Zappala Marionettes

I am writing this about the possibility of being forced by criminals to abandon Pittsburgh in old age, with heart cares and diabetes, for an Emergency Shelter out of state. There is no chance that beyond good riddance it will be heard as a rightful appeal by a victim of torture because of union hate criminals working with Sisters of Mercy to justify abomination visited upon me when I was 33 that was again intended to hide how I was kidnapped and subject to mutilation when I was 12. The murderers are millionaires, they have commissioned ripper homicide and “honor” rape while operating out of Amnesty International. The Honors Department at my school wrote witness testimony showing that foreign English sadist Peter Gabriel is the authority obsessed with me and behind ripper atrocity acts, but this letter is less about the murderer himself than about District Attorney Zappalla.

Sisters of Mercy assigned me a religious psychologist who does not identify with my condition as a deaf man who was subjected to mutilationism, chemical castration, neurological poison and craven sadism in an environment of slander and fear. Instead, she positions the union to say that I am drawing connections from things that are not connected when in fact they are. This position allows the lead psychiatrist then to threaten my expulsion from school where I am in the Honors Department and a Straight A student after a long ordeal of struggle with murderers, torture, corruption, homelessness, seizures from torture, slander and terror. My heart beats so rapidly from abuse that I have to take medicine to slow it down. This fact has no impact on the union’s willingness to abuse and terrorize me.

Zappalla was a preferred candidate because the union knew that AIDS was a planned attack. Zappa of the psychotic rock museum mafia spelled out the parameters for dissent. The suffix Alla was riddlecraft based on the simple fact that those who released the AIDS attack are operating from the University of Pittsburgh, play God, are predominately Jewish and have every resemblance to ISIS in their ripper attacks that have murdered people, in their mutilationism and terrorism. I am disfigured from the nerve agent they used on me in a serial crime of kidnapping that left me unconscious. The murderers, Zappa and Zappalla, worked together to protect Gail Burstyn and her partner at the school here Peter Shell. Burstyn and Shell were introduced to me by the mutual next door neighbors Sharon Samuels and Tom Hodge, who positioned himself to take my small inheritance after my father was murdered by an agent causing pancreatic cancer.   For a long time, due to my suspicions about Ray Geiger I overlooked the fact that the same individuals close to my father at his deathbed who had an agent that caused pancreatic cancer have since been found out to have surrounded Ray shortly before he died of the same condition. I will address this new material in this dissertation.

The murderers with Zappa, led by Adrian Belew contracted with Peter Shell to cover for a child molester ring in order to take me hostage again to the same ripper murderers. They say the story is worth money. Zappa made the following tape: Shell said, “You been porking anybody James, huh? Been porking anybody?” To which I replied in disgust and fury, “Yeah, sure, Pete, tied her up and porked her with a carrot.” Aishel Real Estate, Jewish, let workmen into my house today one of whom (very nice person) asked me if I knew the Viscos. Terri Visco was every bit the starlet of that movie that Linda Lovelace was in Behind the Green Party Door or whatever X-rated film she was in. Zappalla misused this tape to allow the ripper murderers to set upon me sexually through lines of trust with Peter Gabriel for the purpose of advocating for the ripper murderers who tortured me as a child. Behind this horrible nightmare of collusion between the Church authorities that led to the bombing of Oklahoma Federal were Harold T. Lewis and Shawn Brooks, both Presbyterian.

The truth about the carrot tape is that the murderers had in fact already been found out for pedophilia at the Lovelace Marionettes. The murderers swiftly moved to admit that the tape had nothing to do with me and was a subconscious memory implanted by Shell’s unit 731 for extrusion by Natural Language System con artists. The tape was proof that I had been held hostage by brutal pedophiles, who called me their puppet as a child and tortured me. Zappalla rushed to the defense of these mutilationists and allowed them to cream with police monstrosity on the cover of a campus magazine: “You gonna eat that?” while threatening me with “experimental disease transmission,” by the words, “If you wash I’ll be offended.” Meanwhile they knew that I had a neuroplastic head trauma that was designed to make me human robotic, an involuntary command and control mechanism that caused seizures if I tried to resist them.

They had used me for an AIDS testing guinea pig on Mt. Desert Island in a crime that proved AIDS was an attack. Peter Gabriel used the carrot tape to say that it was a joke, that I was never tortured. The union they ripper murdered someone outside my refugee clubhouse as a warning, claiming that the Black alliance of the Green Party would murder any attempt to free myself from their abuse by museum mafia supporting child molesters.

LM and E. Snyder were found out for support LK in defending the murderers who held me in a garage after doing such things as stomping on my head, over on Snively Road. Evil Sny Road and E. Snyder worked with LM Miles and have been found out to have been in the LM CoLKer chain of command proximate to my landlord and where I was locked inside a house from the inside with mutilationists hired by the Jewish Community to kidnap and torture me as a child, now brothers of Peter Gabriel slanking their filth handshakes in my direction. The murdering pigs leer that I tried to be friends with murderers who surrounded me at school, through me screaming in tears of fright from a church where I sought asylum and then worked with an attack prostitute from a hostile law firm to detonate the neuroplasm they impacted, a laugh for WQED and the race revenge faction who said I am a symbol of racial justice being subject to mutilation as equity.

Lou Brecher was identified by their script as a pun on Lube Wrecker and the oil strike symbolism of virginity in the NAAMBLA system operated by Police pedophiles and the NEVA Corporation. Harold T. Lewis got the King Family to endorse the AIDS attack with lies about me told by Brooks who locked me out of a church when I was surrounded by a mutilationist gang as a child. Michelle Lubin (me shall lubin) was also identified as a pun on We Shall Overcome, with the only place I can goto live being Aishel.

Colker’s crowd were fast upon Geiger for the Tive syndicate of Reagan and Obama, just as they were on my father’s deathbed. Colker, whose viles slank their craven hands into my direction at Sisters of Mercy used to call me “Fungus Amongus,” and are probables in blackmail by dirty pedos like Gabriel and Mancine, who said, in addition to slasher murder, that forcing me to self-humiliate by telling everyone I have been castrated and recounting in tears beyond tears how Brooks’ neighbors to whom he threw me, and then worked to humiliate me by attack prostitute with Harold T. Lewis and the King Family, bukkake’d me in my sleep at the age of nine. No vile humiliation is enough to sadist quench the leering, lurid, banging of Reagan and his estate mafia on the make.

Dr. King would not have accepted Dexter King’s lying about AIDS in the name of intellectual property. He would have said, “like anyone I would like to be comfortable and well to do, my earnings accepted by those who see the reward proper to a great man and protection for having been victimized, yes I would, but not at the price of helping Adolf Hitler in his revenge.”

The murderers have cited NAAMBLA pimps and whorelets who as children had THE INTENT of doing the filth of Yoko Ono over her prey. Little Jimmy had no intent to do any sort of crime at all.