Were the Marines or CIA Behind the Brussels Bombing?

What we’ve seen about American Intelligence, which militarily works with Hollywood in a syndicate of Pentagon-Disney, is that by keeping their working concepts a little bit difficult to grasp they can operate more or less openly. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agents are not going to grapple with mass murder in Pittsburgh committed by a faction led by Robert DeNiro, for example, even though they are shrewd enough to entertain detection concerning what is going on. British film-maker Adam Curtis has discussed very openly the manner in which the Rock Industry, already very clearly identified by their vicious parochial engineering project of victim-blaming bringing the AIDS Onslaught into definition as a theory of Just War, practice what he calls “non-linear” or “asymmetrical” war, terms originating with Vladislav Surkov, political advisor to Mr. Putin, which the an English refined more clearly as a gaslighting or crazymaking form of tactical warfare intended for brainwashing and political control.

The Mafia seldom has to resort to overt murder in order to maintain control by threat, and the National Security Council, Hollywood and Pentagon-Disney High Command have many lessons yet to teach thuggies like Joe Vallaci and Oriana Fallaci, tools in their long-term social project. The covert overthrow by Hitler’s loyalists, who tried to keep us out of WW2 is what The Red Scare, Reagan and the Kennedy Assassination are all about. George Bush blew away our future with his preparations for World War Three in Arabia. AIDS was his brand of population control. The newspaper business and Federal Bureau of Investigation have entirely stopped pretending. It’s all about brainwashing now. Whatever Goebbels says.

People who do read will read what is current, convenient and available but it next to impossible to get what is relevant and timely into print. Frustration about this fact can lead to a strange sort of sympathy with those who are destructive of the rights of others. Donald Trump is to white America what Rabbi Kahane was to Jewish Americans, an itinerant hater around whom they can rally in the manner that acidheads cheer the rapine of Yoko Ono, a hag scrambling by any means necessary to keep her hand in and her name in print. It is the politics of Ono and Bush that lead to the conclusion that the 322 bombing may have been engineered by the CIA. These actions also have the Left in places like Seattle cheering Bernie Sanders, a fist-crashing Israeli knight and servant, tawdry with accomplice in Operation: Gail Burstyn, whose bumperstickers read: BERN IN DOWN. Which translates just as readily into: Blow it up!

To understand some of what they have done, you need to start at the cultural shibboleths. In a famous interview with Truman Capote, Marlon Brando set the stage for our generation by intoning, “A sensitive person receives fifty impressions where somebody else may only get seven. Sensitive people are so vulnerable; they’re so easily brutalized and hurt just because they are sensitive. The more sensitive you are, the more certain you are to be brutalized, develop scabs. Never evolve. Never allow yourself to feel anything, because you always feel too much.” You don’t have to do much searching to see how this translated at the University of Pittsburgh into sadistic and truly evil fascism so vicious that they have advertised in their student newspapers the plan to and the glee they took in cowardly and vicious rape and torture of two deaf people. The Nordenberg Administration arrested and banned me, the son of their one time Chair of Philosophy of Education Ryland Wesley Crary. How are they planning to keep that out of their legacy?

The answer is: by the cruel workings and twist of this vicious rapscallion philosophy and its adherents in the Hollywood war machine. To see this clearly, you need to understand the principle of chaptering that Sir McCartney and the AIDS attackers are following. They talk have talked about in staged incidents as they went along. The idea was based on an argument that if the AIDS victims could be induced to secretly sympathize with traitorous acts of rage that they covertly have to admit to themselves that violence is the natural course of events, so that getting in a few free smacks is their due as victims of their own allegiances. The gift of war, and the license to kill, is the antidote to having been afflicted with AIDS. All of this is very easily descried in the argument for peace that Yoko Ono brings to the table by rape, torture and ripper hatter amenities, ripper hatter decencies of innocent people. They call it Duduraq war, which means giving the cow dog cow hooves to gnaw on lest he bite somebody.

Caligula’s favorite color was green and Ringo Starr is no different. The Green Party is a symbolic war machine, Black Panther Islamofascist types who want to get ahead. Their stake in the war is the right to use a white as a sacrificial symbol, claiming the white violated the plan by trying to investigate and sound public warning, that the white is a “chosen brother” whose concerns don’t amount to a hill of beans, that the white’s natural estate is to serve their purposes in an identity crime war machine. The shootings in Wilkinsburg from the shadow warriors making their bid on sympathy for the devil may very well have been Black Panther Islamofascists trying to weld me down into a race revenge motif that requires only one bullet by the deer hunter, it’s just a shot away.

It helps them a lot that our overlords don’t bother with a crooked justice system so much anymore.


This symbol has been around. It is in the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush by Tarpley and Chaitkin from 1992. One of the blackballing techniques of Ringo Starr and King Crimson, his Imperial Wizards of the Green Party Klu Klex Klan which involves Native American quislings in Seattle like Sherman Alexie, Japanese hotties, and Barack Obama, forming an ARK mission as post-pussyball action of the AIDS attack is to put the evidence in broad daylight and then accuse the victims of never hearing the word. All of the contents of Gail Burstyn’s letters in whose name the war was adopted are on King Crimson’s first album: nobody ever asked in Circus, Cream or Circus Rave what’s this about Death Seed Poison? Why is the secret revolution leering about Karn Evil?

I am a metaphor for British Royalty’s bid to reconquer America. They used the impacted inner injury to subvert the character of their prey, explode it and overthrow as a CIA military psychiatric operation. Unlike the little wiselings of Arab Spring and their pro-Clinton progressive affairs in Salon magazines, giggling with yesterday’s virgins, I no longer believe. You can’t just castrate someone for refusal to date rape and expect them to support your plan of mass murder as an act of Top Sacred mercy. It is a pity that American Black people didn’t try to sound warning when they say they knew in 1984, instead seeking to maliciously distort soundtracks impinging on the persona’s experience. Some of those lewd slanders will never go away because they are the foundation of the Beatles’ alibi structure.

Like Marlon Brando’s shibboleth and the squads of indoctrinated piranhas at Pitt, the British brand of terrorism is characterized by contempt for the fear felt by their victims. Jimmy Crary, a pre-pubescent child, hid in his towel closet from armed men who attacked him blindside, who could blackmail his family with their pedophile tactics, therefore pacifism is immoral and he is a deaf white suck. Reagan and Aaron Dixon absolutely agreed with this assessment by Yoko Ono’s plaguers. Publicly attempting to de-crypt them isn’t sending signals, but they sure made it look that way, bomb after bomb, massacre after massacre. As Jimmy Crary was shrinking up into a ball on the top shelf of his towel closet, the Wattenmakers were making off with his Hollywood persona in an identity crime they called: I am the Walrus.

Discovery of Hippy Fascism at Mellon Bank shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Pink Floyd, after all, are the source of the scary claim that Jim Carrey’s attempts in the Truman Show to find out who was staging his life were a violation of terms. Caligula’s Black Angels will hate you for sincerity precisely because the only thing they know is backstabbing. Sincerity from a white forces them to reflect on their own mission of backstabbing and feel bad. By this tactic of planned betrayal they created a forcing house by identity crime. The white is supposed to prove love to Blackula by providing his nectar in soothsay. They want white slavery. The alternative is just a kiss away.

A lot of stupid people think that 322 couldn’t be a symbol of their plan. It’s a countdown ultimatum. 3-Tutu-just one bullet.

Barack Obama is a team player. He knows I oppose them.