Zonkalou Revisited

Did a science fiction establishment led by UK Steve Hawking and William Gibson take military control of American media during the power structure’s deluge of weird Reagan Nazism that squelched the AIDS attack with the help of British prog-rock? Were they following Isaac Asimov’s injunction concerning 2001, “Sometimes dispassionately they had to weed?” What is the meaning of the journalism obscura found in William Gibson’s cyberpunk jabberwocky titled: The Peripheral and how does it coalesce with the events authored by Britain at our college during the cover up attacks? Was 911 a strategic act of 2001: A Grace Odyssey performed by the former Godspell warriors now in the Army of God? How does it operate?

There is an old Woody Allen film titled: What’s Up, Tiger Lily. It is a Japanese detective movie for which Allen bought the rights in order to manipulate the subtitles to communicate his own whacked out explanation for the visuals. It is a clue that semiotics are a clue in his ventures. Woody Allen is a major suspect in the attack because of his early preoccupations with sex cinema, that the script about AIDS is Israeli and his role in the 1964 film: Casino Royale where there is a Noah Virus. AIDS was clocked with a eugenic Two-Virgins Pussyball war game giving the Black Man master position for collusion, written in my name as though he had discovered it. Obama was installationed by the Science Fiction blackout team for to be a Noah of the Ark of Kolorz, and indeed they called themselves Ark/Artek, having written the portfolio to benefit themselves by depicting Yoko Ono as the victim, allowing her Museum Mafia domination while the Science Fiction Media played a narrative looping such semiotics as 911 to a Woody Allen narrative cut and paste over our reality telling anything but the true story, an inside comedy by those who know when to laugh.

Meanwhile, Graham Foundation demonologists worked the neuroplastic head injury of a synthesized demonic possession of their derided human hostage for vomitbag effect, extrusion, or forcing out of traumatic memories from a pedophile kidnapping ordeal in childhood. The Blacks of the Pittsburgh Courier were hired to twist the framework into their own. PITT neurology, working with Peter Gabriel hustlered neuro-hypnosis on the impacted head injury, torturing me into seizures, while claiming that the allegation of a line in the sand date rape built around the old song Jimmy and Mary Anne justified their “ick-ick” from the script written to protect those who authored the script and then allowed their British associates to claim ownership when covering for the AIDS testing and pussyball war game on Mt. Desert Island.

The police ignored that I was child mutilationed. The police ignored that the authors from Carnegie Mellon were found out for lying about me being a reckless driver and armed robber in attempt by their own written admission to “construct a persona” for cinema rights. The police ignored the rape of my loved one and slasher murder of a bystander in warning. They ignored that the traumatic memory was not date rape by of being kidnapped as a child and allowed the child molesters to create by home invasion a campus paparazzi of lurid mob scene to demand that I recount terrifying humiliation as a child like being bukkaked as a hostage at age nine. Crying and crying, hiding in our towel closet like Anne Frank, a fact which the Jr. ROTC was sent to deride as uncorrect, since I am not a Jew, who they claim I loath, anti-semite they sneer.

They attacked the skin of my eyes and my bowels. What would be the theory of collateral damage from this Phoenix program would knew all and could see all, when King Crimson worked with a Guyana Church in Augusta, Maine yammering, “if you die right now will you go to heaven?” snapping their fingers, “Well? Well?” What would be the collateral damage involved in the Science Fiction settlement of 911, heart poison, chemical castration, home invasion and the potential of Ultrahigh we may never be allowed to discuss, ranging from neurosonar to key snapping from the fingers teleportation? Remote crashes? Could it be that Jimmy pimmy whimmy cudda unnerstood the letters while in traumatic coma shock watched closely by the confederates in his own house to slay him if necessary if it did not go according to Richard and Leslie’s plan?

The Paul is Dead rumor mongering was an Orsen Welles pre-testing of the waters to stage the Double Fantasy of Lennon’s disappearance to create a blood oath and death vow among Elizabeth Taylor’s queers. Working with Sean Strub and Gail Burstyn, Mickey Obama has created generational bondage symbolically by slasher and de-humanizing the golem for contamination on a collateral damage chart of vicarious liability created by identity crime.

Black rage was mobilized by the Army of God. The sneers of King Crimson seeth that only their sacred mutilationist therapy love for me saves my life from the violin playing syphilis of Louis Farrakhan, shrieking that white suck shall never see Midori Goto who coyly “ai eye”’d in surrender of glee to compense, raping deaf Jeannie. Only by God Vow of Science Fiction media do the mob scene of Beatlemaniacs enraged by deaf suck self love flock to gesticulate at Japanese girls giving shelter to their friends not turn on the suck like zombies to rip it limb from limb for squealing against the campus agreement. Not the dignity of law, no way, Jose, only the deference of coward Fripp’s masterly hold over the floating hemispheres of syphilis in the Army of God.

Kowtow to Black exploiters from Ono, Inc. Kowtow!

We’re under attack? Bingo!