Venus Fly Trap

AIDS was conceived and directed by the Combine under Reagan as a Venus Fly Trap. This spoke clearly in the use of the NEVA Corporation of Japanese pornography. It is impossible that Christopher Hitchens did not understand and identify the 444 symbol in the initial hostage taking as related to Hebrew Law. Therefore, he was silent purposefully as an accomplice.

It is important to understand the manner in which those who might take note of a catastrophic human rights violence were betrayed, by the United Nations, by the NAACP, by British rock stars, by all sorts of Nativist groups of the sort who push and yell to get rid of immigrants and refugees. The Queers themselves were stocked with leaders in the loop to misuse them, and, as we saw loudly in Seattle, betrayed themselves with the faith they put in John Lennon’s greed. With the help of Brian Eno they were syphilized.

A woman named Jacqueline Smith sits outside the Lorraine Motel and has done so for twenty years, protesting her eviction to make way for the Civil Rights Museum. Had it been in the spirit of Dr. King, she claims, it would be a homeless shelter. There’s something to it. King donated his Nobel Prize money to the cause of the movement, which gained definition as The Poor People’s Campaign when he was killed. His wife objected. One doesn’t have to wonder what he would think of Dexter King’s princely self-service as a Royalist of the new millionaire jet set, but even hardly to take is that Intellectual Property Management was told by James W. Child and Amanda Harcourt of the plan to justify the AIDS Onslaught through an Ayn Rand war game. Barack Obama won an Ayn Rand pussyball war game in tandem with his installation in The (former) White (man’s) House, deriding the deaf suck with the confiscation, by plan and rights of the Maiden of NEVA Corporation: Midori “Go/to” ~ as the script calls her (her name means Green which is part of the Confederate A-A-Ron Dixon ticket).

Barack Obama worked with the Ku Klux Klan on Mt. Desert Island’s war game. The problem with the affair isn’t just that Black racial lies demanding that they and only they can be victims, and that this victimization was the mad hatter decree that only having AIDS is victimization, not only allowed brutal torture and rape crimes by those who released AIDS, but also demonstrated that Black Lives Do Not Matter to American Black People. They didn’t give a hoot that warning would have saved lives.

The foreign English syphilitic read the wild palm of Muhammed Ali who understood that a white suck sacrifice would cause Pavlovian salivation among the Black Teamsters, but even that is heaped in disgrace. Nelson Mandela avoided being poisoned in the brain by SWAPO only to go on and justify it being done to little Jimmy. Ayn Rand spurned comprachios, yet her name was evoked by the Beatles for a terroristic crime against a white child. If Muhammed Ali had been found out to be poisoning his opposition before a fight, don’t you know what kind of person that he would have been found out to be? Yet Pitt has seen the evidence that Jimmy was given a nerve agent. Blacks of course went along with British liars that it was normal drug use despite the insane cruelty obvious from the letters, the narrative of forcing by death threats and beatings, the narrative of lies, the Kelly School incident that had Black women at CCAC taking vigilante measures to punish a whistleblower defending the lives of black children from Ku Klux Klan minute men in favor of the Ku Klux Klan who told them that queeball had Louis Louis’d ex post facto, good enough for Ku Blackery.

The murderers had in mind detonating the hidden poison in the head of the humiliated white in such a fashion that they could point fingers at the seizure gyrations, myuh. This explosion of brutal sadism inflicted on a person crying from hidden suffering and deaf, denied sign language, served the squalid parochial who sneered that was the liberal who wanted to allow immigrants and refugees their human rights.

The heart punishment has been cruel lately with palps as I try sleeping. They bombed the last messenger of public trust with a Hollywood eye for the face of a liberal carved by God to be seen for a laughingstock.