They Call Him Mr. Biggs

This non-fiction work is something I should not have had to write. It is a slave labor and involuntary. It is about having had my life taken from me by tormentors who committed murder, they raped my loved one and subjected me to mutilation. They operated openly and totally unprovoked from the United States Government. The fact that I have said the truth has been used against me to justify horrific neglect. The magnitude is very clear. They have taken my rights away from me as a cowardly and vicious art statement from internal affairs. They have implicated you so that you will have to agree with them.

They have dared me to make your conscience the issue of my text.

As of this writing, Oct. 11, 2016 onward, I am the only person in name who has meaningfully objected to and borne witness concerning the planning of the AIDS attack which was rendered a fait accompli by Barack Obama, a deal he cut forcefully in return for The White House. Just as true, my name was used in the attack as a forgery and identity crime. They were chloroform genre pedophiles. They used knock out gas to render me a dummy, a flesh and blood effigy, a voodoo doll for their warfare and Frankenstein experimentation. Anyone at the Community College of Allegheny County who knows me can testify to the neuroplasmic head trauma the University of Pittsburgh inflicted in order to justify their insane and cruel crime; a crime so cruel it defiles the premises of the institution even to hear of it, so naturally enough, they cut me off and threatened to kill me for talking. They tried to use a personality change agent to point the finger at me. At age 56, having also been poisoned in the heart, this casework is my doom, but I do not take lightly being used in an insane act of sadism.

To give information about what happened is costly on the level of time. It is difficult to find anyone who could care less or knows very much background, even among those who lived the era I did, my life having begun in 1960. I do take seriously making it understandable. Having come to understand that I cannot escape issuing this cry of warning, I have tried to settle down to the complex text of making historic reading possible and to cushion the intensity by making heaviness lighter.

Part of what makes this case so vile is the language structure deployed by the assassins. They have made it heartbreaking clear that those who committed abomination enjoy the absolute rapture of those they abused. They are a controlling faction and interest who rubbed it in our faces so that those who found out about them could be seen clearly and forever as covering for them, almost without any compunction whatsoever anywhere, lie after lie. It is extremely droll to hand around the smoking gun and have the recipients laugh, “What smoking gun?” or with a chuckle of mirth, “I didn’t know!”

The crime they committed was set to a running narrative of defamation. They made a lot of evil stories up and then said if I do not answer them they will kill someone again. They murdered in order to make clear that they wanted chapter after chapter from me, to gloat and amuse themselves with recreational sadism by which to gloat. They operated from a number of civil institutions with license, as I stated before, from the United States Government, which they occupy in branch estate in my region, uncontested by barristers or civil review. This isn’t just murder, of course, it is atrocity written in an exampling. They mutilated a child, laughed, pushed the victim around for all to see and join the laugh, and this was a metaphor for a much larger crime which they hit the victim in the face with as though atrocity were a pie. You are not guilty, you will leer, because those claims are impossible. It is up to you to contradict me if you can.

As a dummy the British used me for a feud they invented to cover a crime of war, a game over which I had no control and no power to stop, although I tried and am still trying, these murdering filth are obsessed and will likely remain so. As a consequence, I am pressed for time and although I hasten to point out that I have writings online, this is not an argument for abridgment, nor a willingness to overwork. Much urgency was mocked already.

The Museum Mafia in the cities of Pittsburgh and Seattle have made a spiteful bid for the travesty of slave labors in high stakes claims after collaborating in an abomination. They planned this as carefully as the pharmaceutical companies who cashed in on the AIDS attack. Behind it are the most censorious and vicious powers of British repression ever assembled, the nightmarish, brutal and cowardly sickos who once called themselves the Beatles. John Lennon’s “Imagine” was in fact an evil executioner’s song put into play by the AIDS attackers for the same reason Gandhi preached non-violence to Hitler’s Jews, to get the victims to go quietly. In as much as these psychopaths did retaliate against the idea ofAIDS they did so as a delusion, against apparitions, always targeting more innocent people and saying to the AIDS victims: you should be content now, for others have suffered, too. When the AIDS victims stir unsatisfied, they offer another human sacrifice. Easily then, you can see the role they assigned to me, the prospective baby in a rubber, Houdini, get outta that one.

The U.S. Government is advocating for them, therefore there has been no effort to trace them.

I must mention that the damage done isn’t just that I am deaf. They castrated me among many vicious acts over decades of terrible depravity They did this without provocation on the basis of the idea that their misuse of me, their criminally insane manufacture, was somehow proof that I was a fallen disgrace. The woman they raped, while braying of asinine chivalry, is a deaf girl with epilepsy and Downs Syndrome, legally a child. This never matters. It never will. All I hope to do is make historic text readable to my small lobby. It is obviously impossible for someone who can barely afford stamps to take on the conspiracy of the superstate media weapon assembled by HitlerReagan, Inc., especially with a comment like one. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington surrounded on all sides by blitzkrieg berserk storm troopers even if some of the more prominent dress in suit and tie. Their slander has fueled a generation of lies, they claim that my restraint and chivalry has made me a danger to them.

Abortion was the smokescreen they used to make muse of the AIDS epidemic, and this faculty planning was tolerated so obviously that what few there are aware of it don’t have any idea what to make of it. To name the hangdoggery of the accomplice status quo is pointless. Who would there be left to try and convince?

They got me to say some things under their wire tapping review which they inputted and prompted, meaning, they got me to say what they wanted me to say and then misrepresented what it meant, which was planned. They escalated their poisonous surveillance by advocating for themselves as liars seeking the truth which they forbid, distorting at every turn, destroying all evidence that contradicted them, with an override premise of ideology. Behind their escalation, they crowed of Godlaw. Godlaw in defense of the AIDS attack should not have gone by un-noted and un-traced. Evidence and testimony should not have been impossible to communicate to police and hospital services. It should not have been wired through accomplice lines of distortion for secret readers of no count.

In their sexual attack they cited sex as their excuse and used manufacture to profile their exampling. In order to show how clear the proof is of fraud and planning by the British Government, you need to see some of the themes and how they were established in the framework. For example, I was taken prisoner for sexual purposes by a pornography guild in a place called Clem’s Shack, built by Clem Baker. The name of the first most lucrative developer of four wheelers, mostly farm wagons, was Clem Studebaker. The plan was a car show built on presentation of women as finery to which a license is required.

Black military genius underwrote this war crime as a game, despite the cowardly denials and braying of black culture to the contrary. When British fairies from Oz landed they reached out to the egological dimension of Afrocentrists in our Ivy League, cackled that Michelle Obama was the magical Isis incarnate, and the Afrocentrists lined up. Oliver Stone, one of the Nazi Jews in the Confederate plan called JFK researchers like pigs lining up at a trowel. One can only guess how he sneered when Spike Lee produced Cornell West yammering in favor of HitlerReagan and failure to warn. Elders we were told know best. Pitt and WQED produced a Pussyball tourney led by the planned rejectionist viper Midori Goto over a scam of a one night stand from Allah, with a married Louie from India. Thus the attackers were called victim and demanded satisfy. Charles Biggs of Fulton Elementary, a friend of Larry Gellomini who boasted of being the first one to hit me (in the stomach, his choice) could name at a glance any car off the aisle of plenty, and the Black man’s eye fell on the symbol of Life.