The Beatles Knew: Key Concept in the AIDS Extermination

The attack by lawyers, Pittsburgh Catholic, and Law Enforcement elements in the government began very young when I was a child. It was slaughtering and blindside, meant to take away my right to self-identity. They shamelessly used personality changing chemicals and brutal neurobedience training to forge an identity that they needed for fingerpointing. When they failed at what they sought, they used my name anyway. They needed this persona so that the Beatles could hold me as blameworthy for their explanation in cowardly acts of sadism meant to promote the AIDS Onslaught as justifiable.

This generation so puts egological status ahead of knowledge and social responsibility that they allowed the entertainment system to railroad all of us into collusion in the AIDS Onslaught. There seem to be no investigators. If there were they would know by now that that Royal Family in England have a legacy of Nazism, that the murderers who tortured me are pedophile pirates on the police using agents who were violent bullies as children working with their parents on hostage-taking and lastly that the Beatles cloaked their claim of my blameworthiness to mask their support of genocide as every private comment that they uttered throughout this prolonged, insane ordeal shows.

They used rock music for extermination to a perverted degree so ferocious even HitlerReagan was impressed.  They got away with it by escalation to the deniable powers of Ultrahigh.  Despite all the evidence of Nazism and slovenly nature, cruel and vicious to an insane extreme, our entire society was panting to be sodomized by the  Beatles.

America proved themselves worse than Nazi Germany.  Everyone knew and nobody, but nobody said a word in protest.  Expecting that my house would  be the exception, they got the last laugh by knocking me out, and then sending me the letters authoring the whole thing in my name.  Bring us tea, Eloi, they snickered.