True Crime at CCAC

True Crime at CCAC
Pittsburgh Penguins
1001 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA
May 11, 2016
Dear Pittsburgh Penguins,
       Because I am deaf, when I attended the Housing Authority for the City of Pittsburgh meeting of the Voucher Participant Advisory Board on which I was appointed to serve as an applicant from among the tenants, an interpreter was hired for me.  His name was Jim and he wore a very impressive Pittsburgh Penguins shirt for his attire in official capacity.  Clearly proud of being a fan, he said to me as he left that he was surprised that having lived here for forty years and my having been born here that we had never met before.
      My name is James MacRyland Crary.  My father Dr. Ryland Wesley Crary was Chair of the Philosophy for Education at the University of Pittsburgh.   I am late-deafened, in the Honors Department at the Community College of Allegheny County, and writing to you because of very serious mayhem.  The issues that this letter raises are for a mature person.
      Although I have been led to assume that curiosity about what I am saying downtown has arisen among people who have never heard of me before, I am not sure that it is entirely established that Pittsburgh Penguins themselves have no idea what happened to me or what was done.  As an influential element of the power structure in this city, I am inclined to assume that you did some background checking and understand that I have sought to report criminal mistreatment, torture, rape, murder, mutilation crime, kidnapping and terroristic stalking, with several truly cruel personal injuries and that in answer I have been subject to defamation and eerie, ruthless marginalization, reprisals against my loved ones, and deadly misconduct intended to intimidate me.  If this is not true that you have this information, then I am glad that I am in a position to supply some background personally.
       In explaining to you that I am dealing with the criminally insane, I do not thereby propose to make digest simplified for public consumption.  The gravity of the intake session I am offering is so serious that the best I can do in offering this assessment is prepare you to protect your own welfare during encounter with a pattern of hostility so alien that you will doubt your safety.   You will be disturbed to understand that I am sure this originates from within the police community itself and Pennsylvania Government, as well as prominent individuals with influence over the more celebrated sectors of our commonwealth, particularly agents for the Geffen Corporation at Carnegie Mellon, close to Barack Obama, but sanctioned by Rick Santorum.  I simply wonder how they could have expected their truly craven acts of evil to be unnoted forever when they bang on without remorse, encouraging by their own publications people to laugh about such acts as child rape and mutilation of a hostage child by armed, brutal pedophiles.  You would like to think that I am the one deranged and that nothing of this sort is going on or has happened.  In wishing this were true, however, you serve them by pronouncing contempt on testimony if that is the direction you choose.  I am writing to offer to dissuade you, and bring you up to speed on what is your role in civilization.
      One thing that is very clear, there were films made, both when I was hostage as a traumatized, semi-comatose, brutally battered child, and later when I sought to investigate a museum mafia in possession of these films, as a person who has been stalked and targetted by ferocious gangland activities originated in the East Liberty District, where I was horrifically assaulted, usually blindside, as a 12 year old, by armed men in stolen cars.   This gang enjoyed the help of barristers downtown who targetted me in a psychological profile campaign beginning in high school regarding my attempts to follow the mis-guidance of my mother Nancy Moore, a fruitcake, who had no respect for me, and was casually inclined to grant custody to the murderers who took me hostage for months, after I cried in the Principal’s Office at Fulton Elementary, terrified of death threats by a brutal, armed gang.  Neither mother Nancy or Fulton Administration so much as looked for me, much less called the Police.  One reason, of course, is that police knew I had been kidnapped, their children were involved.
        One of the individuals incriminated by this domestic terror syndicate Thos. Hale Gordon went to Harvard.  He and another woman Gail Burstyn, from Bryn Mawr, who should have been arrested twenty years ago when I presented evidence for the first time, both tried to explain something to me I never quite got the hang of.  It was a psychological field of study that involved pigeonholing someone into a profile from which they could be described in such a way that the other facts of their personality and achievement would be derailed and ignored.  I met one of their company Leslie Sanetta Katz when I attended the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts on a Poetry Scholarship.  It evolved into an unrequited relationship.  I had never studied Law so it was difficult for me to understand where all this was leading.  Eventually, however, I learned of a few facts concerning Criminal Law that were serving as a tactic for hiding how I had been tortured through a game of what their team called, “constructing a persona” (Greg Karl, Central Catholic and Chris Frank, Point Park College).
       Police Administration have a riddle game going surrounding apparently contradictory elements of criminal law regarding homicide and rape.  On one hand it is widely believed that a man can mistake consensual sex for general consent, and gentle resistance as proof of surrender.   There is a law, of course that when I woman withdraws consent you must stop.  Since there was no lovemaking involved in the case of Leslie Katz, you would wonder how police transformed this relationship into an excuse to brutally rape my deaf teacher Jeannie Tamburro, after Karl and Frank. working through an absurd gang at Carnegie Mellon involving David McWade and Christine McQuaide at CCAC who published loud and clear on the cover of their newspaper that Jeannie and I were being punished by torture and rape.  In fact, the CMU community making this their stage production first introduced me to my fiance Rosine Monteleone, then took possession of her for their own sexual gratification at Duquesne, while driving me into homelessness after raping Jeannie and having me chemically castrated while I was in seizures.  This brings me to the third element of their fraud, the idea of jealousy and passion as so understandable in law that it can downgrade murder to manslaughter.  They set up not only jealousy, but used an excruciatingly painful nerve agent they knew aggravated jealousy, a fact proven by their own papers from Neurobehavioral Research at Pitt.  It had been forced on me as a child which caused atypical facial pain and neuromuscular spasms when it forced its way out after their so-called sexual therapy assault and attempted murder.  They knew it was in there.  They knew I did not.  Rosa was hired to cover for Wm. Wattenmaker, the researcher working with Karl and Frank on what they themselves called, “a lifelong project.”
       The crime tallied up as a climatizing arrangement by feminist criminalizers using an impacted neuroplasm to claim that I was being punished for suspicion of defiant trespass during consensual sex when the woman experimentally withdrew consent.  Through rapid eye movement interrogation CMU and Peter Gabriel, who my mother testifies was involved in this criminal insane mutilationism, after he wrote to me obsessively for three years, I was able to idenfity who they were representing, Mary Anne Steiner, from Bard College, who i met at He’s Dead, Jim at CMU.  She invited me to New York, seduced me in bed, changed her mind and I stopped when asked.  Think of what they could have done to a clumsier individual when you learn that they did this to justify a nuclear program developed around an AIDS testing war game on Mt. Desert Island, one in which their team captain, Robert Fripp of King Crimson, stated that I should be injected with HIV if I sought a penny in damages or was proved to have dagged by one stroke beyond withdrawal of consent after being seduced.  To cover his crime he says that he “senses” I did, which there is no question that I did not.  As a act underwriting this violence to the mind, they not only brutally raped Jeannie, which they called “Mercy” for not giving her AIDS, but slasher rippered Shannon Harps to death outside the clubhouse where I took shelter in Seattle along with a warning that they were keeping watch over the children in my family.  Black Panthers are totally on-board with this mission of surveillance and terror threats, claiming me as an occult, black market property, while supporting Peter Gabriel’s acts of arson and ripper hatter homicide as voodoo from high Africa.
       Try to keep sober.  Will Zell who organized Mt. Desert Island with Nazi messages was working with Jewish attorney Miles Kirshner to confuse people.
       This enterprise is very officially secret, but it evolved from the fact that these men, who murdered my father Ryland, apparently with the assistance of my sister Laura Jeanne, and the sinister blessings of my mother Nancy, who gave the script they wrote to her stepson David Lucarelli of 20th Century Fox for Peter Gabriel when i knew nothing about it, these men knew that my father Ryland was on the same ship as Bush in the Navy.  James W. Child, the nuclear magnate Reagan sent to Pittsburgh to cover for this insane wave of hate crime, berated me with the help of Wesley Posvar full of gyrations while also aware that the Pitt draculas involved were using neuro-hypnosis, a fact that Posvar admitted in the Pitt News.  This greatly intrigued the jibbering English buccaneer Robert Fripp, a savant of child rape as therapy for the rich.
        My research proved that they released the AIDS virus.  Fripp lied to cover their excuses for Mt. Desert Island where they used me as a slave and a guinea pig in an AIDS testing war game proven to have been planned with the AIDS attack.  My research proves that Hollywood and the Automobile Industry were all involved, that Japanese pornography worked with Reagan on a revenge plan in the name of Adolf Hitler and that these deranged weasels came from Pentagon Disney.  Reagan’s Federal Emergency Management Agency attorneys had me in D.C. the day he claimed he was shot.  He waved to me the night before.  All of this testifies to Pentagon Disney deception, a fact borne out by the deranged screeds of Peter Gabriel justifying Mt. Desert Island and Zell.
        You will find if you look at it honestly that persons such as Chris Frank are working with Yoko Ono through the museum mafia on this case and although their script claims that John Lennon’s murder was my fault, that the truth is that John Lennon’s family are sponsoring, very proudly, the horrific bombings and murders by those shown to have planned the AIDS attack.  What this means is that the Beatles were a Trojan Horse.  Lennon didn’t really die.  He used a double, just as his last record says.  This explains what he was really doing and why Reagan waved to me the night before he claims he was shot.  John Lennon was a depraved heart individual setting up youth on a suicide course and slamming them into the wall of AIDS.  Imagine was an Executioner’s Song.  Having developed their production company this way, they were able to use suicide victims as leaders in follow up attacks that are proven to have included 911 and Diamonda Galas, a ripper enthusiast.  Oliver Stone has called this:  Operation Medicine Man.  It is a military pasttime based on Victor Frankl’s Logo-Therapy.  One of the authors of the script, which originated at a kibbutz in Israel, named Sean Strub not only was outside the Dakota on the night John Lennon double fantasied his own disappearance for Pentagon Disney, but has served as the guru for Peter Gabriel’s war games.  My first ear doctor, Sidney Busis was Director of Holocaust Survivors for Allegheny County.  I was horrifically kidnapped and gassed in a place called Kings Estate as a child by hitmen named Pitman.
        The evidence supports this interpretation and no other.  The British were involved in the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as a long-term plan for the rise of their future King.  The Beatles were on a clock of X-termination.
        While I can see why, with your political investments, you would laugh that I was gruelingly put to death by slave labors and myriad toxic abuses, violent crime and heartbreak, good luck trying to disprove it.
Very truly yours,
Mac Crary