VPAC Resignation

      This letter constitutes my resignation from VPAC (Voucher Participants Advisory Council).  It summarizes my reasons for applying to Port Out from Pittsburgh and my intention to give 30 day notice to Aishel Real Estate.  The proximate, precipitating cause is the advertisement by University of Pittsburgh on a campus magazine that printed three of my poems.  The University of Pittsburgh is in my disfavor and I have enrolled in a second Associate Program at CCAC to avoid any sort of contact with a squad whose actions towards me have been evil.
      In light of this, for your safety from these jesters who call themselves respectable, I am going to lay out what happened without enumerating injuries.  Suffice it to say they are sadists and my life is destroyed. I deny wrongdoing and have been ruined, left destroyed, by their atrocity.  Since I am thoroughly frightened, again, and not young anymore, on heart medicine, the decision to go homeless in search of a place to retire in peace, if in poverty, is aggravated, particularly in light of my credible performance in the Honors Program at school, but it can no longer be helped.  I am dealing with the criminally insane.
       When I have written letters to Administration in the past I have been called delusional, my letters windy and rambling.  Now I’m an Honors student, despite deafness, with a 4.0 writing windy letters that ramble.  Maybe that changes things a little bit.
       I’m concerned that I won’t be able to work with other members of the board because they don’t understand themselves and due to their feelings about me as a white person.  It is a little like trying to talk to Germans about what happened to European Jewry in WW2.  In my experience their answer to is to change the subject to Native Americans.  The reason I don’t approve isn’t that I like what happened the Indians.
       While I was discussing refugees, a question of featuring a Somalian family came up.  I think it’s a good idea to add the story of a Somalian family to the newsletter.  In fact, my father Ry did Peace Corps work for Africa and I tried to keep the issue of Africa on the agenda at Pitt News and the Post Gazette when I wrote editorials there.
        Oprah Winfrey would not be inviting a hundred and fifty Hutus and Tutsis home or to appear on her talk show, however.  I don’t think there’s any truth in other words to the idea that some race preference moves me towards concern for refugees at present.
        The thinking pattern is very familiar to me and I have been serially victimized, first as a child by the Lawrenceville KKK who called me a traitor and then by Black Panthers who sneered I am a lying, sheltered white.  My entire life in terms of years was taken from me through infamous organized acts of criminally deranged intent to humiliate me.  My property was robbed over and over by the glee with which my tormentors deployed neurobedient extortion from manipulation of involuntary behaviors through neurological tampering, a fact about which they made a lot of noise in places like Pitt News, while police pretended they didn’t notice and were too dumb to understand.
       The incident at Vento’s Pizza in 1974 where a brutal klan gang beat me severely, stomping on my head, might have turned out very differently if Dr. Proctor, the NAACP and Hill House had the ear of those brave, young Black men who rescued me.  They would have been told, “Let the Klan kill him, we can’t afford a white victim upstaging someone at the holy Jesse Jackson microphone of grievance, tears and justified hate.”
       Black co-workers at CCAC coached what I took to be my fiance many years ago, the beautiful Rosa of Italy who came onto me mysteriously before I went into shock, lapsed into seizures, and ended up homeless for years and trapped in Seattle for over a decade, to which I may now be forced to return.  Police were trying to justify withholding that they knew how severely I had been molested, that they knew a nerve agent had been used, and that they knew I didn’t know.  Dr. Proctor seems to me a likely suspect for sadism in the matter.  The sort of coaching involved are in his psychological tapes which he plays at turns for his classes in lectures.  The white is a bully, child abuse is culturally relative and a man who is abusive once will forever be abusive, he scolds his class.
       The truth is the truth.  Pittsburgh could not admit I was being victimized because it would interfere with their plan concerning how they intended to use me, robbing me forever of my life in the most humiliating and horrible hate crime I think in America’s history.   Rosa began saying things with no basis like, “You would be just like my father who forces my mother to have sex.”  No basis.  I was in love with her.  I never did anything to suggest anything of the sort.  It was as though she was reciting lines for somebody’s else’s class project.   In fact serious poison is central to this serial victimization tragedy.  They used a nerve agent on me which ruined my facial nerve and injured my orbitals.  The nerve agent was impacted when they poisoned me and it did make me frantic about desertion and jealous, a fact that they tampered with in sadistic glee, making films of my torment and confusion as I tried to find out who they were and why they were doing it.  WQED was in bliss.  They had turned the tables on the humanist and now the KKK and Black Panthers were together getting off at the white liberal’s expense.
      This targetting began when I was a child.  My father Ry was dedicated to human rights.  The NAACP were furious at Dr. King for opposing the Vietnam War.  Shirley Chisholm put the war at the bottom of her list of concerns as America’s first Black woman to run for President.  My mother voted for her and I made a speech at Fulton Elementary as a child in her behalf, shortly before being kidnapped and tortured.
       Martha Gellhorn once wrote to me about my investigations.  She lived in the White House with Eleanor Roosevelt years before.  Trump, Obama, Clinton and Sanders all are aware, and intend to continue using me, that AIDS was a documented zero-sum game philosophy papers about which were planted on me, daring me to protest how I have been used.  Both parties worked with the KKK and Black Panthers to justify it and took me hostage saying I’m not entitled to a life or my own name and self-definition.  They’ve said, and I have it in written allusion from them, that I should be given AIDS if I demand so much as a penny for my life as a slave.  Interestingly, the same Black people who went along with AIDS are the ones who believe in reparations.
      The Union and Veteran’s Administration also ripper murdered the innocent bystander Shannon Harps outside the clubhouse in Seattle where I took refuge or tried.  Their gay and Black Panther alliance made clear that they have the children in my family, born to other members, on Death Row.  Once this sort of Nazism gets started there’s no stopping it, it is a forest fire and the British, who got into it as a game they think they can win, are arsonists in the matter.  I just want to leave with my Section 8 voucher if that is all I have.  They killed my father and they will kill you without remorse.  They raped my deaf advocate and laughed about it publicly in their underground newspaper at CMU.  I don’t want to make anyone’s life more dangerous.  I’m used to being isolated and totally alone.
        You should know however that even though the Administration refuses examination of the text, that the letters sent to me as a child make clear several facts concerning why they chose me.  They call me their “chosen brother”.   I was born six months to the day after Hitler.  My father was on Bush’s ship in the Navy.  I’m another Jimmy C.  My name James MacRyland Crary is a rhythmic rhyme with John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it sounds Royal, and other similar reasons for the myth of “James”.  That the persons involved could just do this someone, for all their charming personal demands for respect, leaves me to believe that they shouldn’t be entitled to so much as the shirts on their backs.
          One of the items that research discloses regarding the English Nobility’s plot in the murder of Kennedy is that they alleged in the lewd and ludicrous manner of Peter Sinfield of King Crimson’s inventions, who funded the plan from WQED involving Rosa of Italy, that JFK calling his court “Camelot” was treason under the 16th century origins of the law pertaining to forgery of the King’s seal.  As usual, it has the exasperating chicanery one expects from Ringo the Untouchable.  The insufferable tone of the case is weighty with the aspect of syphilitic scienticism the foreign rabid invent as their novelty and fetish, crowing of mystique.  A crowning ruse of the game is the lie that I cudda saved John Lennon.
      Recall that Lennon was the leader of the sex and drugs mission that derailed Dr. King’s Peace Movement in the 60’s.  He wasn’t going to be able to evade the sort of backlash that came down on Bill Cosby.  A graceful exit was the solution to his problems.  It was all long planned.  He had heralded a plan of mass hallucination.  The Beatles positioned themselves to lead an uprising of the victims in his dirty holy name for the celebrity superstate, claiming that the aggressor lobby were under attack, an old Nazi trick.  By forging my name they then claimed that I had forged my own name by calling them for the liars they are, an act in my defense that Jeannie tried to the desperate sorrow of her virtue, but if you look at her real name:  Chin I, chin chin, and the pattern of Beat/Les~lie of Ly/dia, you see quite quickly the word game the Royal Military put into play in central planning, long in advance.  There are many details, too numerous to go into, but the case is clear from his pro-Oswald Mosley film, “How I Won the War,” with its warped but typical image of blood drooling from his lower lip down his chin.
      The psychotic ploy that the foreign rabid used to justify Mt. Desert Island, the grim horror of their fraud about Leslie, is well-known in the Union, which brings us to the dirty dealings of the NAACP for Hillary “skinflick” Clinton, working overtime with the authors of the script making psychologically brutal films for Black invasion mafia from the history museum dog team charged to make money on the black market by official piracy in the matter.
      Dr. Ralph Proctor emerges from this disgraceful tryst of hate and leers much as Sean Strub emerged in prior research.  One cannot by the way just shunt aside that his self-published book places a chapter on the Black Panthers flip face from one on the Postal Workers Union, a fact that casts a grave shadow over the slasher murder of Shannon Harps, when evaluated completely.   The Postal Authorities sent me a tube for my bagel knife the night before, as one of the Union changed his name to Meat Weapon online.  The Black Panthers circled me after the crime at the scene. It’s fishy.  Secrecy at the college is just in place to make a show of respectability, but everyone there knows they tortured me in a war college routine for HitlerReagan when Ringo the Untouchable came seething that the money to be made was his and that Reagan was a victim, too, never explaining why his attorneys for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Pentagon Disney had me in D.C. for the show the day after Reagan waved to me in Foggy Bottom.  This alliance of deception is clear from evaluation of all their plastic pretenses, looking briefly at the impacted head injury they molested again and again until they got it just right and ripped it open into horrible seizures.  Their minds are garbled with loathsome lies that conflict, dissect, manipulate, delude, found out as lies, fall back on popularity.
       Maybe Dr. Proctor, who I personally admire, all this aside, is secretly at race war in the name of African Art, a fabulation shown to have been present in support of evil KKK minutemen in the AIDS Onslaught at the time of the Jackson Labs arson conflagration on Mt. Desert Island during their AIDS war game, long planned and an act of domestic terror towards me.  The mentality gyrates at the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh quite typically for both Pittsburgh and Seattle, where I also had serious problems of a race nature from Black Panthers and other forms of mania.  You have to understand the schtick that Proctor brings to the table, through the psychological tapes he plays for his classes, saying that child abuse is culturally relative, that lying to whites is called for by Blacks and laughing openly, while asking rhetorically, who cudda done that, as he prattles the old yarn of throwing garbage everywhere when the City wouldn’t serve the hood.  The vultures of the hood have new prey, a white who symbolizes all that they hate in the world.  These minions have new methods, they rub poo all over the toilet seat and demand their prey clean it up, they dare the prey to risk new fungus by refusing his coffee cup be allowed their lick.  I’m sure there were whites who have done this in the past, but at least they were labeled depraved.  This is the escalation dominance of degradation that reaches down from the crooked finger of the Beatles.  Yes, they are depraved towards me, and eye me with venom if I show revulsion.
        If the City of Pittsburgh is going to say it was tricked into Nazism by Reagan’s enthusiasts at Carnegie Mellon I think we should at least first insist on looking at how that happened and what really was done.  To begin with Reagan and McCartney authored the AIDS attack in my name.  It’s that clear and simple.  To evade this means you are not being tricked at all, but enthusiastic supporters of abomination.  Bernie Sanders voters, fools that they are, while asking if we can afford that small circle of parasitic rich people that Trump represents as a common man from the One Percent, are blithefully unawares that the One Percent are looking back asking themselves if they can afford all those poor people, and this, quite officially, is where the Reaganomic military action of AIDS was come from.  One slick move of Hollywood Holy War and the battle was done.  The evidence supports that Lennon used Hollywood to disappear and that if Mark Chapman killed somebody it was a double used to create a fantasy.  Lennon in other words is one of the Capitol villians who was behind writing to me as a child.  My father saw them in a small club before their rise to fame.
      Ralph Proctor operated out of the suspicious office of Wesley Posvar.  Like Sean Strub, a suspicious person was described in great detail before he surfaced matching the description, found outside the Dakota with Mark Chapman.  The University of Pittsburgh did not just torture and mutilate me as a child, kidnapping with hit men named Pitman.  They continue to watch me and commit murders with instructions to them, clear that they intend to hold me as a hostage and a property.   In fact, this country’s Secret Services are more and more vicious and resemble with less disguise the STASI and KGB.  They murder innocent people as Field Studies, allowing the British to do the same.  Whoever hired Lisa Miles, and it included blacks in the Union, and followed up with Rosa, while making scorched earth over Midori Goto, the object of the war game, they were Blacks and they worked with Zell of Jackson Labs, a white Nazi, the KKK on Mt. Desert Island and other white Nazis in Lawrenceville, the hotbed of child molesters who destroyed me as a child.  They are driven by the seething hate they stoke themselves up into at my name and circumstance, seething that I am a curiosity worth money to the controller.  Because they cannot be honest, because they cannot honor the property or rights of another human being, or even the name and dignity of the white other, it meant nothing to them to invade my privacy sexually with hidden camera to tamper with their experimental mental injury.  Anyone who heard the voices or understood the circumstances surrounding the song That Voice Again, about which my mother testifies without ever listening to it, Peter Gabriel’s work with NASA or the megalomania of the Beatles would understand not only that the schizophrenia I experience is a breakthrough from Pentagon Disney but that Ultrahigh made such actions as the faked shooting at Reagan child’s play.  How would the Dalai Lama who met with the sexless ninny of CCAC Patsy Williamson on the day they gave me a gold pin like what Rosa did doing it to him?  Or the rape of deaf Jeannie.  How dare the British just render a humanist monk in taunting victory over an idea?  These rippers took a humanist and declared a soul war principle allowing them to stew my potato into a eunuch for Yoko Ono, a viper on the level of the Japanese Gestapo Unit 731 (the letters came in 74) and into a traumacose neurobedient for a greasly sickly British rock star with a lurid, melted hold on his shafting guitar in the name of the Shi’ite Clergy who his friend Colin Powell’s Master sold weapons in the name of Nammie resentment, and believe me, the murder of my father over the new age Nam resentments of Oliver Stone and Company is not just hearsay.
      Dr. Proctor has said he will never forget or forgive the Veteran at Pitt who called the Nammies babykillers. and his resentment at white liberals is known.  Lining up like the murderers on the Orient Express, a warped mob exampled my father.
      Schizophrenia is camouflage, a schizoflage, that enforces a strict role that the United States is forcing me to play as a human sacrifice, denial of rights as a barometer to wage war by in theatrical manipulation of victim collective perception on the subliminal wave of a blackout in news media congregated by the hideous liars in  Beatlemedia, an Orwellian finkery that is absolutely proven by the facts of their deranged puzzle palace encasement.  The fact that you have no grasp of the powers of their new weapon Ultrahigh is self-imposed ignorance, for the evidence is out there.
       If you are sane, you are realize by now that Carnegie Mellon has violated Our Commonwealth.  I am part of the wreckage of their criminally insane masterpiece of evil.