The USA is Guilty but Insane

Investigation into CMU is objected to by the fact that it is a private institution. Despite this, they invited to their premises and committed terror crimes towards me while there. Accordingly, it is a surreal stretch of power to claim I have no reasonable interest in seeking outside awareness and Law Enforcement. Beyond mutilation crimes caused, in part, by rivalry between their white power mafia and public education where my father was influential, the virulent have worked with Peter Gabriel in an absurd series of terror crimes.

This matter is a free speech issue which they surrounded by attack prostitution with neurological innuendo, allowing them to punish speech in the name of behavioral disruption without so much as advising me of a charge. Then, in promotion of their sickening tapestry of libels, they attacked and raped my best and for a long time only friend. They made a claim that it was justice which was endorsed by the viper in The White House.

In their scurrilous litany, they penned, “the dialectic is established at the outset” between “paranoia’s poison,” which they also termed, “pigment and figment.” Fully aware that the evidence leans extremely heavily in the direction of poison they announced paranoia anyway through Police operations.

Far from concern for the truth, Peter Gabriel’s arsenal are fulfilling the crime, so that now, as accessories they want their sinister alibi to hold. Loyalty to the deception paralyzed the golems and let loose Seattle’s Queer Mafia as advocates for those who released the AIDS attack, a conundrum that Paul McCartney lispily citations as “people are weird.” Acting as ghouls of the heart, they claim that they are silencing the spiritual dimension by execution of innocent mortals deemed symbolically worthy of Beatles War.

The Warren Commission killed JFK as part of the Warren/Warner Brothers bid to use Hollywood as Hitler’s tool. The New York Times was Reagan’s National Security tool for enforcing the blackout around AIDS. Together, they destroyed America in a total war fascist revenge, and that serves as the story of the AIDS attack, which Franco and Hirohito both lived to see, as well as the seedy underbelly of a prancing worm named Obama, a man of diminished capacity, endorsing child mutilationists pre-emptively targeting this political opponents.

Due the presence of Herbert Simon’s machine intelligence concept domain, we have to be wary of some of the more poignant symbolic nom de guerres that are among the less obvious, however odious. We know that Ross K-ronen-bitter was proximate to the Pittsburgh scene surrounding activities at CMU. The presence of a Ronin symbol which is 47 or DG looms even larger with Donaldo Gulligan and Dia Galas. The KKK Ronin claimed after staging discovery of their own script to be all bitter and that, necessitating feeding false information, with the help of Obama and Gabriel, on behalf of notorious Carnegie Madames like Mary Ellen Tunny (ton of money), to the weirdly accepting of deception AIDS dacoits in the ripper hater Green Party.

All of this can easily be corroborated despite the whirling dervish of King Crimson’s paper shredders.