The Whiteness Rabbit

The discovery that Lewis Lapham, who was the former editor of Harpers, which is our nation’s oldest magazine, although to be sure not older in America than my family’s Pilgrim name, has a brother who is an attorney for the CIA is important not only in what it says about keeping yourself in the dark in an era where information is necessary, but also concerning the AIDS Onslaught.  Although I am the only person saying it, the script by Gail Burstyn and Paul McCartney proves that the Beatles were behind the AIDS attack, Britain’s representation of the atrocity as a gamble the force behind which they say is well-meaning.  Surely, they argue, if you believe in Just War at all, a weapon meant to play morality against a zero sum game fits that model of mandatory reform.  AIDS is a germ meant to restore family planning values.  Gail Burstyn herself was introduced to me on the porch of Shelley Friedman, the name of a local Jewish magistrate.  Like Lewis Lapham’s article:  “The White Rabbit,” in his book “Fortune’s Child,” about the Beatles’ trip to see the Maharaji in India, which he accompanied, there is a metaphor on that porch of “the tinkling of little bells,” a phrase that occurs repeatedly in the text of “the White Rabbit.”  Friedman’s daughter Sharon, the cousin of Beth Blumenfeld, whose best friend Jennifer Rubin is the name of a prominent Pittsburgh syndicated journalist published in the Post-Gazette, a newspaper involved in the AIDS Onslaught cover operation and murder of my father, as well as operators of a syndicate behind Mt. Desert Island, anyway Sharon came onto the porch tinkling little bells and wondering why I couldn’t hear them, early tests of the deafness punishment they inflicted in their military genius.
My newspaper professor at the Community College came in yesterday with a Hitler coiffure, and shadow of the famous mustache talking about the need sometimes for drastic action.  Paramilitary racists in the classroom I have already discussed with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms concerning indications of psychological warfare reasons for involving in the mass execution in nearby Wilkinsburg and Fire Department bombing in Seattle, as well as the Green Party psychological warfare explanation.  None of my letters are ever answered.  It looks like a crowd themed to the whiteness project’s ideals only the day we discussed Wendy Bell’s dismissal for seemingly racist, Obama style commentary on Facebook, and the disappearance of that text, the only Black student wasn’t in class.  Michelle Obama’s paramilitary culture in theater operations of the Green Party allow black involvement in these acts while using a white culture branch of the Green Party.  Prof. McGuire told us never to take any gifts from anyone we interview, not even a coffee, adding that in class was just play so that doesn’t count.  The V.A. agent who I was scheduled to interview from the Fire Department and Wilkinsburg has given me a ticket to the baseball game.
The presumption is that my art is idiotic but sincere.  They say that the anger of women over my letter to Leslie Katz out of high school is real.  Secret Service planning and psychiatric associates of Peter Gabriel and Ronald Reagan they claim were acting in the interest of a multi-racial Union by setting up Mt. Desert Island and the attack on campus by Rosa which also led to murders before both on campus involving teachers, and in Seattle.  The paramilitary guerillas working for Britain and McCartney behind the AIDS attack have already confiscated the script they wrote about why they murdered Kennedy and King, which also explains how and why Lennon planned his own disappearance with the help of Pentagon Disney.  Walt Disney by the way established his second Disneyland on the day Kennedy was executed by this faction who are planning coronation of a King in England very soon.
The local media working with Fox Network are in my home, controlled by my mother’s second marriage to a Pennsylvania scriptwriter who worked this multi-racial plan for the Government.  The executions in Wilkinsburg were a drastic attempt by Obama to re-awaken his libel that I am a racist and to force me into a confrontation with increased lethality as an obstruction to my attempts to document and warn the public about mutilation vivisection, torture, rape and other carnage coming out of the United States in this very real new Nazi problem of an Ark committee who released the AIDS virus.
It has been observed by the Union and Police pedophile ring defending themselves militarily that circumstances and poverty require the nut to go about his business.  I have affable dinner with mother, go to school, and am nice to everyone concerning the baseball games.  They are working with Cyril Wecht who is a Jewish coroner and serial killer practicing a cruel vivisection necro-topsy fetish, a rigging of monitors, playful and spiteful “piecemeal” attacks on the body by medical error to shake up the psycho-biology science for kicks.  Rape and murder are understood as disgusto crimes, but make up the bulk of American entertainment.  This situation just blurs the distinction in ways a little more gruesome and political.  Sadistic mistreatment by Peter Gabriel and Obama is nothing new.  I have to attend school at a college where every time I go up the escalator I re-live the most tragic moment of my life, where Rosa left me, and there is a sticker there of Obama that reads, “the joke’s on you.”
Brain death was involved in the thinking of how little Jimmy was put to sleep for the narrative that they sent to me as a script about my utility in their snuff film.  They plan to martyr me admiringly for the Robert Redford branch of Hollywood who commit crimes like the shooting of Serpico with the intent to film them.  That is why AIDS is being kept secret, it’s part of a Hollywood dream team.  Richard McGarvey who called this a lifelong project teamed up with Vietnamese Dr. Tran in Seattle to poison my stomach in a chain conspiracy linked to a wheel.  The Wheelers worked with Peter Gabriel to claim that the psycho-biological monitoring set up by their dirty Jewess Leslie Katz for the final accounting and occult kill ticket of Fripp and Midori, working for Fox, Clinton, Trump and New York City, was justified and the rape of deaf Jeannie part of the necessary payback collection for Federal pussyball loans.  Britain’s system is worse than Sharia Law and they have what the Riback and Child nuclear faction call escalation dominance.  If I breath a word about the potentials of Ultrahigh, they win.  They also took Rosa for secret hottie spoils, part of the plan to enslave me to desperation from abandonment, a standard call of victim on victim food fighting in their zero sum multi-racial AIDS game from the upper tier.
The wimp-bashing idea came from one of the first tormentors in grade school, the name Runco.  If you are C.O. meaning conscientious objector, you better run.  The idea that anyone who doesn’t fight, which is the guiding light of the U.S. Army in their creation of ISIS in Arabia and Narcofascism in South America, comes from Hitler’s response to zero sum warfare, that it leads to de-realization, and forfeiture.  This is the Martin Luther King they admired for his utility and celebrate with a statue for pacifying acceptance into the AIDS victims, a fact that Obama and John Lewis of the Civil Rights Movement have kept secret through a process more evil than Gitmo.  Yes, the King Family have endorsed Gitmo.
Under the circumstances a well placed witness named Charles Bronson in Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was killed is patently suspicious.  Why?  Because Charles Bronson had a movie about setting up murders called, “the Mechanic” that was part of the spiritual hypnosis used on me as a child when agents Kasperowski and Herrington, who had resemblance to him, were in full swing for Ringo Starr’s setting for a tragedy.  Their idea about journalism being truth is that death will set you free.  Naturally this leads to self-censorship.  Their alibi is that if a journalist claims he has rights he no longer is serving the public interest.  The idea is criminally insane, and allows them to engage in public mutilation vivisection of a victim.
The shadowing by the Green Party is meant to claim there is a subconscious need for their murders as therapy for the situation.  They invented a spirituality about rape based on phobia deep, deep in the public mind.  They went to my past lovers and held their hands saying times have changed sugar, you don’t want to be the one Trump blames for abortion, and took their hands, now think real deeply, is there any ick ick tenderness, any gesture at all, any moment that you can bogeyman with the idea that the rub doesn’t pass caress detector?  That it was lewd, grabby when you licked?  That it won’t pass detector of fitness?  Aw, does this not also prove that you have something to hide and if you didn’t have something to hide then you wouldn’t mind your home invaded and your soul molested?  It must mean rape, ah!  Set the bloodbath to the tune of transparency, they laugh.
The idea is clocked to a theory of endangerment by publication of hallucinations.  Under the insufferable and terrible feeling of being watched that my fruitcake mother brings to the table, the Obamas having in mind seeing me suffer the unscrupulous condition of eating from the hand of my own assassins, afraid to tell, this way, they see, the queerbait mind will come unhinged from the need to express that should be medicated, or else be promoted as indemnified to a white power cult wing of the Greens who won’t speak up about race murder.  This you see is the mark of someone secretly in sympathy with the way he is being used as a war toy.
It isn’t fabrication, we agree, just a jest, and by the way, paranoid, a frightful episode, to be lamented in one so dear and intelligent.