Unapologetically Deaf

As a teenager, I used to think the meaning of idealism was to see all human beings as equally welcome and entitled to dignity and basic needs while being enabled to creatively live. I know that business practices and nationalism created fascism when allowed and that personality cults arose to make people accept and not think about any of that.

The music I listened to seemed to have the sincerity of tears so I got to know the musicians and was lured to an abominable cult in West Virginia called Claymont. They called themselves later American Society for Continuous Education, a change apparently instigated by their British company President who was gunning hostility for me. Unaware of this fact, totally trusting and hapless, I was at the mercy of his sister’s friendship with Colin Powell. They appeared on 60 Minutes together, which shows you how easily they could have warned in the 80’s and I got their explanation for refusing straight from their desks.

Pennsylvania society is ruled by this cult. A girl about to turn 13 seduced me when I had just turned 13. She knew what they planned to do with me. Even though her brother’s gang kidnapped, tortured, pedophiles, photographed, severely poisoned, trafficked, battered and humiliated me beyond all tears of fright, into shock, using neurobedience in Frankenstein style experimental hypnosis, Police and the cult in question said too bad. They said I was obviously just out having fun. They condemned me to a lifelong ordeal of torture and serial mutilation with the words: the worst is yet to come. I was also used for slave labors every day without compensation.

I am 55 years old. They allowed me to keep nothing. They attacked and raped the girl who taught me sign language to punish her. Clearly there are chapters and episodes to this horrible affidavit they now call “their” … “story”.

The perpetrators have included Seattle Queers involved in guerrilla actions, sanctioned as protecting the name of Reagan, so they can no longer afford to admit they knew that AIDS was an attack and that they refused to warn because a few insider speculators were positioned as victim claimants for the purse of copyright. The authors named the victims beneficiaries and signed my name. The Green Party was set up as a charitable trust by those who authored the AIDS attack. It is a dissertation of Agenda instruction in mandatory charity or die. Naturally, they haven’t sprung this on the public at large, instead they used me in Reagan’s Auction Crary system as a property of Sir McCartney to invade and blare with the art of Ultrahigh, making me the Picasso object of a military overthrow that was made to look like a laugh.

Free thought has been outlawed by trickery. It was the trickery of Reagan’s satraps in British prog rock who divested of etiquette and launched a space age, skunk-like rivalry with all things deemed beyond legendary, sniggering of a miracle killdozer called Love. If you make a penny you die they seethed from their Peacock Throne.

The Blacks who were named Beneficiaries of the X-termination by Bernie Sanders, like Katrina avenger Spike Old Lee, set up a Karma Suit Ra to lord by deceit and fraud over Obama’s alliance with the white extremists in the AIDS attack cabinet. McCartney likes nothing so much as to promote the question of whether Midori Goto served or became Nunzilla, but what is clearest now is that the prudes among conservative women are putting up a poker face over their control of the call girl system.

The hometown love I feel for CCAC, my mother and Dr. Ralph Proctor must not take precedence over awareness of the macabre fact of their administration representation of the authoritarian prestige and seniority of the collaborators. How could the U.N. turn on the masses this way? No wonder China hates the Dalai Lama. Dr. Proctor comes over like an old fool, a senescent witch doctor to Attila handing out Death Certificates to the beyond as though they are loving testaments.   Black traded in on silence in the AIDS attack and now want to strip a white of life and property in demonstration of their uploaded agenda.

The Vet Assassin lobby from Hollywood behind this mess are powerful dacoits like Oliver Stone and Henri Mancini who called little Jimmy a hippy and a coward when they attacked him blindside in gradeschool. True to form they resort to brainbeam, street violence among the black poor and target a retarded girl and a disabled old man in compound trauma with a Tive/Fripp strangulation structure, like a lottery winner demanding his sleazy, greasy boogery hand be shook by his gofers, they love seeing me do public relations for my own father’s killers. There was something so perfect about how a babykiller comment was uploaded into my father’s text for the murder show by the Green Party and their sneer of who’s a babykiller now dogeyes? Like most of what is happening in the world there is about the American Government and its pussyball mania more than a hint of consensual terrorism in their invite to play.

HAIR may have seemed to be called Tribal in its advertisements as a fad, but it is not to be forgotten how proximate Woodstock is to West Point. Recall that Native Americans were exterminated. I have little doubt that the Yale madcaps of the super-right clucked away about the anthro-linguistic possibilities with the British-aping sneers of Gregory Karl. Cervi, who lived deep in the merciless pit of mercy, is like cervix and Service, minus the S.E. that is in the book being read to use and named in the Burstyn script, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton whose lead characters he and his brothers, and his gang of car men could have played as perfect fits on the levels of eidetic vision from Pentagon Disney.

James W. Child and George Bush were the type who would say, “Why Not?” about HAIR, while singing, “Gonorrhea, syphilISIS…mother why do these words sound so priceless?” Recall Reagan’s scorn for the idea that he would withhold support for his contra mercenaries over their heroin. Now Bush has LOVE trapped. Serve, and if you try to protect yourself, you die. The plan to deny AIDS an attack to forbid victim rebellion was carefully kept quiet with a few lucrative bribes.