The Zika Question

       I haven’t read Brave New World, it wasn’t actually assigned to our Art of Cinema class, just came up as a centerpiece of Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death.”  I tried getting started on it and will continue, but based on a synopsis of the chapters Charity was discussing, I think what the situation in the novel is would be that children are kept dystopian in ways that are mindlessly unaware of the crude facts of birth cycles, death, wilderness and this leads to vacuous minds unable and unwilling to contemplate information in depth.
       What I want to explain is that nurture in the formative years can be consciously designed to snuff the questioning and inquisitive mind.  In the extreme case of comprachios, practiced in South America, the brain is deliberately blunted in childhood in order to create slavery.  Ken mentioned his fear about the origin of Zika virus.  Jose Delgado was a brain surgeon practicing for a long time in the United States, where lobotomy laws were more liberal than even in Russia.  A sad case was the lobotomizing of Francis Farmer, immortalized in the book ~Shadowlands~, a consequence to when she was drunk for being too outspoken towards a California patrol officer.  Delgado eventually had to move to South America where he wrote, “Visions of Psycho-Civilized Society,” a modest proposal for making lobotomy at birth as common as circumcision.  My point being that the search for a mutant slave race is not fiction.
       The documents in my possession show that Neurobehavioral Researchers at Pitt, specifically William, Ian and Bernard Wattenmaker gave me a nerve agent when I was brutally kidnapped and tortured as a child.  They rendered me Neurobedient.  As a child I was subjected to depraved humiliation at the hands of violent pedophiles from a cinema ring known to be paying taxes as film-makers.  I was unable to resist their will do to profound trauma.  They evidently chose me because my father Ryland was a human rights advocate in Chair of Education at Pitt.  Naval records strongly suggest that Bush had it in for him as the radio room dispatcher when his plane was shot down.  I recall father relating that someone tried to blame him, a fact he harbored guilt about despite being exonerated.
       Pitt also was chosen, according to the records, for the sonar:  Pit of Hell when they tortured me.  It’s proximity to CMU when they built the campus military unit SEI (reflecting St. Paul’s Cathedral in the mirror windows) appears to have been adopted as an initialism for Church Military Union (CMU/Pit) then served as the point of departure for AIDS testing experimentation.
        I was gassed in a place called Kings Estate by Carnegie Foundation forces who scripted a plan about murdering Martin Luther King that deafened me and held me for a golem in a neurobedient trance while they set upon my reputation.  When I started snapping out of it and proved by dangerous investigation that they had an AIDS war game going from a time pre-dating appearance of the virus on Mt. Desert Island where Caspar Weinberger lived, they retaliated ferociously.  I was driven into homelessness, suffered incredibly horrible seizures, was jailed for public screaming and taken into detention, given poisonous medicines that damaged me very severely, in stomach, heart, vitality, prowess, and voice, thus reducing my effectiveness in a society where (already deaf) the elderly are regarded as having their magic gone.  They attacked and raped my deaf advocate, slashered an innocent woman to death as warning about the credibility of a threat to the children in my family.  The barristers of our legal society went on invisible strike to prevent my case being heard by Law Enforcement.  Everyone knows I have been subject to mutilation and Two Holocaust Simulation Experiments by persons who admitted started AIDS in writing.  To cover how brazen they were, psychiatrists have been hired to dissemble on their behalf, while they laugh openly.
         There are a few obvious reasons that no one will take humane action.  One is that the perpetrators included important Jewish persons, including a Magistrate downtown, and have authored a nuclear threat that seems to have informed the 911 attacks.  Another is that malicious persons still have offices from which to claim, with no reference to the evidence whatsoever, that I am mentally disturbed and extremely paranoid.  None of that stands up to evaluation of the evidence.  It did however bring me back to school in an effort to record high standing, managing to reach the Honors Department with a 4.0, but this narrative has been kept an open secret so openly for so long that there seems to be an invisible plebiscite allowing this to be done in broad daylight without intervention for a victim of terrible, terrible sadism with elevated likelihood of premature death.