Would you at least tell me?

3/14/2016 ~ Monday
       The Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam, Arabian Nights, Ali Bab, shiskabob restaurants, the poetry of Rumi, the exotic, imaginative fancy of Sufism, whirling dervishes, calligraphy, the liberal heritage of Sulieman the Magnificent, modern life in the Valley of Kings where Nefirtiti and the  Pharoahs once dwelled, these have been replaced in popular vision of Arabia and the way we teach children with Hamas, the  PLO, Al-Quaida, Osama bin Laden, the  Taliban, Iran of the Evil Empire, Khomeini’s regime, images of burning effigies of Uncle Sam, the executions of Saddam and Ghaddafy and gets mashed together in the  media as a method of othering newcomers, refugees and immigrants, refusing them asylum with talk of building walls.
       The Illegal Immigrants come up from Mexico, the refugees fly in.  Some hope to be granted acceptance in Federal Courts where magistrates are not clear in their  own minds the procedures for granting sanctuary, allowing political pressures that help them make decisions arbitrarily.  The asylum seekers give up everything they have but the last crumb of hope.  Some immigrants, hidden between the walls like Anne Frank, if they hold out long enough, might get rescued by the next Congressional Amnesty, but trying to find that thread that actually unites Illegal Immigrants from the  South with refugees from the blood bath in Syria, are we supposed to accept, as the Nativists who reject them do, that these different people from different cultures are the same and one issue?  What are the refugees and immigrants coming to America fleeing?  Strangely enough, they are fleeing from us.  This is the overpowering irony that forced me to take on this assignment.
       This paper will describe a number of truths that emerge from behind the Cowboys and Indians movie being played by American extremists.  It will explore Liberation Theology in  Southern Mexico and Central American region where narco-fascists trained at School for the Americas, in the Arena Party, and by men from Air America like Oliver North and Richard Secord work in the Army manipulating both sides with heavy artillery.   Secord was named in The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia for involvement with Air America smuggling going on between New York City and Vietnam during the smack epidemic of the 60’s.  He then surfaced again with Oliver North in the Iran-Contra hearings concerning the Fundamentalist extremist pipeline Reagan put together to raise money bombing the harbors of the poor in Nicaragua, people who Roberto Clemente lost his life trying to rescue.  This paper will follow my former roommate in college towards the heroin lines into Afghanistan where soldiers of fortune ride again.
       Following the theme of Liberation Theology to Arab Spring, I will explain how Arab Spring was named for  Prague  Spring, what Prague Spring was, and how Arab Spring emerged, what it means, and how it played out into the tragedy of Boko Harem and ISIS rising in Libya and surrounding areas in Africa.  We must do more than just explain.  The weapons that have killed Archbishop Romero, the teargas and rifles shot at the young brought into the streets by a romantic calling in Cairo, both read:  Made in the USA.