Was Hitler an Old Testament God?

Words can mitigate defeat by dis-enabling History to be written by the victors, and this is a contribution when the vanquished are innocent and the ogres deviant.
Lennon said of the Beatles, “Why should we do it again just because a whole bunch of dummies missed it?”  The same is the story of the so-called Plague Mass Rebellion, which has never been allowed to enter our history books, and for what it proclaimed was totally misunderstood.   The British have tried to make it impregnable, impossible to understand, maintained by paper shredders and doctrine, an ugly business.  The presence of the report online under my name promises to rescue cognition, although by no means is loyalty to truth assured.  The Beatles are a powerful machine within Pentagon-Disney who vowed to support the AIDS Onslaught.  Their crime was executed with sufficient oppression that everyone became distorted.  Their supporters are not in a moral crisis that can be recognized by children, because media blackout reinforces their denial.  King Crimson’s Great Wall of Tonguelessness has been rendered a Verdict of peers, still hissing at a construction they invented to hide what really happened.
To be clear:  The Isis Caliphate are exactly the type of King Crimson.  These behemoth pests ruled a right to deafen a child after kidnapping him in entrapment as a child by mafia pedophiles, just as they would slice out the tongue of any man foolish enough to insult them to their faces.  The infamy of the sadistic prank of having me seduced while in terrible trauma from blindside beatings and nightmarish hallucinogens, to create a lifelong Death Row in underworld criminal jurisdiction of a Martial Law network tracing to Hollywood and The  White House, is common pimpery at its most loathsome.
The  village of Terri Villa Pizza is an occult society of the  old school of Sicilian telltale hags.  They knew when they abducted me what the story line would be, and their target were the usual target of extremist fanatics, as the Koran says:  The Mockers.  To kill a mockingbird took only the sardonic memory of a crying child in alexytemia barfing a carrot snide.  I was tortured and gassed in an alley called Snively.  If you remove the word evil you are left with SNY.  Edgar Snyder appeared to represent local interest through E. Snyder with L.A. Miles for  Kirshner, both barristers, in the aftermath of Ryland Island.  LAM worked with Greg Karl’s mission.
Greg Karl was an expert at  ruining the lives of children through rejection.  He  had a troubling and permanent impact on my distinguished nephew Steven.  My sister Laura has never escaped him, any more than my mother will ever escape Lucarelli.  Mary Lou Karl (MLK) was Karl’s mother’s name, and they decreed that my mother would Marry Lu Car Elli.
World of Ash is the name of the poem Greg Karl showed me as a child.  He had been strictly schooled by his father Richard that the world is going to end in a Christ finale of brimstone.  The mastermind behind the AIDS Onslaught wants to be there for the thrill of Hitler’s second coming, I mean Jesus, excuse me.  It is impossible to comprehend the enemy without studying them.
Attacking by slanderous persona, a definitive term alluding to Hollywood’s identity crime, was the local method of killing the messenger.  They hiss with lewd derision, claiming Lennon would admire his own killers, and this is wrong to find strange.  The stories within stories being told are meant to transfix with their endlessness, and short-change us by summing up to monstrous morals.  To the assassins, this is the jest, gift-wrapped backstabblery with the decorous sweets of colorful praise on the cover.  They punned it a Love You idea, a Lie idea, a Lydia.  Failure to warn has been answered by the entertainers with:  Don’t spoil the fun.
Clinton led a task force that advertised at Carnegie Mellon, rabid queers of hate demanding compense for squealing on their violent gang pedophiles.  They raped and murdered and pouted that revenge was simply illogical, nevermind that the revenge was directed against the innocent, because envy of those who have it better is just that way.  Rachel of Navos and Sound Mental Health appears to have one of the Government enforcers of Robert Fripp’s deranged claim that Jimmy Crary’s terror from being stalked by murderers who impacted a horrific neurotrauma, was evidence of hiding guilt of rape, and, of course, that was where they slashered Shannon Harps.  Hillary Clinton’s task force sold this  criminally insane libel to have me chemically castrated for bearing witness to my own innocence in a horrible game.  My persona was orchestrated in a deranged and abominable Hollywood identity crime, and then I was punished without trial, which is what the Bushes really mean by a Taliban.
Greg Karl dated Ellen Buncher, whose brother Paul owns a string of businesses, and has watchers from Gail Burstyn at Deaf Services uptown.  These companies, including one named Zell, like Mt. Desert Island was documented by a Zell, worked with Clinton on biological engineering war games, puffing up my hand with an irritant, giving me scabies, biological irritability the coward Fripp likes to snigger, demonstrating the  insane venom of sadism that they plotted to unleash on the so-called lucky one who they only deafened, tortured, raping his loved one, castrated and tortured some more.
The AIDS Onslaught was misrule by consent of the governed.