When Harrisburg Awakes

A Broadway musical, HAIR, was considered a trope of the 60’s, representing the youth culture’s questions about the spiritual dilemma of the changes in our society, injustice and Vietnam War. Legitimate questions raised concerning its effect on teenagers at risk were not usually answered by the pop art crowd gaining notoriety by that era of rock music. Largely seen as an internal affair, it isolated a generation of youth from the world around them. Looking for the response of a country like Saudi Arabia or the Shah’s Iran, which still then existed, to the West in its rebellion, is difficult to do, probably even for those lacking the language barrier. The research factor is challenging, but I assume the problem is partially answered by the known cultural attitudes and in that respect the problem of teens at risk would not be on the minds of Fundamentalist Persia and Arabia, instead they would comment dryly on the decadence of the infidel.

In looking for the pattern of military anthropology in the excuse Pittsburgh NAACP offers in their silence and confederacy concerning illicit actions taken by University Administration, we have found a Texan commenting that the AIDS attack is just an outdated 60’s dispute that no longer concerns any responsible person. It happened in the 80’s and was such a catastrophic war crime that no Statute of Limitation could imaginably apply, but I happen to agree that it is a 60’s dispute. Reagan’s hatred for the hippies found a tripartite secret council that was tripped up, or for reasons of their own came clean, with the Iran-Contra confederate misdeed. This triumvirate was Israel, Iran’s crooked clergy and Reagan’s National Security Council, built on the value code of demented Fundamentalist Christians who have a ton of pull in the USA.

Too many people were already squelching AIDS investigation as a field of sociology in favor of hysteria mongering and blackout demands when Iran-Contra happened to note that the AIDS attack fit into a Bible Belt constituency and Fundamentalist Islamic cult of bias and segregation. Meanwhile, those who manipulated the 60’s as winners in rock media profess now they merely cut a deal in covering for Gail Burstyn. Although there was no overt draft, the rock media had created an internal power of persecution of terrible violence based on the idea that the AIDS attack was a necessary evil. I am aware that they did not say this openly, but they said it to me in no uncertain terms repeatedly and privately, despite the effectiveness of their paper shredders during the follow-up attacks. In other words, the British did not hide this in their rationalizations to me. They did however proceed by way of venomous deception meant to recruit their own victims to their political ticket. Peace work had by then largely moved into Central America. London was concentrating on building a hotline between Daniel Ortega and The Pope while enlisting Roberto Clemente’s people into confederacy with his assassins. All of that was of course denied, but the statements made by them to me were perfectly clear. Private material one thing, public address the other.

Of course, they are the victims. They weep and wail about John Lennon whose body was dispatched so it could no longer be subject to verification while flooding the underground with meditations strongly suggestive of a military trick worked by Pentagon-Disney with media, a fact made perfectly clear by my partially accredited Film Project. (The remainder is pending).   The Green Party ticket have a very peculiar alignment with the white power structure behind Oliver North and incidents showing AIDS was pre-meditated that took place on Mt. Desert Island. Despite Barack Obama’s horrifying cover story, riddled with cold-blooded lies and murderous government rubs out, so-called extra-judicial killing, the incidents on Mt. Desert Island are a Carleton Putnam “race and reason” X-file for which the Pittsburgh NAACP viciously put up an absolutely despicable profile for cover story. The hideous, mind-raping drivel in their lapse is shocking. Braying of the Elders as a Secret Society who know best, they fail to point out that they were not the generation most at risk, and that the powerful Royalists in London who bribed them from inside the Museum gold mines in Pittsburgh admitted openly being “unconcerned and unaffected” by AIDS. The berserkers behind AIDS came from the Ku Klux Klan with a brave new idea for which they were “in the mood.” An Ark of Colors with Blacks leading the war crime. Obama cut a deal for privilege.

The assassin group enjoyed Black support. That fact is the central text of the legacy of confederate success in the AIDS attack. They depicted private, pointless, sexual freedom as white privilege to be subject to lethal reprisals in a game of Two Virgins Pussyball. It got so obvious what they were doing that they seem finally ready to talk about it. They declared themselves warriors from on high waging syphilis in the name of witch doctor medicine and foreign English snake oil, all based on Frank Herbert, Victor Frankl and names that appear in the systematic looting of the Jews of Auschwitz and Birkenau like Heinz, another German claiming to be honorary African. Lying through the teeth about a violently impacted neuroplasm, they recruited the unspeakable Dr. Frances Cress Welsing to declare that a neuroplasm they invented to turn the “deteriorating European into a hound” represented the soul of racism. They scribbled their mindset on an impacted brain injury and then squeezed it for the text of their implanted hostility announcing thereby that presto they had proven the genetic deaf white suck deserving of inhuman sacrifice. It was all wired up to sneer to their other victims, “he thinks he’s better than us!” London’s fury at being found out resulted in the Orwellian concept of 911 and a virulent demand that the infidel be stricken an Empty Set, subject partial castration and our family’s children put under surveillance on Death Row for daring to have promoted divestment from Africa in protest of apartheid while sleeping around during my college years. The Black David Duke-ism lewdly makes issue of porno by way of police state apparatus, after raping deaf Jeannie. Trust us, they insisted, while calling the Secret Service to announce the ridiculous lie that I was plotting to kill Ted Kennedy. Can you believe such lies? Lie after lie. Nothing mattered less to them than my sincerity or the truth. Lying for this crime team was a form of saturation bombing. The suffering worse than Kent State, the hidden council responsible out of Right Wing Africa and I do mean the Black Right Wing. Blind Black American race rage was used to good purpose. Their missionaries hiding nothing of their will to be millionaires, continue to do Black talk on behalf of a nation of sickos.

I was easy prey. I trusted. I was a child. They impacted by nerve agent a hidden brain wound. They had acid rock leadership behind their virtual reality frauds and gaslighting counter-interrogation. For nothing would they stop. A hostage, particularly a child, can be compelled to make certain compromises, but if you are going to talk about Stockholm Syndrome, start with the corporate agenda behind the diatribe that Reagan didn’t know. A person has their life stolen from them, but then, they do, I suppose, speak out, under the glowering glare of an Informal Death Row.

Lennon was a partner of Reagan. This is what came out. London was promoting a tag team of Leslie Katz, Matt Marcus and Abira Ali, their contact person to Will Zell. It was eugenic pussyball warfare over Midori Goto, one of their corporate ringleaders. Theirs is a struggle for television rights, not human rights and certainly not over the truth. When you read that the Thomas Merton Center’s newspaper “The New People” (and yes they are very, very watchful of new people) have Catholic Workers in the Middle East it is wise to keep in mind that they are also a resident watchtower covering for child bondage, mutilationism, blackmail, brutal pedophiles, attack prostitution, truly vicious and sadistic violations of civil rights, the last point the last thing in the world a Tojo ronin like Yoko Ono cares about, promoting a syndicate of horror torture that the city’s children may not escape if they are selected, by promoting trauma with gangland enforcement. Civil Rights were not a consideration for this museum team: the opposite. Pittsburgh thinks nothing of torturing children; raping them until they are dead inside. The Friends Meeting House was also a component of support for the X-file on Mt. Desert Island. Mandatory delinquency in Allegheny County is a form of social control. You won’t think you’re better than us.

Thank you.