfer to blame to a historic person who they distance themselves from and murder as a scapegoat unworthy of the grand name given.

Blacks already did not like the idea that pilgrims from Plymouth Meeting, with a history of performance in all wars from the Revolutionary on, were somehow entitled to heritage recognition. When my father staked a claim to the field of human rights, HitlerReagan balked, and chose us as a statuary of the auction block, with a tip about Pitt, where they think nothing of pedophile vivisection, torturing children, raping a deaf girl legally a child to promote a false witness campaign from jeering, syphilitic British prog rock pond scum.

Hitler understood the symbolism that our politicians do not. He posed outside the Eiffel Tower and wrote: I, Fool to in the name of Jimmy Crary. His Senegalese witch doctor poses with my head in Paris, as his forces array for the final accounting under the master plan of British Godlaw and a strange new invasive power called: Ultrahigh.

They sent me the letters while holding me in a scientific condition of semi-awareness, comatonic and unable to comprehend due to the Einstein content and age of severe bondage and trauma. It was part of the Beatles’ mind control of the peace movement as lemming headed towards AIDS. Their Ultrahigh Caste supersede by convenience even their admission that they refused, not failed, to warn when they claimed discovery.

It was German loot, after all.